Nicole Kidman wears see-through clothes

October 29th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Nicole Kidman walked down the red carpet yesterday at the 2007 ARIA Awards in Sydney Australia. Turns out her clothes may have been a bit transparent. I wonder if Tom Cruise saw these pictures and thought about what he’s missing. You know, if he was into chicks. Impossible. I know. But sometimes I like to challenge my readers. Make them use their imagination to visualize scenarios that defy all logic and reason. Perhaps some dude out there in a lab is reading this and imagining Tom Cruise liking women. Then, POW, he invents the flying car. Or he gets fired for looking at some old Aussie ass. Either way, I like to think I’ve made a difference.

Photos:, Getty Images

  1. shankyouverymuch

    First- NO way!

  2. Ugly People Safaris


  3. shankyouverymuch

    I like seeing Nicks BUTT – I’d like to push my BIG FAT weener into Nicks BUTT! … over & over again …

  4. In the last pic, she is giving her husband the “talk” about how babies are made.

  5. G Man

    Just hike that skirt up Keith and nail that.. Tom obviously couldn’t it was his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

  6. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    I’d hit that, I’m black, and anything that has a pussy and can get a welfare check is good enough for me

  7. dumb cunts

    shankyou- yes, you were first! now don’t you feel…not any more important than you already were? kind of like what this post did to this website.

  8. Tom Cruise is gay? Really? I hadn’t heard that before.

  9. otosan

    hahaha, her face was alrealdy like a grandma..,

  10. shankyouverymuch

    … hey wait a minute … do you think if I put my weener into Nicks BUTT, Mr. Cruise would get MAD at me, & send his scientology goons to get me!?!?! cuz I really don’t want that to happen, maybe I should re-think this entire thing.

    After re-thinking this entire thing, I find that I still want my weener inside Nicky’s nice tight BUTT … yea for ME!!!

  11. PunkA

    Nicole Kidman just does not do it for me. Her face is pulled so tight, it is amazing she can een smile. Just frightening woman. I can see why TC liked her. Since he likes to be dominated.

  12. haroof

    I’d pound that ass into oblivion.

  13. shankyouverymuch

    #7 – Listen you dumb cunt, I’ll have you know that I am a very important person … what more, I am a Millionaire & own a Mansion & a Yacht !!!

  14. Hey FRIST How many times did Nicole have the same conversation with Tom and he still did not get it?

  15. Bigheadmike

    She is beautiful….. I would love to rat a tat tat that ass.

  16. veggi

    babies come from the robot stork that drops them off in Africa. It’s science. or scientology.

  17. Gerald_Tarrant

    I would split that like lumber. I’d love to help her slip out of that lacey thong.

  18. yukadoozer

    She has hair in her knees. Nice. And that coat is right out of OldNavy 2006.

  19. She does it with class

    a little see through is acceptable nowadays if the effect is overall elegant

    But only the young can get away with it when they are in the prime of their beauty

  20. nipolian

    I think she is getting ready to finger herself in the last pic. Now that’s class!

  21. STFU

    she should have waxed that hair off her legs before stepping out of the house

  22. This is the right way to go. Show that ASS to FAGGOT-BOY, tommy cruise!!
    I think you’re on the right track. Don’t become too slim though. Showing of a big ASS and similar TITS is HOT!! When you hessitade how much meat is required, Just look at kim kardashian and talk about it. SHE DEFINITELY KNOWS WHAT A MAN LOOOVES!!

  23. Sofia

    @21: she couldn’t, she’s wearing all the wax on her face.

  24. havoc

    I would plow the hell outta that……


  25. Dick Richards

    Fuck, man. I’m disappointed today. I’d totally gag-bang Nicole. I’ve always thought she was hot. There’s something even more attractive about her since she’s had surgery. I think that her perpetual, “whoa, how you doin’ I’m happy but crying on the inside” smile is what does it for me.

  26. Feckless

    @7 – I’m sure anyone can do any damage to this website uless they start running posts on the election.

  27. tbone

    the ass is fine,it’s the face i would put a bag over.She looks like a giant troll.

  28. Batfink

    18. yukadoozer

    She has hair in her knees??

    X-ray vision, wow.

  29. natty


  30. L.K.

    Her hair needs to be darker and she should get some bangs.

  31. @31 some bangs or just banged?

  32. Lonewolf

    hey you can almost see whats going on down under :)

  33. veggi

    “but nicole, butt, but, butt, but, butt”

    aaaaaaaahahahaha. no?

  34. blizzy

    #6 nice attempt at a stupid joke…

    She can’t get welfare checks cause she’s not an american citizen dumbass.

    Stop playing with them chinese toys from Walmart. Tehy mek u stoopid.

  35. LL

    I think her Aussie ass looks pretty good. Better than Britney’s or Paris’s.

    The pale blonde hair doesn’t work for her, though. She needs to stick with the red. Anybody with enough peroxide can be blonde, only some people look good with red hair, she needs to rock the red.

    That’s it, I’m out.

  36. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    She’s going for a Brittney fuck me look.

    She hadn’t had any real sex in 12 years with Tom, so one can forgive her, I suppose….

  37. legs

    Gentleman, those are a pair of legs.

  38. #14 Jimbo, I think you’re right, I think it happened the way veggi said it, at least for those two.

    Or, maybe Nicole was just pointing at her vagina saying, good thing I shaved, or this would be awkward….

  39. SheIsAMannequin

    She looks like a Stepford wife. BTW, she supposedly has great ‘style’, so what’s with the black see-through dress, black clutch and ugly white shoes topped with cauliflower?

  40. Nicole – Pointing at her vagina.

    Tom – “What am I suppose to do with that?”

  41. my comment

    Very nice coat she’s got on. Her bleached out hair, however is ghastly.

  42. Duffy; the diseased slut-whore slayer

    Nicole’s the kind of girl that girls think is hot. For men she’s not really very exciting. Which is why Tom Picked her as his “fake, I’m not gay wife” because, of course, he doesn’t really know what a hot woman is; he doesn’t know how to pick the kind of chick that obliderates the possibility that a man is homo. It ‘s a gift that only comes naturally when you are straight. Tom likes em tall because that way they remind him of the men he wishes he was doing.

    Nowhere’s the story of how Katie became a prisoner, I mean Tom’s wife… who is a prisoner. A while back Tom rented all the seasons of Dawson’s Geek so he could whack it 24/7 to his boy crush the douche who played Dawson. Anyshit he noticed that all the boys liked this character called Joey which made him giggle to himslef because Joey is a boys name. In anycase after his pea brain got over that fact he decided that in order to appear straight and hide his gayness (which is the basic foundation of being a scientoligist, as we all know) he decided to MAKE Katie his wife. And that’s the story of a family called the gay man, his prisoner wife, and their surprisinglly cute fake daughter.

    End of Storytime.
    Back to work slackers.

  43. meh

    her outfit is dumb. she was more attractive 10 years ago.
    nice legs and butt though. her body will age well.

  44. ph7

    I bang that ass like a church bell on Easter.

  45. hausfrau

    #22 you are an idiot.

  46. Hydra

    It’s probably not really transparent–most black solid clothing looks this way when hit with a strong flashbulb from a camera. It’s happened to me too.

  47. liger2007

    For those that are more interested in Nicole’s acting talent, rather than the superficial- check out Nicole’s new movie at

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