Nicole Richie gets really bad cramps

December 13th, 2006 // 149 Comments

nicole-richie-vicodin.jpgNicole Richie is telling friends the reason she was on Vicodin was to treat menstruation cramps. She’s allegedly upset over media reports that she’s addicted to pills and insists she only “occasionally” takes Vicodin once a month at the start of her period.

Richie is also unhappy that California cops listed her weight at 85 pounds on the police report because “she’s so proud of her weight gain,” says the source, who adds that Richie has gained about ten pounds in the last two months and actually weighs around 95 pounds. “She doesn’t know where the cops came up with 85 pounds and it’s annoying to her.”

The source doesn’t address the marijuana, but I figure one lie per day is good enough. What kind of quack doctor would prescribe Vicodin for cramps? He’d probably take your temperature by sticking a finger up your butt and asking you to count to three.


  1. allgravybaby


  2. burningjello

    That’s actually not a really out there idea, I either smoke pot or take something like vicodin for my cramps. I don’t expect guys to understand, but some girls get them so bad it feels like your uterus is trying to claw its way out of you.

  3. polypam


    Everyone knows anorexics don’t get thier periods.

  4. shanonorato

    Sometimes when I’m feeling crampy, I shoot some heroin, snort a few lines, smoke a bone and chase it all down with a gallon of Johnny Walker Black. Cramps begone!

  5. polypam

    “their”. Sorry, typo, not misspelling (I ain’t no Lohan).

  6. Joel Madden seems like a total “pegboy” but it’s kinda harsh for Nicole to refer to him as a menstrual cramp.

  7. Pointandlaugh

    well that’s how MY doctor takes my temperature.

    but he massages my shoulders while he takes my temperature.


    OH MY GOD!!!

  8. theange

    Heeey where can I get a doctor that will give me vicodin for cramps?!?!?! Sign me up!

  9. SumLikeitHoTT

    okay instead of recommening vicodin for your cramps or smoking….most doctors will put you on bith control….

  10. SumLikeitHoTT

    but ya know i usually do a line or two for good measure as well…

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Aw, you see, now I lost respect for Skeletrix here, I thought it was cool how she just told the cops, “I wasn’t drinkin’ but I was doin’ weed and Oxy ’cause that’s how I roll G”

  12. frenchtoaststix

    Vicodin, Schmicodin. The heroin she snorted earlier that evening would surely take care of any menstrual cramps. And yeah, anorexics usually don’t have periods anymore. Their body can’t spare the energy.

  13. SumLikeitHoTT

    lmao polypam…
    she probably hasn’t gotten her period in so long she doesn’t even know what bad cramps feel like,
    when she wasnt 85 pounds she was high off of every drug known to man she doesn’t know what to do now that she’s…gasp…getting healthy [i use that term loosely]


    Probably the same doctor that helps her with her weight gain.

  15. PrettyBaby

    At least the menstrual fluid would help out with the dryness problems everybody kept talking about in the last thread.

  16. minniememe

    i thought vicodin also had a blood thinner in it… that can’t be good for a period

  17. ponk

    and the 85lbs just might have come from her driver’s license. Cops do crazy things like that. The line “sit on my face and let me guess how much you weigh” only works in porn movies and Beverly Hills clubs.

  18. RichPort

    Gaining that first 10lbs is always the hardest… she’ll look like Mariah Carey by the end of the week.

  19. ToiletDuck

    She only came up 85 pounds because she forgot to put her diaphragm in that morning…and her excuse that she was on the rag ranks up there in the Bullshit Hall of Fame along with Ashlee Simpson’s acid reflux…

    Cupid stunt…


  21. PunjabPete

    15 – that would be Dr. Feelgood I presume…

  22. BarbadoSlim

    I’m not a woman but I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that her “flow” can be controlled by a standard sized Q-Tip, extra-fluffy need not apply.

  23. ToiletDuck

    She could get work as an extra on Spielberg’s next Holocaust film…

  24. Tits_McGhee

    Don’t anorexics stop HAVING a period?!

  25. bigponie

    I’m still trying to figure out what nicole is good for in this world………….ahhh yes, a toothpick, I could use her as a toothpick.

  26. MizScarlett

    Dearest Fish -

    I really can’t comment right now on this vacuous bony asswipe, as I’m too bummed about Peter Boyle.

    Eat a goddamned sandwich, NiRi, then please just fucking go AWAY.

  27. ToiletDuck

    She plays a thumbtack in her next role….

  28. kart11

    I take vicodin for my cramps too. fuck all you hypocrites!

  29. biatcho

    10 pounds in 2 months??? i say harpoon that heifer!

  30. BestNameEver

    I had an eating disorder before, wasn’t nearly as skinny as NR, and my periods stopped completely until I gained weight. So the “Vicodin for cramps” story doesn’t hold water from where I’m sitting.

