Nicole Richie grows breasts

August 10th, 2007 // 115 Comments

So turns out a pregnant Nicole Richie is infinitely better looking than a not-pregnant Nicole Richie. Which is weird, because most pregnant women look gross. Nicole actually looks healthy here. And are those — are those breasts? On Nicole Richie? It’s like my whole world has turned upside down. Maybe I should start driving on the other side of the road. Say goodbye to people when I meet them? Not ravage supermodels with my devilish good looks? It’s all so confusing.

Photo: TMZ / Fame

  1. Robert

    come on man that’s the same photo TMZ has, but she is cute anyway, WAY CUTE !

  2. Looks like an alien baby poking outta there!!!!!

  3. Annie Rexia

    Now if she could only grow a brain. A penis for Joel, as well. I know he misses Hilary”s.

  4. Her fellow inmates are going to love those!

  5. Sherry

    i think she looks great and is changing her life around…good for her,,shes happy with joel(even tho he is ugly),,she still is carrying the most precous gift!

  6. Beer Baron

    I bet their child comes out looking like a retarded Pee Wee Herman

  7. pink elephant

    ahahah i love you

  8. She must be borrowing Paris’s magic bra.

  9. lambman

    She does look good, I want to make fun…but she’s really done a’ight the past few weeks.

    #7 – so you’re saying it will look like the father?

  10. ?

    Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. She’s gone from 70lbs to 75lbs and suddenly she’s hot? She still has the same bug-like features, only now she has a bump on her stomach and her droopy boobs are held up by a push up bra.

    seriously, she looks like a mix between a bobblehead and a troll.

  11. Man. Keep her knocked up. Might save her life.

  12. Aja

    it defies science that this anorexic could conceive.

  13. woodhorse

    She is now cute whereas before she looked like Mahatma Ghandi (no, KraziK, not rice, the holy man)

  14. LayDeeBug

    She’s always had boobs, she just decided to pull up the string and not have them flopping aroung on her belly button.

  15. theShizaan

    F’ing SKANK!!!

  16. sade

    she still looks like the crack whore she is

  17. Cara

    Why is no one commenting on the comment that most “pregnant women look gross”? Real smart Mr. Misogyny.

    And by the way, all of these pics of celebritards in bikinis is getting so over. Switch it up, man.

  18. urachka

    she looks great :)

  19. somewhereinthemiddle

    I don’t know why some people in the media are buying into this turned her life around B.S. The kid will probably have ½ of Hollywood’s autographs before it even leaves the womb with the way she gets around. I bet her snooch is like a cavern and her meat curtain hangs like the jowls of a bulldog. Well at least the baby will have plenty of room to relax. Shit I bet it has more room then I do in my apartment, probably has the dish too.

  20. melladior

    #18– You should get on the donor list for a new sense of humor and hope to God your body doesn’t reject it.

    BTW, I bore three kids & I thought that joke was cute.

  21. Silent Lucidity

    Since when are pregnant women gross? That is an asinine comment, and obviously made by someone who has never known a pregnant woman.

    Once those hormones start acting up… and those chesticles grow… many pregnant women get real nympho real quick.

  22. Wow, where did she get those boobs?

    She’s usually flat.

  23. kix

    I am with you # 22. This is the dumbest post yet.

  24. polypam

    Aja…I too have wondered this very query. I reckon they had sex the week she ate a cheeseburger and Joel’s little swimmers were like, “Well, it’s now or never!” Plus, after going without sex for the whole time he was with Hilary, I’m sure they were pretty potent.

    I watched her 20/20 interview and just seeing her and Joel sitting there holding hands acting like America’s Sweethearts was ridiculous…they’re behaving as if this was planned. They have only been together like 8 months, 4 of which she has been preggers. She only broke up with her fiance about a year or so ago and was then connected to various Hollywood party boys. Do the math…she’s still trash.

  25. woodhorse

    #18 Wouldn’t do much good, especially on this site. When people make racial or stereotypical remarks of any kind, people (myself included) get all upset. Then when women get dissed, people are like, oh, yeah, whatever. For example, ‘nigger’ is a pure poison word but ‘bitch’ is commonly accepted language. And I myself am my own worst enemy in this: I don’t think the N word but think the B word all the time…..

  26. somewhereinthemiddle

    #22 live up to your moniker.

    He said it because it was funny and for the most part true. If a man wanted to sleep with a woman who was 15 to 30 pounds heavier he would have hooked up with one in the first place. Obviously your man lied to you during your pregnancy. Why? Because he knew it was the only way to get you to be quite. What am I doing…Pregnant women are beautiful; now shut the hell up.

