Nicole Richie births a boy

September 9th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Surprisingly tech savvy for just going through labor, Nicole Richie announced on her official blog that she gave birth to a baby boy this morning:

In the middle of night, the very early hours of September 9, 2009 Sparrow James Midnight Madden was born to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.
He weighs 7lbs 14oz. Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes.

Sparrow James Midnight. So was Silverhawk Cedric Teatime already taken? Because, congratulations on the new kid and everything, but you sort of half-assed this one. Just sayin’.

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  1. Eva

    Midnight is cool.

  2. lbot


  3. Or first, whatever. Still don’t care. Someone should poke her and see if air comes out.

  4. mel

    They had to stick James in there to make it seem sort of normal.

    Didn’t work.

  5. fede

    Midnight………………ehm………………………..yes u_u

  6. michelle

    Wow… terrible name – not even remotely cute either. Robin would have been a better choice… or Raven or something… But Sparrow?

  7. jules

    she is nice and congrats on baby

  8. jules

    she is nice and congrats on baby

  9. jules

    she looks happy

  10. jules

    she looks happy

  11. Pin pang pong!

    Anyone get the idea that they are just fishing into Madden’s fedora and picking out names at random?

  12. jules

    she looks happy

  13. Jim

    Fair play to her…

    but seriously, Sparrow?

    So for short, all his mates are gonna call him what? Spaz?

    Good luck kid.

  14. Slaappy

    That kids the retarded antichrist 9-9-9

  15. grobpilot

    Didn’t know she was pregnant. You just know that, with a name like that, he’s gonna grow up to be a lonely, sociopathic serial killer.

  16. Chipot

    You knew they couldn’t resist picking some stupid ass name for their kid. These morons shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  17. PrideofChucky

    FINALLY, a celebrity baby name that’s normal…

  18. PrideofChucky

    [Turns to kid]

    “Aint that right, Baloney Sandwich?

  19. Randal

    Congratulations are in order again Nicole! You’ve been such a great role model for many expecting mothers, turning your life around the way you have and all. You’re in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.


  20. suanita

    ahhh 714′s, the best thing that happened to the 1970′s

  21. suanita

    ahhh 714′s, the best thing that happened to the 1970′s

  22. suanita

    ahhh 714′s, the best thing that happened to the 1970′s

  23. chupacabra

    should have just named him ‘Gay Weak Fucker’ and gotten it over with… jesus christ.

  24. bribios

    Midnight Madden sounds like a plug to buy football games at Walmart. They better have gotten money for this.

  25. kay

    ok, the superficial is always funny, but Silverhawk Cedric Teatime??? HAHAHAHAHHA LOL!!! you’ve done well, sir … nearly pissed myself on that one :)

  26. Anonymous

    A boy named Sparrow. I feel a country song coming on.

  27. Superbiggerevil

    Midnight Sparrow…WTF????

    Nothing like fucking over your kid right out of the gate with a stupid name.

  28. A Boy Named Sue

    “Sparrow”? It couldn’t have been something cool and masculine like “Hawk” or “Osprey”?

    Way to guarantee your kid a lifetime of ass-whipings. Like having Joel Madden as your dad wasn’t going to make it hard enough…

    I’m guessing the nickname “Sits Down to Pee” will haunt him till he hits his 40s.

  29. el ces

    I would still do naughty things to her.

    She’ s so little and sexy.

  30. Vaginal Mucus Nahnu Smith

    When will these nit wits get over themselves and their need to show the world how cool they are. Didn’t some other buffoon name her kid Apple? God these people are insufferable.

  31. heather

    OMG!! What is wrong with these people?? Seriously?? Sparrow! Come on!

  32. Urbanspaceman

    Kudos to Nicole for not having the typical late-7th-month ent-biz c-section.

  33. She’s a snorefest. One of those people that take on the identity of those around them, like Brad Pitt. Impressionable.

  34. LEB

    Sparrow? Seriously??

  35. tailspin

    This poor kid is getting his ass kicked before he makes it out of the hospital nursery

  36. myohmy

    They can call him whatever…we all know he’s going to be whatever his sister pronounces first ;-)

  37. friendlyfires

    You lnow these kids don’t mix with regular population and by the time he’s old enough, he’ll have a nickname like “Ro” that broads will swoon over.

  38. next kid is going to be called Bone Marrow

  39. You know, Harlow, Sparrow and Marrow

  40. jenna

    wtf…do celebrities want their kids to get bullied and feel ashamed growing up (until the day they are old enough to change their names!)?? I think this is just utterly mean =(

  41. jennifer Poropat

    At least she had a boy and not another girl. Im sorry but I prefer son’s to daughters. I always see people with a bunch of little girls and think how sad dad can’t shoot out a boy. lol.

  42. Rancid

    Instead of “Sparrow” he should be named “Swallow” – because he’s going to be doing a lot of it.

  43. Fonzeyfu

    #42 – what a retarded comment! U realise you’re a girl and so you’re actually paying out your own sex?!

  44. WTF

    Love her, but that is pretty much the worst baby name. Next to Audioscience and Pilot Inspektor, of course.

    Seriously, I wish people would think about their KIDS once and not themselves. Just because you wish you were named Summer’s Eve Raven Hippie when YOU were a kid doesn’t mean your child will share the sentiment.

  45. Katie

    Damn it! Damn it damn it damn it richie!!!!!! FUCK this! She has STOLEN my baby name and now I am unable to use it EVER for fear that I have copied them. FUK. I always wanted to use the name Sparrow. This f*ing sucks.
    BOOOOOO Nicole and your sellout husband.

  46. lionel rich

    shes black

  47. mamamiasweetpeaches

    They named him “Sparrow” because – like his mother-he eats like a bird!

    da dum dum!

    Thank you! I’ll be here all night! Try the veal!

  48. Phil

    She named him that cause Meadowlark Lemon has already been used.

  49. Phil

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt would have been way cooler. Plus, you can sing along with it. LA LA LA LA LA LA!

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