Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have a baby girl

January 11th, 2008 // 117 Comments

Nicole Richie gave birth to a baby girl today, according to People:

Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and weighed 6 lbs., 7 oz.
“The beautiful healthy baby girl left the hospital with her ecstatic parents,” says the rep, who confirmed the birth to PEOPLE exclusively.

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel. May your bundle of joy in no way shape or form inspire Paris to get the baby bug again. Otherwise, I’ll come to your house and knock Joel’s stupid hat off his head. Okay, maybe that’s a bit drastic. I’ll just punch him in the face.

Photo: Getty Images

  1. ph7

    Probably a very ugly baby, unfortunately.

  2. Natasha

    Awww they look so cute in this pic. Congrats to them!
    But i’m not liking the name

  3. Jeremy

    i don’t like her, but congrats.

    oh, and fraist

  4. moka

    i rule

  5. graciiie

    aw yay! i’m happy for them, really.

  6. graciiie

    aw yay! i’m happy for them, really.

  7. graciiie

    aw yay! i’m happy for them, really.

  8. graciiie

    aw yay! i’m happy for them, really.

  9. graciiie

    aw yay! i’m happy for them, really.

  10. Angela

    Left the hospital already? Really? Here in Canada when I had my baby girl I had to stay in the hospital overnight and most first time moms have to stay two nights.

  11. eek

    how many names does that baby need? three crappy ones and one usable one, apparently.

  12. Nikky Raney

    awwwww thats soooo cute
    i wanna see it

  13. joel madden is a dufus. Glad hilary dumped him. But congrats to them

  14. latty

    I’ll give them credit, I thought the baby would have an amazingly stupid name – Harlow is at least slightly cute. Although it does remind me very much of Harlot.
    Anyway, I had heard that they were going to name the baby Perth, so this is much much better.

  15. MiCheDa

    that is cool…congrats!!


    I bet that baby smells like heroin and feet.

  17. jason

    glad to see that!
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  18. doit

    Nobody in the United States leaves the fucking hospital an hour after giving birth. They make you stay to monitor your bleeding or stitches for infection (if you have them and I did both times I gave birth.) I call bullshit on this story and I bet it’s a boy.

  19. the ATM broke and started spitting out money

    It is a boy and it’s name is Bort.

  20. Ichanaiaia-Leprosy doo dad

    It’s a boy and his name is Go-korig-Go, after the spots!!!!!!!!

  21. Suzy

    you think she’ll start to eat more after the baby is born?

  22. kitty_kat

    Isn’t Harlow a boy’s name? I guess celebs think they’re too good to name their kids the same names as us normal peasant folk, huh?
    Anyway, cograts to them for a healthy baby…
    I hope it looks better than both of them.

  23. Duh, she’s GOING TO EAT THAT BABY.

  24. sdal;fj

    omg the baby lived??? god joel is so ugly.

  25. Elle

    She left the hospital already?? WTF?

    Harlow is a wicked name.. reminds me of Jean Harlow.

  26. I hate you, no really. I really, really hate you. More than anything else. Except for paper cuts.

    It does? REALLY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  27. Okay now. It’s better for the kid, that’s for sure.
    Therwise it will be a born FAGGOT just like his dad!!

  28. DoulaMama

    You don’t have to stay in the hospital, I left the same day I had my first baby and stayed home completely to have my next three. I’m sure celebrities would be much more comfortable in the privacy of their own home.

  29. pointandlaugh


    Yeah that girl’s gonna get beat up a lot in school

  30. my ding a ling

    I’m sure celebrities would be much more comfortable in the kiddie pool full of money in their own home.

  31. congrus! the angel is a giving of the god, gals at are happy to hear that, and they will send a card to the happy fim..

  32. congratus to the couple! the litle girl is an angel giving by the God, hope that they will have a nice life ever….PINKMINGLE.COM has sent a card to the happyy fami..LOL

  33. i hate pink mingle almost as much as travelers diarrhea gave me AIDS. is owned by a pedophile eats puppies doesn’t recycle jaywalks raped your mom

  34. Once saw him at .He wanna date a uiniform girl? So surprised!

  35. chloe was bashed with a mandolin

    Oh uniformed cupid, you little scamp!!!

    Last time I saw you, you were asking me the average weight of fecal matter produced by an adult human in a week.

    And NO, I do not want to invest in your get rich quick child porn web site scheme.

    I’m saving MY money for that prince in Nigeria.

  36. doit

    #29 GIRLS don’t get beat up in school for their names ever. They get beat up for being annoying, a bitch, or ugly. Usually all three.

  37. lexxy

    theyre lucky it’s a girl. a boy from these 2 would be a midget

  38. Ted from LA

    Here real name is
    Harlow Winter Kate Lisa Autumn Becall Janeane Spring Jean Monroe Summer.

    They are going to call her Harlow Winter Kate for short. The reason they do this is because they are so fucking stupid they don’t realize this poor kid is going to have to spend half her life repeating her name and spelling it and receiving those rolling eyes. Someone should call DHS on these two assholes just for naming their kid Harlow Winter Kate Lisa Autumn Becall Janeane Spring Jean Monroe Summer.

  39. bosendorfer

    “‘Here real name is”? Ted, you dumb shit, go suck a(nother) dick.

    I wonder if Lionel will sing “Penny Lover” to it.

    Now her life “means something.”

  40. D. Richards (Hero.)

    Dick slithers in to Cedar-Sinai with nothing but his hands. He finds his way to the maternity ward using only his intense hatred for children. No maps, no questions, straight to. And fast.

    Dick enters the room where all the infants are being kept, locates Richie’s baby, abducts the child, slithers back, on his stomach, the same way he came and out the hospital’s front doors — just like a skinwalker.

    Once in seclusion out by the dumpsters, Dick Dicks grabs the child by it’s tiny ankles, corrects his grip, and bashes the flesh against the side of the dumpster as hard as he can. He strangles the rest of the life from the baby, and tosses the lifeless body in to the dumpster. With the rest of the trash.

    Dick wipes his hands and nonchalantly walks away.

  41. nicole looks so healthy and pretty.

  42. Doogie

    It’s about time! I was starting to forget she was pregnant.

  43. Joe C

    He looks like somebody bleached Will Smith.

  44. Joe C

    On the other hand, she is about the ugliest thing in Hollywood.

  45. turntable 36

    maybe they’ll take that little madden fag-child back to maryland where it belongs.

    FUCK these two and their nasty drug-baby.


  46. moon

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  47. cute

    Congratulations. But just saw her husband’s profile on last week. Seems he can’t wait to date new girls.

  48. Lowlands

    Did the mother give birth to the baby girl?Or did the baby girl give rebirth to the mother?i’m just curious. Anyways warm congrats to the parents:)

  49. L.Linus

    Saw the baby on another site and it’s very pretty with long black hair. No #l it’s not ugly. That ‘s your baby pictures.

  50. Tbrown

    It’s sad when the newborn baby outweighs the mother. Who will feed who?

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