Nicole Richie flashes nipple on E!

January 20th, 2006 // 31 Comments

If you look up the definition of ‘irony’ you’ll probably find this video of Nicole Richie talking about not flashing the camera as she accidentally flashes the camera. Then again, my dictionary is a piece of crap. I tried looking up the definition of ‘entrapment’ and all I got was a picture of a koala riding a space ship. What the fuck is that, man?

The video is NSFW so I wouldn’t click ‘Play’ unless you enjoy getting fired from work for looking at nipples.


  1. Why do I suddenly feel like flapjacks and fried eggs?

  2. Evangelia

    It is not possible to have nipples if one does not have breasts. Therefore, Nicole was not really flashing the camera, she was just showing a birthmark or tattoo.

  3. al rarow

    This video is ancient.

  4. gossipmonger

    OK cokewhore, look into a MIRROR before going on TV!!

  5. Sheva

    This must be ancient video as she actually looks like she’s been eating like a human in this.

  6. That’s so ironic it’s a Pynchon novel.

    Maybe he could write the next season of The Simple Life.

  7. She actually does look healthy for once. Her skin doesn’t look so stretched out and brittle. Regardless, even if she was on coc-a-cola, that looked premeditated. She seems very aware of her surroundings.

    The Superficial should try to get this mutt and paris in the ring. That would be halarious. I mean, admission would only have to be a urine sack for paris. But it would still be funny to watch.

  8. HollyJ

    that cameraman zoomed onto her tit the NANOSECOND it appeared – was he lying in wait, staring at her shirt ?

    what a grave disappointment for him to see only a pink doorknob nipple with no boob under it

  9. roxybc

    That video is really old. I think it’s right after she was in a fashion show where she actually DID flash the whole audience at the end of the runway. She was still fat then. They didn’t show the whole video clip of her speaking, so she was probably saying something like, ” I didn’t intend to flash the whole audience, but how could anyone resist my Ta Ta’s!”

  10. gigi33

    This is a way old video. She’s finally visited a stylist and doesn’t wear day-glo makeup and hair extensions that only a 12 year old would find cool.

  11. Mary45

    With whatever that eyemakeup is supposed to represent…it makes her look like Tammy Faye Baker’s daughter!

  12. annjenleigh

    You can have nipples and not have breasts. Men do it all the time.

  13. derekd

    She actually looks fuckable there. She musta ate a cheeseburger or something.

  14. rachel

    She must have some secret kid at home that we don’t know about cuz this is exactly what I look like after I let my 6 year old do my hair and makeup for fun. Or else she just really pissed off her stylists and for revenge they made her look like a clown.

  15. It’s my dream to lose my job and become a kept woman. I played the nipple video fifteen times, but I’m still employed. I’ll never trust you again.

  16. Evangelia

    lol annjenleigh. I forgot about men since it’s never news when they flash their nipples…why? I demand equal nipple-newsworthiness for both sexes!

  17. ESQ

    Is that a man in drag? And he forgot to put in his implants? GOD that was horrible, it hurt my eyes to look at it. Next time she should not use a trough to put on make-up.

  18. Miss Skyline

    Wow, her makeup looks like she rubbed her fingers in her eyeshadow and just smeared it on. Hideous.

  19. Porcelyn

    Brown nipples are gross. Think Pink.

  20. DannyJames

    i think what we saw was Nicole flashing us a malignant melanoma tumor. She is crying out for help!

  21. Jeremy1Esq

    she looks like Tommy Lee and Courtneys Love’s illegitmate child. I think Tommy gave Lionel Richie a night with Pamela Anderson in exchange for adopting this little girl.

  22. Rochford

    She so knew that she was doing that.

  23. 2cute4ya

    Get DOWN with BROWN!! Pink Stinks!! Get a tan nasty pink girls!!!!

  24. PostAcidYouth

    Getting a tan is highly unlikely to change one’s nipple colour. Besides, I’m happy with my pale skin…why risk skin cancer for that unwashed look?

    Disclaimer – the above does not apply to naturally tanned people. Just those who bake themselves silly.

  25. Bo_Smith

    LMFAO she is funny

  26. LoneWolf

    Sorry to derail, but speaking of nipple flashes, here’s a tip (pun intended) from your Uncle Lonewolf. Rent Into The Blue, and do a frame-by-frame of when Jessica Alba’s underwater escaping from the bad guy. He grabs at her as she’s on the way up and pulls one side of her top down and you can definitely see some nipplage. Assuming it’s her and not a stand-in, it’s worth checking out. Actually, it’s worth checking out anyway if you’re into nip slips.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled tearing of celebrity as@holes.

  27. jugsgirl

    video won’t work

  28. PostAcidYouth

    why on earth would you rent into the blue and put yourself through a whole film’s worth of godawful acting? Alba’s nipple isn’t worth that torture

  29. Agreed PostAcidYouth, not even Alba’s nips are worth all that stupid effort. Frame-by-frame my ass, just oogle them through her dress here:

  30. ker

    LOL this site cracks me up! seriously
    theres no blogs better than here

    you guys get so melodramatic on nipples
    especially celebrities… they’re just
    nipples.. why dont you guys cut off celebs’s headshots and put them in porn star’s body and you can j/o to it also to begin with


  31. wow, who knew skeletons have nipples too?

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