Nicole Richie hands out Dr. Pepper on Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2006 // 27 Comments

I’m not entirely sure why, but Nicole Richie was handing out Diet Dr. Pepper in NYC today. A task so difficult that it required an assistant to do the majority of the lifting for her, allowing her to bring it those extra two inches to the consumer’s hand. They might as well have just put in a robotic fortune teller and taped a picture of Nicole Richie to the head.


  1. Binky

    At least she’s finally seeing a doctor.

  2. twodollartricks

    She’d probably break her arm if she had to lift all those cans by herself.

  3. pookiedoo

    Wow. It kinda looks like she’s being forced to do this against her will. Wait, is that a gun that guy’s holding to her back?

  4. LaydeeBug

    Maybe if she drinks a case of Dr. Peppers, she’ll get 1% of her daily nutrition.

  5. pookiedoo

    Egads! Nicole is working for Michael Jackson, and it’s actually Jesus Juice, disguised in an innocent Diet Dr. Pepper can!

  6. Did she also hand out Red Vines or does that have to be brand-specific w/ Mr Pibb for that to work?

  7. Sheva

    Someone should bring it to her lips so she could get some needed calories. What kind of crap job is this?

  8. Is she starting to look more and more like Dianna Ross?

  9. al rarow

    What was that he was giving her in the video, I wonder??!

    A vintage “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” pin? A Dexatrim? Paris’ hymen?

  10. So that’s what skinny girls with no BF”s do on Valentines day. hmmmmm

  11. LoneWolf

    Paris apparently lost a bet and made a personal appearance at the Robinson May in Montebello, CA over the weekend, humping something. I guess they’re so competitive that Nicole had to find an even sh!ittier gig.

  12. HughJorganthethird

    What kind of bad career choices do you have to make to be one of those 20 fucking loser photographers that follow Nicole Ritchie around to document her every move? Are they perderasts? Is it community service? Part of thier parole? Nicole is a semi-concious bag of methane but those fucking guys are trully pathetic.

  13. Iouliana

    its so funny! when she holds the can she looks at the cameras, pauses and smiles for a second for the pictures…she doesnt even look at the people and she has a ridiculous fake smile on….yay i love wasting my time looking at others doing fake friendliness for publicity…


    maybe she was making a subtle jab at the VP’s shooting a 78 year old man incident. Afterall, before Cheney and his fellow hunter friends set out they had “a lunch of antelope, jicama salad and camp bread, washed down with Dr. Pepper.” That or she’s bored by her regular cardio and thought standing while giving out Dr. Peppers was a welcome calorie burning exercise.,0,7789937.story?page=2&coll=la-home-headlines

  15. ESQ

    This is exactly why I went to college so I do not have to do that.

  16. Havet

    Just whats the point of this whole thing?? She just seem useless… Dont she have better, more intelligent things to do?

  17. Karen

    she filled the cans with rat poisioning hoping that the cans will spread to paris hilton as quick as STDs. yupp.

  18. Go Sip

    If she doesn’t start eating she is going to weigh as much as the Dr. Pepper she is handing out. She could barely lift them in the video, pathetic, someone give that girl a cheeseburger.

  19. Juliette

    You can always tell an anorexic by the look in their eyes. Vacant, forced, and dead. The eyes never lie…

  20. 80zLuvChild

    as much as i despise her, you’ve gotta commend her for:
    a) breaking her friendship with paris
    b) cleaning up her act, and
    c) supporting food and edible substances

  21. Koggi

    So sad that she earned in an hour what most of us make in a year!!

  22. LaydeeBug

    OK, can someone puh-leeze tell me why this hack warrants any attention at all aside from the fact that her DAD is actually talented and famous.

    BTW, if this scarecrow is musical in any way (as she claims), why doesn’t she perform something? I mean even I can play “Mary had a little lamb” on a violin and piano. Show me the money, Nicole!

  23. giggleglit

    The other night when Paris made her Robinsons May appearence in Hawthorne… for some reason the news here in LA felt the need to report it as a “headline.” Anyways, In the report they said the Simple Life cameras were there recording… so maybe its possible that the Nicole passing out Dr Pepper promotion was for the Simple Life? I have no idea… but its a guess.

  24. HeeHaw

    WTF is wrong with our society that a million photographers would be eagerly taking photos of this?!?!

    WTF has she done to deserve attention to that level??

    Society’s gettin’ pretty f**** up, man……

    but i’m not bitter.

  25. fame is funny

    this is about one step above giving handjobs to the homeless…oh too late? wow. her dad must be SO proud…

  26. Jacq

    Ok, seriously, I will admit – I watched the Simple Life only because I think that Nicole is effen hilarious. I feel bad for her. She’s starving to death, her fiancee left her b/c she’s hooked on coke (or whatever) and OH YEAH even I’d be embarrassed to stop on a street corner and shill for anyone. Where I come from those people are homeless and they wear bright orange vests and sell the local papers on the access roads on Sundays, for like $50 a day.

  27. gogoboots

    I guess she needed the money to buy some more crap, or something. I wonder if someone had dared her to drink Dr. Pepper she would have and then thrown it all up minutes later behind the van. Hahahaha! This is probably the worst thing you can do on Valentine’s Day, poor girl, she shoulda got a box of chocolates and eaten them all. Then she’d feel better enough to puke them all up again!

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