Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: We have a kid?

Nicole Richie gave birth just over a month ago and she’s already partying hard on the weekends with boyfriend Joel Madden. In the meantime, poor little Harlow Winter Kate Simon Peter Voltron Madden is left at home with a nanny, according to a spy for Page Six:

During the Grammys weekend, the couple went to several parties each night for hours. Last weekend, Richie and Madden once again left their tot at home to spend some quality time with Joel’s brother Benji and Lindsay Lohan at Teddy’s in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They didn’t rush home until the end of the evening – “It’s almost as if they aren’t parents,” said a spy.

Actually that sounds like awesome parenting. When I accidentally have a kid, I’m leaving him home all the time while I go out drinking. But don’t worry. He’ll be fine. I’ll leave some open cans of tuna on the floor for him. Kids love tuna. Or is that cats? Which one always lands on its feet? My sister won’t let me near her kids to find out. Something about me putting kitty litter in the crib. I dunno. She’s weird like that.

Photos: Splash News