    Oh wait, with the way you write you actually might be a dude or at least consider yourself one . Are you sure you aren’t just looking for a man with a beer gut? That is what it sounds like be the description you gave. Big belly, boobs, horny; either way hit the bowling ally you should find what you are looking for.

  27. my comment

    Now that the stick bird has tits, she’s going to flaunt those things like a 42nd Street ho. Just watch.

    Nice mother…

  28. gossipmonger

    27 I was just thinking the same thing, shes going to be showing them off any chance she gets, as if having her and Joel for parents wasn’t bad enough shes going to embarrass the poor unborn baby even more by parading around like a pregnant hooker, disgusting. Enjoy them while they last because you know she will be back down to 50 pounds within weeks of giving birth anyway.

  29. wedgeone

    Isn’t it amazing what a little food does for a person? Is her belly button looking like an outie now? That usually doesn’t happen until the 8th month or so. So what gives? Is #3 correct?

    #22 – Fish has never known a woman, let alone a preggo one.
    #23 – dunno why you’re even here. Did you bother to read what Fish wrote? Have you been living on a deserted island somewhere for the last 6 months?

  30. Beer Baron

    #10-touche my friend.

    Talking about this Stick Figure’s vagina got me remembering an oldie but a goodie from the American classic, Predator…

    Hawkins: Billy. Billy! The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend, I said to her, “Jeez you got a big pussy. Jeez you got a big pussy.” She said, “Why did you say that twice?” I said, “I didn’t.”

    [Billy stares blankly]

    Hawkins: See, cuz of the echo.

  31. michelle

    sorry but she is so fucking cute!

    She was cute before, but even more so now.
    I don’t know why my eyeballs insist on liking what I see because her personality sucks and she is about 20lbs away from going back to the disgusting bloated monster that she once was.

  32. marme

    #9 Connie…your exactly right

  33. George

    She looks cute in her Victoria Secrets nightie.

  34. pregnant women DO NOT LOOK GROSS you big dick head

  35. Tstark

    Its so weird I never thought I would say Nicole Richie looks kind of hot, it is confusing. Hopefully after the baby she keeps some of that weight. Scary how when all is said and done Nicole Richie might come out looking hot, responsible, and mature! What happened?

  36. Claire.

    BTW to the idiots who don’t realise, it is her pregnancy HORMONES that are making her grow breasts. ” NOT eating.

    There’s nothing misogynistic in saying most pregnant women usually look gross because it’s true.
    CLEARLY this is different from racism, as we are not saying that all pregnant woman are lower human beings or anything, and not even ALL women, just MOST of the PREGNANT ONES look gross.
    Pot bellies never look good, even if there is a miracle goin’ on in there.
    When you are involved with a pregnancy (either the one with the belly, a friend of the belly, or what helped MAKE the belly) then you naturally find it beautiful.
    Just like no one ever thinks their kids are ugly, im sorry, but they exist, the parents just don’t notice it because they love them.

    Too bad for you if you don’t get that.
    Get over yourself and go look up fluffy bunnies if you can’t handle sites like this.

  37. redink

    wtf kind of baby poke-out is that?

  38. Lowlands

    Looks like she swallowed a tennisball and you can see exactly its position.

  39. Sauron

    Must be an awesome feeling for her to have finally something in her stomach.

  40. Laura

    “most pregnant women look gross”. uh-huh. interesting comment. so, are we to assume that you’re 12, or just a 35 year old virgin living in his mom’s basement?

  41. Rob

    Ever heard of a push up bra.

    Spot the difference the menu & the menu

  42. AM

    Say what you will but I think Nicole is pretty funny, she cracked me up on the simple life. She’ll probably be one of those cool moms that you dont mind bringing your friends around.

    But I do agree she has only been with Joel for like..what, 4 months before she got pregnant? I wonder if he even wanted a kid?

    I miss the days when Paris and Nicole hit up the clubs and got wasted, now they are going to jail and having babies. And Lindsay just lost her damn mind. What has happened here? I think there’s something in the water.

  43. her baby will B
    fucked up
    juzt like her?

  44. Meg

    She probably just bought one of paris’ miracle bras


    Hey, not only can you see her tits for a change of pace, but SHE GREW A DICK!


  46. Nikky Raney

    aww. i like her

  47. Maybe she WILL be the best mother EVER!

    Maybe she WILL be the best mother EVER!

    Maybe she WILL be the best mother EVER!

  48. hobie

    It is possible for women as tiny as her to get pregnant. She’s only 5’1 or so; wearing 90 lbs isn’t that rare at that height. My friend’s that size and she only weighed 126lbs at full term.

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