  31. I would like to know what physician prescribed Vicodin for menstrual cramping.

    That is one doctor I am sure also prescribes medical marijuana for the hiccups. LOL

  32. Denimpetal

    well yeah, it’s me the bulimic witch again. Let me say something, my friend who weighs less still got her period, probably right up to the point untill she literally “died” last year.
    Now she takes a shit load of drugs not to stop her period pain, just because she thinks “fuck it”. Hey at least she’s honest. But when she crashed her car everyone felt so sorry for her and did exactly what they should of done
    TAKEN HER FUCKING LICSENCE (SP). For God’s sake, take drugs, take all the fucking drugs you want, but don’t DRIVE you idiot!!!!! My anorexic friend can’t do simple math anymore.
    Seriously. Even she knows that. Stop driving, stop moving, and get the hell out of L.A

  33. gapeachrocks

    No self-respecting pediatrician would prescribe Vicodin to a 13 year old boy with a tummy-ache! WTF?????
    “I’m a big boy! I weigh 95, NOT 85!!! OH, and I’m 13 AND A HALF, btw.”
    The indignity for this poor tyke must be unbearable. Not worried about the fact she could have easily taken someone out with her stoned, drunk-blind driving the wrong way, or the fact that she’s probably gonna do a couple days in the clink, but really “annoyed” that they understated her weight. That damn LAPD. Shoulda’ snatched her out and fed her some doughnuts. That would’ve scared her straight!

  34. LilRach

    Maybe she does take it for her cramps – maybe she doesn’t. I don’t really care. The fact that she is defending the fact that it is for cramps makes it pretty obvious.

    Call me crazy but fat or thin i still love this chick – she’s fuckin funny as hell.

  35. BarbadoSlim

    Hohohohoho I hope she gets sent to the general population, she’ll be passed around for a pack o’smokes before a rough chola named Yolanda literally breaks her in two.

  36. Do Freebird

    Hey, I know where that skinny skank is coming from.

    Everytime the old ball and chain hits that time of month, there’s always a little Vicodin. Librium, Welbutrin, crack cocaine, three or four different kinds of sleeping pills, klonopin, some hash, Marijuana, Ecstacy, some paint thinner soaked rags in a paper bag, 10 or 15 lines of coke and a couple dozen Malt beverage “wine coolers” to wash it all down.

    Well, actually, that’s all for me. I just toss the bleeding bitch a couple of excedrin and tell her to suck it up.

    The ancient Hebrews had it right. At the first sign of a cramp they get chased out of the village and have to live in a tent until it’s all over.

  37. candy_says

    Vicodin for cramps is not unheard of, you dimwits.

  38. John Doe Jr

    She’s giving Vicodin and marijuana a bad name. Her anorexic heroin fueled mishaps are giving Vicodin and marijuana bad press and it pisses me off. I take the combination for male cramps as prescribed and manage to drive down the right side of the road.

  39. BarbadoSlim

    @40 I’m sure that will make an excellent epitaph for all the tombstones when she rams her SUV onto oncoming traffic and kills ten people during her next period.

  40. Mumbles

    Vicodin may not be “unheard of” for cramps but it’s the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard to be on a controlled substance. I had really bad cramps and my doctor didn’t put me on Vicodin, when I had really bad ovarian cysts, my doctor didn’t put me on Vicodin. She put me on BIRTH CONTROL. Seriously, Nicole Richie is the biggest walking advertisment for birth control anyway. Of course, Nicole probably doesn’t want to be on birth control since it can cause weight gain.

  41. EJ

    33 took the words out of my mouth.

    I won’t say that the rich can’t get their doctors to prescribe Vicodin for a hangnail, but I WILL say those doctors should have their licenses revoked.

  42. beer

    The pot was prescribed for her damned Wasting Syndrome. Whee would she be without the munchies?

  43. Next, she’ll say the pot was for her glaucoma!

  44. mrs.t

    #39-I have been BEGGING for a Menstrual Shack for years. It’s a win-win for the entire family!

  45. Hopefully, the doctor who prescribed the vicodin is not in trouble.

  46. LL

    I hate to second-guess anyone’s afflictions, and cramps are pretty fucking bad (FYI for the dudes: it’s not like a cramp in your leg, it’s really pretty excruciating. I don’t have balls, so I’m not gonna speculate on how the pain of being hit there compares to cramps, but let me tell ya, cramps are not minor pain and they last at least a day), but this story does sound like bullshit. I certainly don’t want proof that she’s still capable of raggin’, but cessation of menses is a pretty common feature of extreme thinness. I’m just not buyin’ it, but I could be wrong.

    Shit, it’s Hollywood, maybe they do give you Vicodin for cramps out there. Which sounds pretty good to me.

  47. chicagogirl

    Its not uncommon to take vicodin for menstrual cramps!!! I took some vicie’s an hour ago and the cramps….ARE SO GONE

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