Nicole Kidman: No more Scientology for my kids

April 18th, 2008 // 115 Comments

Nicole Kidman’s two children that she adopted with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor, are apparently balls deep in Scientology. Nicole, who’s Catholic, has had enough and wants her kids pulled out of the church that L. Ron built. And by built I mean made up. Page Six reports:

At the New York premiere of Ian Halperin’s film, “His Highness Hollywood,” a Scientology insider told Halperin that Kidman “wants her kids out of the church.” Halperin beat up on the faith in his book, “Hollywood Undercover,” and said he wasn’t surprised when, during the premiere, “the projector had been sabotaged.”

Nicole Kidman would rather have the kids follow a more realistic religion like Catholicism. You know, the one where a dude in a pointy hat tells people want to do from a balcony in Italy. But at least with Catholicism they don’t brainwash you to give up ridiculous amounts of cash. They just guilt you into it. Huge difference.*

*Want to know what’s in my coffee this morning? Controversy! … And, okay, marshmallows.

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  1. Reggie


    Thank goodness not all famous people fall into the implant scene. It is nice to see natural beauty, unlike Christina Aguilar with her ugly implants or Kim Kardashian with her girdle and butt pads.

  2. restingonlaurels

    @ 50 your daughter is more mature than 80% of the posters on this site. kudos!

  3. Harry Ballzack

    Totally ~Hot~

    I’d drag my harry ballz through 5 miles of broken glass just to see her pee

  4. Jenn

    “But at least with Catholicism they don’t brainwash you to give up ridiculous amounts of cash. They just guilt you into it. Huge difference.”

    You mean, at least Catholicism isn’t know to forcing children to do manual labor, take children out of already dysfunctional schools that get people in trouble when they study things outside of Hubbard, and force them to separate from their families. Then when you try leave, stalk and harass you- then try to humiliate you by telling you all the secrets from forced confessionals that come at hundreds by the hour. All religions have their share of bullshit, but Scientology not only takes it extremes, it’s institutionalized. < - testimonies of those that grew up in Scientology, including Jenna Miscavage, a niece of the current leader of Scientology.

    "Yeah, there was a stable," Hill says bitterly in response. "And we were the ones who built the horse corral. We were the ones who hauled the horse shit every week. I rode a horse one time in the six years I was there."
    - Talking about her time as a child in Scientology, referring to PR bullshit by a CoS member about the child labor issues.

    -Testimony of a guy and his wife who grew up in Scientology. The girl was raped but not only did the church not do anything, they hid the guy in question, called the girl a whore, then when the couple went to police they were stalked and humiliated.”

    I agree wholeheartedly. You’re bashing Catholicism, but remember, those so-called priests who are breaking the #1 rule by molesting innocent children are FEW, and they are still horrible people for doing so, no one is denying that, and that is why Pope Benedict decided to face the matter head-on, with no frills whatsoever. Think about those other non-religious, or religious, people who molest children…what gives them a right to do so? We’re all human beings, and evil is apparent in this world, no matter what religion we are affiliated with. Don’t blame Catholicism as the “root of all evil”. It’s the choice God gave us to make, and some people just decide to follow that wrong path, all the way straight to Hell. As for the “giving up of ridiculous amounts of cash” – first of all, they don’t GUILT you into anything. If you have the extra cash you would like to donate for charities, church renovation, or for the poor in the community, by all means, do so. No, I’m not a preacher, I’m only a respecter of all reasonable religions. NOT CULTS, RELIGIONS (excluding those psycho Satanist cults).

  5. IslamaBama Dingbat

    @47. Truth – “one Islamic has twice the passion and commitment as 10 Christians”

    Yeah he also has 10 times the hatred for the rest of the world dipshit

  6. Jade

    Sorry to derail, bout about the Pope talking about the church sexual abuse.. did he say anything about making these bad people lawfully accountable? My biggest beef with the whole thing is they just pay everyone off and move the priests instead of making them accountable by man’s law. It doesn’t seem right that they can circumvent the law. Equally, it doesn’t seem right that victims are more content with money than justice.

  7. veggi

    #50 – yeah, but your husband is drenching your daughter’s face with semen every single night – AND SHE LOVES EVERY DROP! So you might want to lay off the bragging (and lose 75 lbs, so maybe your husband will stay in his own bedroom once or twice a month).

  8. fart knocker

    Your daughter is an athiest at 12??? You’re a bad mother.

  9. Duh

    #55 – that’s the point, Einstein. That’s why they’ll prevail. (I’m starting to think ease-of-use is a bad thing for computers)

  10. Mama Pinkus

    Amazing how many folk call Scientology and Islam “nutty religions” while believing in virgin birth and rising from the dead.

  11. Doc


    I am sorry that you were sexually abused as a child and you are now posting your pedophile fantasies on this site. Please get some help soon!

  12. Proud Mom


    My daughter is very intellegent and understands the world by science and not by religion.

  13. Jade

    @58 – fart knocker

    She’s not a bad mother.

    And it really is no different than a child being a christian or a catholic or islamic at age 12.. they were all born to it and had no choice in the matter.

    In this case, the girl either has had choice, and chooses to follow scientific fact, or the girl was born into atheism. Either way, it is no different than just being born into a religion and touting it as if it is something special, when really it is nothing more than an accident of birth.

  14. Jaffo

    @35…’don’t forget the taint!’…fat ass.

