Nicole Richie confirms she’s pregnant

August 1st, 2007 // 92 Comments

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Nicole Richie confirmed for the first time that she’s pregnant with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden’s baby, saying:

“Yes, I am. We are. I’m almost four months.”

So Nicole Richie basically confirmed what we’ve already known for months. As long as she’s breaking news, why not hold a press conference and declare the Earth to be round. Or the sun to be bright. Or her species to be ‘monster’.

NOTE: Have you ever felt more sorry for an unborn baby in your entire life? You could find babies at an abortion clinic that have it better than this kid.


  1. me

    so sorry

  2. H

    Does that mean she’ll start eating now?

  3. penacka

    what a sad, sad world we live in. that poor baby. paris hilton version 2.0?

  4. Crap Tonight

    She CANNOT be human, there is no way that emaciated thing could get pregnant if it were

  5. MeatSack

    I don’t really care if she seeks any pity for her jail sentence.

  6. theoriginalmilf

    Great. Another kid who’ll grow up with a fucked up mother. I predict her and Britney will soon become best buds.

  7. Dizzybenny

    cocaine use is soooooooo good for a baby also!!
    if it makes it 9 months it will be a shocker!

  8. asdf

    Life styles… of the rich and the famous… etc etc etc…

  9. yhalothar

    Joel Madden is a little bitch.

  10. kelly

    she looks really cute but he looks like a giant. I don’t just mean he’s big, I mean he literally looks like a giant. Like the ones from fairy tales.
    I couldn’t really care less about this “news” but I think she will clean up her act. She seems to be SOMEWHAT sensible, despite her drugs problems etc.

  11. TetterkeT

    Did she also confirm that she is a cunt?

  12. Inky Caprinus

    Does anyone know if the baby will be born with tatoo’s already in-place, or do they ink the infant while they cut the cord?

    Just wondering. I don’t know the biology/protocol for these hollyweird pairings.

  13. joel broke up wit hilary cause she was a virgin and wanted some pussy so he went to one of the biggest hoes wish her da best

  14. jrzmommy

    The only unborn baby I ever felt more sorry for than this one was SJTLQs….but that’s neither here nor there……….THIS poor fetus, however…do you think she realizes that she actually has to make a baby come OUT of her now? And then when it’s here, like… stuff with it?

  15. jrzmommy

    I understand they’re registered at Les Deux, Pure and Steve the H dealer in West Hollywood.

  16. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    They’re also registered at Promises, the Betty Ford Clinic and LA County CPS.

  17. jay

    Shouldn’t she be in jail already???

    Who knows, maybe becoming a mum will settle her down….nah, she’ll just just hire a few carers and let them raise the kid, brittney-style.

  18. Sick of it ALL

    Diane Sawyer lost all my respect. Nicole Richie is a disgusting selfish cunt to allow herself to keep that obvious accident. Watch, the baby’ll be born all fucked up and full of syphillis and poof! it’ll have a “stillborn” which means she”ll have it euthanized before we even get to meet it. You don’t think someone like that can’t have it done?

    i’m so sick of women having babies BECAUSE THEY CAN. God damned selfish cum-bubbles, got nothing better to do than inhale some jizz so they can be on the covers of ragazines. Dirty whore. (grrrrrr)

  19. JohnnyL

    Why is Diane Sawyer even interviewing this POS? Ritchie is not an entertainer per se….at least by any reasonable definition of that word. she’s just some bitch famous for who her dad is and who she hangs out with.

  20. michelle

    that kid will look like a goblin (like from the Harry Potter movies)…

  21. Hecubus

    When asked to comment about the new baby Joel Madden had this to say, ‘Be he live or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.’

  22. Crap Tonight

    Didnt Nicole Richie used to be black?

  23. jrzmommy

    By the way, who is Good Charlotte?

  24. RichPort

    I wonder if she’s aware that purging is ill advised whilst prego. That’s right, I said whilst. I like to make the limey fucks feel welcome.

  25. ??I feed for the baby…I know zomeone who didn’t eat hardly??
    at all when zhe waz pregnant..and the baby grew up
    to need blood tranzfuzionz and had to have their zpline
    removed…if zhez not eating..we’ll find out later..thatz for zure?

  26. Rusty

    #21 – I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. Hilarious!

    Now, I’m no obstetrician, but doesn’t it stand to reason that it’s pretty difficult to have a full-term, healthy baby when you weigh less than 100 (possibly less than 95) pounds? Actually, I would think it would be pretty hard to even conceive when you’re that tiny and obviously malnourished!

    I feel bad for that child….VERY bad.

  27. #25 correction==feel for the baby

  28. ???Nicole, juzt coz your having a baby…???
    doezn’t mean U need to get
    married and ruin it, ztay zingle and
    good luck carrying it to term?????????

