Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: We have a kid?

February 19th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Nicole Richie gave birth just over a month ago and she’s already partying hard on the weekends with boyfriend Joel Madden. In the meantime, poor little Harlow Winter Kate Simon Peter Voltron Madden is left at home with a nanny, according to a spy for Page Six:

During the Grammys weekend, the couple went to several parties each night for hours. Last weekend, Richie and Madden once again left their tot at home to spend some quality time with Joel’s brother Benji and Lindsay Lohan at Teddy’s in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They didn’t rush home until the end of the evening – “It’s almost as if they aren’t parents,” said a spy.

Actually that sounds like awesome parenting. When I accidentally have a kid, I’m leaving him home all the time while I go out drinking. But don’t worry. He’ll be fine. I’ll leave some open cans of tuna on the floor for him. Kids love tuna. Or is that cats? Which one always lands on its feet? My sister won’t let me near her kids to find out. Something about me putting kitty litter in the crib. I dunno. She’s weird like that.

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  1. mamadough

    im surprised the thing hasn’t been found in a dumpster yet

  2. BunnyButt

    Since the nanny is, no doubt, a better parent than either mom or dad, this is a win-win situation.

  3. aznme

    fugly bitch. go home and watch ur baby.

  4. PB&J

    Kid’s probably better off with a nanny…assuming said nanny is not a toy poodle…ok, probably still better off.

  5. Binky

    Sounds like Nicole is taking parenting tips from her dad Lionel :

    “Were going to party
    Karamu, fiesta, forever
    Come on and sing along!
    All night long! (all night)
    All night long! (all night)
    All night long! (all night)”

    The guy doesn’t exactly sound like Dr. Spock.

  6. sweet mama

    so fucking what ………. should they stay indoors until the child is 18

  7. sweet mama

    so fucking what ………. should they stay indoors until the child is 18

  8. sweet mama

    so fucking what ………. should they stay indoors until the child is 18

  9. Lisa

    Many parents go out on weekends. So what is the big deal?

  10. who gives a shit she still lookks anorexic

  11. Ript1&0

    Maybe they should just take the kid to the bar with them.

    It’s a win-win situation. Thank God I’m here to solve these problems.

  12. Igottabemeeee

    That is the whole reason all mothers wish they were rich. So we could have paid a nanny to sit home with said child and only have to do the fun stuff. Am I right mothers?

  13. Sir Crapsalot

    They are both ‘tards. Forgot the condom and/or birth control and now have a kid. Only positive I bet Joel thinks is that his woman has cushion for the pushin’.

  14. Michelle LL

    So what ? Good for them. They don’t need to be glued to the baby 24-7.

  15. BunnyButt

    12, absolutely right. If I can’t afford a nanny, I’m not having kids.

  16. The Shine

    She’s a homely little toad. She needs to party now before she gets so ugly that no one will let her in the door. She makes Rumer Willis look good. She will probably be house-bound by the time her offspring starts pre-school. Which is not good as she’ll be doing her drugs at home where Harlow can pick up her bad habits. Harlow should have a chance to have a normal abandoned child Hollywood lifestyle until she learns to use drugs from Matthew McConaghey’s kid.

  17. Jennifer2

    yea , she looks miserable. what happened to her?? haha, I saw some cool videos about her on ‘BillionaireCupid dot com’, maybe they just joking. but those couldn’t be true and she does not care.

  18. I wish would look great in that dress. OH ME SO HORNY!

  19. bunny

    I’m looking forward to the “tell-all” books these current hollywood babies will have …starting with Alien Cruise, (My Life as a Martian”).

  20. required

    Just because they are parents doesn’t mean they can’t party…just not as much.

  21. Proud Parent & Home Most of the Time

    I can bet my house that she is not nursing because she would not be out drinking. They will be like all the selfish rich people; have the nanny raise their child.

  22. Grunion

    Boy I’m shocked. She always seemed so smart and responsible…..

    Besides I’m sure the kid is retarded with that gene pool so why not just put it in a home and forget about it?

    Problem solved.

  23. Proud Mom

    When my daughter was a month old; we went out to dinner once a week with our daughter. It has been 11 years now and my husband and I go out on a date twice a year. I have no regrets and we have raised a beautiful, talented, smart, humorous, and good hearted person. There is a break down in the family; children are left home alone, or with a sitter, or with a video or computer game, and rarely is there continuous interaction with the kid(s).

  24. MeanGirl

    What about Christina Aguilara – she’s been out partying with her toad, uh, I mean husband too. Let’s rip her for partying too. And from the size of Christina’s boobs I’m betting she is nursing and passing all that booze on to her toady, er, I mean son.

    Why shouldn’t they go out on the weekends? All parents need to get away sometimes. Being pregnant for 9 months and then having a crying baby is very stressful.

  25. #23 – it’s all an illusion. Your daughter is blowing all the boys in the sixth grade. She’s very popular because she calls them Daddy and loves to swallow.

