Nicole Kidman sort of insults Tom Cruise

Nicole_Psychiatry.jpgRisking more angry letters from Tom Cruise’s lawyers, Nicole Kidman has decided to object against the ravings Cruise made months ago on the Today show about psychiatry being bad… or fantastic? I’m not entirely sure. I never actually watched it because, you know, who wakes up before noon?

After researching her role as psychiatrist for her next movie The Visiting, Kidman is a full supporter of the benefits of psychiatry. She says, “I have a father who is a psychologist, so my life has been research. Yeah, of course (psychiatry is worthwhile)…”

It seems that every time Nicole Kidman says anything even vaguely Tom Cruise-related, like, “Psychiatry is good” or “I don’t care for midgets,” everyone gets all excited over how she “blasted” him. But I think that’s all talk and no action. So I propose we just get it all over with, throw them into a pit and have them beat each other to death with their Oscars. Except Tom Cruise’s “Oscar” would be a bowling pin wrapped in tin foil. It may not be too classy, but maybe it’ll get the guy some publicity for a change.

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