Nicole Richie fever: Catch it!

Nicole Richie just can’t get any hotter! (Prior statement does not include physical appearance.) She’s been offered the lead role of Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago. A source for Us Weekly, who is either Nicole’s publicist or escaped from a mental ward, had the following to say:

“It is in the super early stages of discussions and no decision has been made yet. It would give her a reason to really show her talent and to stay in the new place in NY Joel just got,” the source says. “It also shows people are really excited about Nicole right now.”

Yes, America just couldn’t be more captivated with our newest sweetheart. Step aside, Lady Liberty. You’re yesterday’s news. The nation is truly abuzz with this emaciated waif who coked off all her baby weight within a week and flew on the slightest of wind into our hearts. The ole U.S. of A. salutes you, Nicole. Keep on snorting for the boys overseas! God bless and Stars and Stripes forever!

Photos: Getty Images