Nicole Kidman picks her dirty wedgie

March 7th, 2007 // 47 Comments

  1. leezastudio

    she’s more pale than Kunst, and she has a dirty ass

  2. dumbphuck

    technically she’s hawaiian so dont blame australia for nicole kidman

  3. Of the two, I’d still do Dunst. I love those snaggly teeth and that pasty pasty skin.

    Of course, she also read Carl Sagan, so in the end I only love her for her mind.

  4. MrSemprini

    First, Jared Leto then Nicole Kidman. What are you Fish, some kind of Mind Freak?

  5. brujeriadiosa


  6. llllllllll

    I would like to buy this guy a neck

  7. LudivineKla

    4 her age her bod’s in pretty good shape nd the pasty look is betta than tangoed

  8. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Women are much more attractive naturally pale than that fake orange-glo Mystic Tan or leathery brown from too much sun and tanning bed. Her body looks great…but she needs to lay off the botox.

  9. NipsyHustle

    what a slut to just prance around on a beach with only a bikini bottom and a hat. she has no shame.

  10. mmmBitch

    Okay, ENOUGH of the pasty NONSENSE!!
    I’m fair, in fact, very fair. My skin goes from zero to blister in 7.58 seconds.
    Now, I realize that since everyone is ORANGE these days, it must look a little funny to You of the Melanin, but I can’t help it. And when I do cave and slather on tanner, I am a CHEETOH. I can’t win!! Tell me what I’m supposed to do!!!
    Nicole is fair, Kirsten is fair, lots of actresses are! Would you tell someone like Kelly Rowlands to be less black??? Geez…

  11. tarjamarja

    Based on pics 3 and 10 she might be trying to hide a baby bump with that shirt.

  12. iburl

    Kidman has botox brow and if you bounced a dime off of her cheek it would probably richochet into a plate glass window and shatter it. Dunst on the other hand is a natural cutie.

  13. Regnig

    Enough about her, look at how untoned HE is. Like a lump of mashed potatoes. Just nasty.

  14. jesseeca

    picture #3 is revolting. if your XS string bikini bottom is still too big, you need to eat some sort of fatty substance, like a box of oreos.

  15. Jenster

    seriuosly, is this news?

  16. As Dave Chappelle would say…….


  17. DrDanny

    Man oh man, I luv white wimmin!

  18. Stupid People Suck

    yes 12! i was wondering if anyone saw it. especially in the second two pictures it is so obvious! NICOLE IS probably PREGNANT!!! oh and her lips look botox puffy- gross!

  19. Stupid People Suck

    yes 12! i was wondering if anyone saw it. especially in the second two pictures it is so obvious! NICOLE IS probably PREGNANT!!! oh and her lips look botox puffy- gross!

  20. Jenn

    sandy crack

  21. 86

    Every time I look at her face I’m instantly transported back to the 80s for some reason.

  22. LooptyLoo

    What’s the pointy thing on her cooch in the pic of her bending over?

  23. kamihi

    She looks great with her hair kinda wild, better than than the plastic doll she normally looks like. I like white white skin myself! Better than fake tan or leathery old boots.

  24. Ososita

    I think natural pale skin is better than an orange fake tan… Also, Nicole’s read hair, so it’s obvious she can’t sunbath or she would turn our as red as a lobster!

  25. Gross Nicole. Why do you always do that.

    In other new, I can’t believe she is writing a tell-all book about how she used to fist Tom Cruise.

  26. arden

    Be fair. He’s picking his ass too!

  27. I would shit my pants too if I found out I was married to Quief Urban.

  28. lambman

    Wow, look at those LEGGS, they go on for days!

    she does need to lay off the botox and dye her hair back to red though

  29. bunnyhugger

    @ 10
    must be wishful thinking on your part, nipsy! pic # 3 you can see the bikini top.
    i’ve heard it said many times that her skin is flawless. with that red hair and pale skin, covering up in the sun is not only practical, but neccessary. not that i enjoy sticking up for celebs, but except for the whole unfortunate cruise thing, i think she may actually have some gray matter rolling around in her brain pan.


    Is Keith Urban my neighbor?

  31. Stink

    The ‘dirt’ is underneath her panties? There goes my Stepford Wife fantasy…i no like poopie

  32. fame is funny

    Speak for yourself, Nicole Kidman causes immediate gagging for me.

  33. As annoying as nocole and kirsten seem pale ishot. Im black and a girl i love tan blondes and italians but their is nothing like a guy so pale they glow in the dark no sarcasm.Im dead serious im actually going to see The horrors for that reason

  34. Nimuë LaMer

    You’d think between the two of them, they’d have the funds and/or wherewithal to buy/bring a beach towel.

    Nothing ruins an afternoon at the beach than a little sand in yer Schlitz.

  35. poos'n'wees'n'bumblebees

    (a) WHAT THE??? HE is picking his arse too! come on! You must have noticed. That is so not fair. People pick arses. (true fact, my mum told me).

    (b) Little to no melanin in skin = white = not brown…its simple math…or science.

    oooh white skin is sooo gross! ‘cos the MEDIA has programmed us all from birth that we should find one thing and not the other attractive.


  36. Cardinal Ximenez

    Picture #2… she’s got Steven Tyler’s legs. Dat ain’t right.

  37. Dory

    She’s hot. What I wouldn’t give to look like her when im that age… no doubt ill be a dumpy middle age woman but we can all dream!

  38. licklick

    I wanna be something dirty stuck in Nicole Kidman’s wedgie.

  39. supafreak

    Pic # 3 is camel toe-licious. Dirty dirty dirty!

  40. GG1000

    you’d think being from Australia the concept of needing something to sit on at the beach wouldn’t be so foreign to these two. By the way, she looks preggers to me.

  41. peadpodster

    She looks prego…

  42. imran karim

    what you’d rather see the wedgie

  43. ugh…please, no more middle-aged wedgies!

  44. Someone saw their hot kiss photo . It is said that they had a profile there and wanna start their blog. looking forward their hot video. lol. cute couple.

  45. Someone saw their hot kiss photo at It is said that they had a profile there and wanna start their blog. looking forward their hot video. lol. cute couple.

  46. Cha-Cha

    u fuckers hav got a nerve this actress is thee most beautiful woman in the world and all u can do is talk about her dirty ass u folk otta get out more geez. and wats all this about her hubby, and u wouldint get sand of ur but if u ha dit on that couple are constanly paparasied 24 7 how could she help it?get off there back


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