Nicole Richie has breasts? I had no idea…

September 9th, 2008 // 35 Comments

Nicole Richie almost had a chest bonanza (I’m tired of “wardrobe malfunction.”) yesterday while taking daughter Harlow Winter Kate for a walk, and I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’d probably take a peak at Nicole’s boob. Even though logic and reason clearly dictate it will look like Gollum’s face eating a raw fish. True story.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7

    The cost of bigger breasts? Huge baby head sized cooter.

  2. Kt



  3. jelena

    she looks better AFTER having kids than before.

  4. Rob

    too bad they’re connected to one of the ugliest wastes of space ever. She is fucking ugly.

  5. lisa

    nicole looks great!

  6. bugaboo

    that stroller is kinda meh. she needs an upgrade.

  7. mimi

    Fish-Head is a fricking idiot.

  8. Facial

    Nice cop glasses you fucking ugly bitch.

  9. AJ

    It looks like the forever struggling anorexic no talent boring celebrity is wearing Amy Winehouse belt and shorts!

  10. Tom

    Her tits look saggy and she should really wear a bra.

  11. Brett

    What is the baby sucking on, mama’s dildo?!?

    Ah no it’s just a plastic spoon.

  12. Brutor

    The first picture is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen, with the sun glowing behind them.

  13. Mag

    Other mommies don’t want to be around a chick that looks like a slut unless they are a slut too.

  14. Anexio

    That baby looks like my drunk neighbor, Stanley. He’s the one that sits on the couch on the front lawn and whistles at 12 year old girls when they get off the bus.

  15. SlyAndTheFamilyStallone

    I saw her at Bingo the other day. She was on top of the table, naked, with her hair standing straight up in the air. Weird. And she’s much shorter in real life…about six inches tall I’d guess.

  16. Hil Duff-Beer

    I dunno… Everyone says she’s changed for the better since having her kid. So what about all the dumb shit she did before? An alcoholic, disrespectful and a complete bitch, drug abuser fattie who starved herself after being called fat by her Frenemy Parasite Whoreton… This is the same person who was driving on the wrong side of the highway while high, where she could have injured or killed someone. She meets whichever twin she’s boning, Benji or Joel, and after 1 week of fucking, she’s pregnant and all of a sudden she’s someone to look up to? Fuck this hoe, her ugly ass pale motherfucker baby daddy, her friend who’s dating the other pale ugly ass bald headed douchebag and that whore she calls her best friend… Fuck em all…. I hope they spread all their diseases to each other and die.
    But the little kid is cute though. Too bad her mother’s a coke whore

  17. dude

    One of the craziest pop culture footnotes in history

  18. Jackson'shole

    #16 ILU
    Nicole is ugly and nobody. Why does anyone give half a fuck about her????????

  19. MassGrrl

    I’ll admit she looks better than before. But, really, who the fuck cares?

    She’s no better or worse than the average single mother who didn’t earn a college degree. Why do we care again?

  20. fdsfdsfr4d

    she looks HOT – in a skunky white trashy sort of way.

  21. WANKER

    I’d hit it, then again I have been caught molesting my lawn mower. What’s with the fucking celebrities naming their kids with such bullshit words?

  22. Wendy


    I know this probably will not be popular but I look up to Hillary Clinton. When Hillary was in high school she did great public service such as baby sitting for the imigrant workers and raising money for the families too. She also dedicated part of her career as being an advocate for childrens education and health care. Nicole is nothing to look up to and a great example of what not to be.

  23. JodieTart

    Shame that kid got her daddys looks, yikes, that’s gonna be a ton of money in plastic surgery in 15 years time.

  24. stizzef

    That poor kid looks exactly like the Madden twins. That sucks.

  25. Rob

    #12, you are a fag!!

  26. Hil Duff-Beer

    I’m sorry Wendy, what does that have to do with me and my post?
    If it’s my name, it was simply a reference to Hilary Duff and Duff Beer from The Simpsons…. Not Hilary Clinton
    But I agree with your post, Mrs. Clinton is a positive role model. Her name should never be mentioned with a loser and skank like Dickhole Itchy

  27. Beatles Fan

    Wanker gives me fond memories of watching John Lennon say you wanker to a DJ on The Beatles First Visit to the US. And Nicole is boring and has issues.

  28. reggie

    what is that thing beside her in pic 3&4?

  29. blah

    I hate to be mean…how do I put this gently??? Unfortunately the baby looks more like her father, and he doesn’t exactly make very attractive little girls.

  30. superficial

    That is one ugly baby

  31. mafme

    Giant sunglasses make you look like you were rifling through your dad’s glove compartment and are playing air plane in his company car. Or just ugly, whatever.

  32. Jen

    Joel wanted a boy. That’s why he’s never around parenting this kid.

  33. Kelley

    They’re fake !! She’s too skinny to have real tits !! Where they got the skin to cover the implants is beyond me …

  34. mitz

    fuck u guys

    nicole is tight ur jus bein haters

  35. Nudge

    Her daughter is so cute
    She looks more like Joel then Nicole.

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