  26. Annie Rexia

    Why not! Who needs to be dragged down by a brat. The only thing the surviving abortion (you know she probably tried to have that thing sucked out)was good for has put a cool million in mommies bank account. We already saw the little brat. They’ll drag it out when thier popularity wanes and arrange a little “accident” (scalded by water. fell down the steps) for the fucker so they can get sympathy points and another mag cover. That kid will grow up not even knowing these peoples’ names. Might as well just ship it out to boarding school now, so it may have a chance for normalcy.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    We’re all forgetting the upside of these two leaving their kid with the nanny all the time. The child will grow up bilingual. It’s an important skill to have in this global economy. Si, tengo preocupación con race pendejo!

  28. Anonymous

    Nicole Richie is a useless piece of shit.

  29. Jennifer Is A Whore

    I hear she fine ruv on, I hear she get skully-fucky there.

  30. cecilia


  31. Proud Mom

    #25 Jimbo:

    Being crude is not funny. Now if you want to be funny, you can learn by reading #27, now that is funny lol!

  32. Lowlands

    I’ve always been wondering why this skinny one became pregnant?In my opinion it wasn’t her time yet.There thousands of reasons to become pregnant and they can be all wrong.Like always only time will reveal if it was the right one.

  33. God

    I never leave any comments in the website, but , what’s the matter if she goes out and party for the weekend. I mean she took care of herself for 9 months… that’s not easy. And by the way she’s not leaving the kid all alone, She’s paying for supervision. You fucking gringos, you should care for your own life and stop making money from other people.

    I dont give a fuck about any of these celebreties, for me they’re all the same, the difference is that they have a lot of money and you dont poor mother fuckers, so the only thing you can do is critize them.

  34. Is that you God? It's me Margaret.

    How come you type so poorly Lord?

  35. God

    Well if I write in Spanish you wont be able to understand anything because i’m sure the only language you can speak/read is english you fucking redneck, at least is understandable i bet you cant even write a correct sentence in another language.

    And typing is not the issue, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t talk shit about other people, at the end they are only people and they do normal stuff as everybody, but the only thing i can see here is people talking bad about actors/actresses.

  36. Janet

    #28- Totally agree with you.

    Is that really the name of the kid though?

  37. The Shine

    Well now that God is breaking the rules, so am I.

  38. ¿Es esto usted Dios? Soy yo Margaret.

    #35 ¡Usted es un pendejo!

  39. Margaret su patrón

    Este sitio Web es llamado el Superficial. Se supone que usted dice cosas medias sobre famosos. ¡Ahora vaya y siegue neto los setos!

  40. satan

    33 & 35:

    … that’s nice.

  41. Proud Mom

    #34 Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
    I remember that book as a child by Judy Blume.

  42. urthr

    I like her. Many celebrities also think she is talented. Her blog is very hot at “”. It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people.

  43. god sucks

    33, taking care of yourself for 9 months is easy, unless you’re a drug addicted whore like this chick.

    and apparently you can’t type a sentence in another language, so i’m not really seeing your point of calling people out on that matter.

  44. kitty_kat

    I understand that parents need their own time, but c’mon, this is Nicole Richie and Joel Madden we’re talking about. I’m sure they have to be coming back at, like, midnight and around there for it to be raising eyebrows. Its probably also the fact that the child is barely a month old.

  45. eye-dish lass

    I saw a pic of the proud parents BOTH buying diapers (at Whole Foods, no less – gag in its predicatability). Um, WHY does it take TWO people to buy diapers? Can new parents go out? Yes. But it’s usually a big f’g deal when it first happens. That it has happened several times over is already telling that their priorities are still just themselves. They gave their newborn a lovely, albeit, Hollywood name, but it’s just bullsh** to be out THAT MUCH with a newborn at home. I bet Paris wouldn’t leave her 16,000 dogs alone for that long? I mean, unless she had something important to do…like mangle a performance in a lfesize Champagne Glass. PARIS knows her PRIORITIES.

  46. FRT

    We have a healthy mutant to add to the family tree of no-talent drug abusers!

  47. eye-dish lass

    #33: Dear God – I thought you said our bodies were temples? Should Nicole be congratulated that she “took care of herself” for 9 months? BIG F’G DEAL!! I did it too because you HAVE to do it unless you’re a complete selfish idiot (like Catherine Zeta-Jones who was seen smoking all the time….). The only real parents I see out there are Jennifer Garner and Madonna….the rest show up to places for photo ops. I’m sure there are other good parents in Hollywood, but the narcissism of these people outweights their ability to give up the selfish behaviors REQUIRED to be a decent parent. I’m not some uber-Mom with the “wheels on the bus” in my car’s CD, but still…c’mon….nah m sayn?!

  48. eye-dish lass

    #10: You FOR SURE just made Nicole’s day! Women LOVE to be called Anorexic….some more than others.

  49. Ted from LA

    You’re hot today. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  50. Tzilcaddy

    Now her job is to make public appearances right? I mean that is how she earns cash by whoring out images of herself, wearing designer clothing, and giving us something to bitch about? Don’t like 70% of most households have both parents working out side of the home??
    Oh, and a side note.
    Newborn babies are boring. parties are fun.

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