  29. RichPort

    @25 – Why bother correcting anything you annoying idiot? I say get a 12 gauge, learn how to work it with your toe, and make one final correction. Moron.

  30. Scott

    That poor kid does not have a chance with these two as parents

  31. lily

    I agree with Scott on the posting habits of #25. Why did you repost a sappy post right after you corrected your first one. Ans what is with the Z’s? Are you bipolar?
    On a lighter note, at least Nicole can use her cocain as baby powder now…

  32. leatherdaddy

    all i can think about is how he had unprotected sex with nicole richie. thats something anybody with common sense would never do. this kid is screwed.

  33. RichPort

    I can’t imagine, at her weight, that she has any excess fluids necessary for lubricating her vaginal passage when aroused. He must have felt like he was sticking his dick in a box of angel hair pasta.

  34. gerard Vandenberg

    You’re soooo hypocritical! Your “man” is a Faggot too and you are an dirty, skinny loiter woman. You are able of doing just nothing. Looking with an half eye to best pal in crime, who is also be able of just doing not a thing. Because you’re fucking jealous why she can be in the picture and you are not. You thought: let’s become pregnant because the gossip-magazines will follow me! Paris won’t become pregnant because she knows when she become pregnant, her carreer is as good as history. That’s the answer right away to the question why the boy’s aren’t staying with her person. BECAUSE THEY DON’T FUCK, and when someone asks for it: SHE DUMPS THE BASTARD!!

  35. Kat

    I think i feel more sorry for britney’s babies. i mean all you have to do is look at here and right away BANG. sorrow.

  36. J

    #29…….Now ZHAT was hilariouz.
    I also quite enjoyed the cocaine/baby powder reference of #31.

  37. HELP

    #26 — when I was pregnant, I had morning sickness so badly that I dropped down to 97 lbs. I was told by my ob that if I didn’t gain weight ASAP that I would be hospitalized, otherwise the baby would be in danger, as would I. I don’t have any clue how this girl (who is choosing not to eat by the way) is almost four months along.

    Couldn’t we talk Angelina Jolie into adopting this baby, and Brit’s two while she’s at it? These kids have to be as bad off as any African orphan.

  38. 29=Your the fuckin moron, azzhole..Y would I need a 12 gauge?
    what freakin dumbazz would kill himzelf with a 12 gauge..a zhotgun…
    that juzt zhowz how ztupid U R. When your ready to kill you ztupid
    zelf…uze a freakin 44 or a 357magnum…coz we don’t want to ztill
    zee your fuckin face..idiotfuck//

  39. Shut Up!

    Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture or something, but I didn’t realize Ogres and Pixies could mate?

  40. Shannon Rose

    Hmmm….maybe she’s onto something. Back in the 80′s girls used to take lots o’ drugs to result in lower birthweight babies to make for an easier delivery. Since she weighs about 4 lbs. and has the hips of a 6-year-old, I can see the logic….*snark*

    What a stupid whore. And what a poor child. It’ll probably have a harelip. Then I might laugh.

  41. RichPort

    #38 – Can you rephrase that? I don’t speak Klingon you fucking idiot.

  42. lily

    Apparently Prime Time can only afford one interview chair… Joel Madden was forced to sit on a folding table, increasing the already awkward size difference between the two. When it comes time to interview the couple after the baby is born, the baby will have to be propped up on one of the glass shelves in the background.

  43. This is for Richport. I like how you spent the weekend with us and molested my son. I called the cops, so expect them to show up at any moment. My wife
    said that she saw you in his bed in the middle of the night and don’t try to deny it either. After your arrested, I’ll be over to kill you.

  44. Shay

    Sad. What a waste of perfect sperm.

  45. sidewaysdoesit

    #25 The kid “had to have his spline removed”???

    Jesus Christ, I give up. That is easily the stupidest, most moronic thing I have ever heard. Please, promise me you’ll never vote, this country is in enough fucking trouble without you making little designs and z’s all over the ballot.

  46. sidewaysdoesit

    #43 Could you take care of kelli first? You can borrow my 12 gauge.

  47. mrs.t

    At least it’s not krazishitzkelli who’s pregnant. I wonder if N.R. can spell ‘spleen’?

  48. Megan

    They are such a weird couple, I swear, he looks like her bodyguard.

  49. lambman

    I don’t know why, but I never hated Nicole…and I still don’t. I’m just pretty indifferent to her existence, and really…with somebody like Nicole or Paris indifference is the biggest insult of all

  50. RichPort

    #43 – Yea, ok. Is “you’re” wife aware of “you’re” sick NAMBLA fantasies Govenor McGreevy?

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