Nicole Kidman wears see-through clothes

October 29th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Nicole Kidman walked down the red carpet yesterday at the 2007 ARIA Awards in Sydney Australia. Turns out her clothes may have been a bit transparent. I wonder if Tom Cruise saw these pictures and thought about what he’s missing. You know, if he was into chicks. Impossible. I know. But sometimes I like to challenge my readers. Make them use their imagination to visualize scenarios that defy all logic and reason. Perhaps some dude out there in a lab is reading this and imagining Tom Cruise liking women. Then, POW, he invents the flying car. Or he gets fired for looking at some old Aussie ass. Either way, I like to think I’ve made a difference.

Photos:, Getty Images

  1. For those that are more interested in Nicole’s acting talent, rather than the superficial- check out her new movie.

  2. liger2007

    For those that are more interested in Nicole’s acting talent, rather than the superficial- check out her new movie at

  3. realist

    She looks good. Not anorexic. Face is getting scarier though. SHE is the next cat-lady.

  4. Lysol

    Plastic faced Freak
    and what
    is she wearing her 11Yearold adopted daughter coat
    GROW Up Kidman You’re an Old hag married to an Addict
    hahaha life didn’t turn out so good

  5. fkcthat

    She is wound up way to tight
    a bore in the sac

    and another midget husband?

  6. Grace

    I’m amazed at what a cute little booty she has. Especially for being so skinny.

  7. NicoleKidman

    Stop making fun of TOM. He was always the man with me. Why only a real man wants a woman to toss his salad. And only a real real man will take a strap-on in the pooper. I never understood why he wanted to say to me: “I’m so sorry daddy” while I did him dirty but hey I like a good time as much as the next girl..

  8. T

    Botox, check…
    Eyelift, check…
    Lip Injections, check…

    Gotta love Hollywood!

  9. Soy


  10. No one

    Wow she looks really butt ugly standing next to that hot girl in the last pic.
    And at first glance I thought she was walking down the red carpet with Tom. It looks like shes trying to turn Keith into Tom. lol look at his hair, its the same as Toms.

  11. I have more if ya want to see it!! you wont believe it!

  12. sab


  13. Italian Stallion


  14. alf oldland

    she’s already shown it all anyway so who cares?

    nicole kidman sold herself over and over for fame. she very attractive on film, but in person looks like an emaciated, floating red head. age is creeping up on her — best show it while you got it, methinks.

  15. Me One

    Nice Butt!!

  16. jill

    She’s a terrible actress. No depth whatsover and way too full of herself – for no good reason. Looks like she’s done something to her lips. Dreadful.

    Also, she and her husband have to be the most awkward hand holders I have ever seen.

    Magazines with her on the cover always sell horribly.

    I just wish she would disappear.

  17. taylor

    I honestly don’t understand what Keith sees in her…

    she freaks me out…He could do bettter…

  18. Nick

    Her behind looks as fabulous as it did in Dead Calm (from what I can tell) but she really needs to stop abusing her face. There is such a thing as too much BOTOX. Another year or two and her face will be as pale, smooth and hard as a cue ball.

    Also, she married a loser…straight from the honeymoon to rehab. Looooooooser!!!!

  19. Lani

    at least she looks more ‘natural’ than Delta Goodrem (the chick in the last photo) who turned from innocent doll image into a blonde trash trying to look sexy

  20. MySay

    HA!! Look at the guy in the Mike totally checking out her buns in pic 3. Can ya get any more obvious? LOL~!

  21. Makemepuke

    Of course Nicole has see through clothes, its the latest trend , “expose thy self, ” amongst talentless Hollywood bitches competing for limited paparazzi atttention.
    Surprised Rachel Welch hasn;t jumped on the bandwagon…second thought, glad she hasn;t.

  22. Nicole's a Size Queen Sea Hag

    Nicole is every bit as psychotic as Tom Cruise. She is a stone-cold crazy fucking witch. Look at her. I’m not speaking in metaphors when I say “witch.” I’m saying WITCH, the kind that rides broomsticks and fucks the devil on Mt. Brocken on Walpurgis Night. I’m talkin’ an honest to God witch.

    You think Practical Magic and Bewitched and now The Golden Compass are just movies? Think again, and then burn this frizzy-haired piece of tinder at the stake.

  23. natty

    45 THANKS!


  24. jandanya pak tom

    now you don’t have to use xray stuff to see her thru ……………..

  25. Furrykiss 321

    Oh please Nicole, clench your pale asscheeks around my dark, veiny, throbbing meat whilest I shoot my full load up your perfect butt…sweet jesus, you are the most beautiful girl ever! (as I beat off frantically)

  26. t


  27. VG

    BAM! Picture 1: Nicole Kidman doesn’t shave her legs. Mmmm downy white softness.

  28. deb

    really, a big booty caught on film? yes it reminds me of the horrible porn flick Eyes Wide Shut. How dare 40 year olds giggle and think that is appropriate for all the world to see. Keith, what happened? Once again Nicole has upstaged you.

  29. Gloria

    she is sexy, i now know that why her propile on is so popular. because she is beautiful and sexy, and the photos are very nice.

  30. rick

    I hate to beg but Nick just please please just let me fuck you just once,a little experimentation along the way, after that wee man Tom fuck anyone would be better than him.So what do you think? just email or call I’m pretty cool with time ah say anytime and we can just get fucked up nasty.
    Onya Nick
    Luv Ya

  31. alijan

    nicol is sexy but my wish is to have sex with her just for a while

  32. omg

    i wanna put my 9″ dick in her ass right now !! she has a really hot butt !!

  33. catweezle

    oooo, horny bitch, oh yeah

  34. I find Nicole quite sexy wearing this very pretty see through dress and showing off her nice panties.

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