  15. Bubba

    What a shock, a bunch of religious people who can’t take a joke. This is why religion is a failure; not because of religious itself, but because of the people who follow it so blindly. Grow up and take a joke, or quit going to a site like this that shows irreverence toward everything.

  16. Bubba

    Good for you. It must be difficult to raise a child to think for themselves with all the influences and idiots in this world. (see…)

    I have more respect for a parent who brings up their children to think for themselves instead of indoctrinating them with fantastical ideas before they’re even able to comprehend the world around them, let alone the magnitude and implications addressed by religion. It shows a parent who actually cares and gives a damn about the future of their child.

  17. Jenn

    Keep in mind, truth is a controversial thing. The TRUTH remains that most priests are adherent followers of Catholicism and its teachings, which do not include child molestations anywhere in the texts. Only a few priests have done so, but the media has publicized it to a great extent, which then leads people into thinking that Catholicism is a terrible religion. People who violate their position as a respected leader in the religion of Catholicism ought to be severely punished, but they, by no means whatsoever, represent every single priest, bishop, or pope that ever lived.
    If Catholicism was so corrupt, why do they have organized events to give back to charity, why do nuns dedicate their lives to care for the poor, why are priests risking their lives to venture in the third-world countries to deliver food and money to build up hospitals for them?
    Hmm…maybe you’re right then. Maybe Catholicism is a degrading religion because Catholics do help others, no matter what religion they are associated with. Not saying that Atheists don’t, but you can’t deny the fact that Catholics do. Buddhists do. Hindus do.
    Think before you talk, buddy. It might spare you a one-way ticket straight to the mental institution.

  18. Coldsnowmonkey

    Damn she is fuckin’ hot

    I’d drag my schlong up her thighs to pop it in her pooper

  19. Bubba

    This is a humor and gossip site. I find it amusing that people see this as an appropriate forum to defend or attack religion. Laugh at the joke and move on, or don’t laugh at it and move on. Either way, MOVE ON.

    Or you can try to defend Catholics without bringing up the Inquisition, their intolerance toward scientific advancement (see Galileo), the silent endorsement of Nazism, etc., to go along with their current scandals. The fact is, virtually every religion had (and still has) periods of intolerance, violence, and extremism that can underscore the moral bankruptcy of their faith. This is why we have suicide bombers and people willing to kill abortion doctors today.

  20. HuckyDucky

    “balls deep in scientology”

    Best comment of the day.

  21. Boris

    Zing! Nice one.

  22. Bullwinkle J Moose

    I wanted to be in the 69th posting position with Nicole
    Guess, I’ll just have to console myself by thinking about porking that butt instead

  23. deacon jones

    Thank you Bubba.
    It’s funny how Jesus preached tolerance and passion and now it’s about guilt and intolerance. If he saw what religion has become today he would dezone it altogether.

  24. History & Science Are Your Friend


    Somebody knows their history!

  25. Spazz

    You can make fun of anything BUT religion, its off limits.
    Gimme a break – fuck organized religion and all you zealots.

  26. jesus


    As horrific (though hilarious!) as Scientology is, Christianity has killed far more people over the years. Of course, they had a good two thousand year head start almost.

  27. I am an American that married a Saudi citizen. I cannot leave the country without my husband’s permission. I was ignorant about the Saudi laws when I agreed to go to Saudi with my husband. I am living in a country where the only religion allowed is Islam and I’m Agnostic. The laws in Saudi are based on the Islam religion. The Islam religion has made my life a living hell.

  28. FCS

    She used to be so hot. Plastic surgery is fucking lame.

  29. Rachel

    Wait, itsn’t she supposed to be pregnant? She isn’t showing at all……

  30. Allmighty

    I just drew some hillarious cartoons of Mohammed and the pope smoking a bong. Anybody wanna see ‘em?

  31. Cardinal Egan

    I’d ride her like when J rode the donkey into Jerusalem.

  32. NY Ted

    Holy Scientology Batman…Is Nicole ever looking GREAT since she left that fucking freakoid Tiny Tom Thumb and his fucking cult! I mean she used to be a pale-white-string-bean who never smiled when she was with that fucking goof-ball! Good for you Nic…I’ve always wanted to slide my proboscis into Nic…now more then ever! Once she has her kid though of course!

    Congrats on leaving that fucked up cult-sucking midget Nicole!

    As for you Katie Holmes you loopy-cunt…listen to what Iron Maiden sang and…RUN FOR THE HILLS….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  33. Simon

    Let’s face it all religions are cults at the end of the day. Some are just a lot older than others. Scientologists seem pretty hard core and dedicated to the cause though and these kids would be better off out of it. And lets face it, most self confessed catholics are not really practicing so…….it’s not like they would just replace on rhetoric shoved down their throat for another.

  34. hmmm

    why is it that no one ever makes jokes about the church of the vampire??

    and #77 – wow. I’m terribly sorry.

  35. Al Fareed bin Hasid

    Damnit woman, what are you doing on here telling everyone our personal problems? Get back in the kitchen and cook me some camel humps and stop whining about how you can’t leave the country!

  36. BoboTed

    Religion is the opiate of the masses.

    Richard Dawkins is a great man.

    And back to the actual topic- I am glad that there are two less members in that crazy alien worshipping cult.

  37. lisa

    #48–exactly! My “religion” is common sense and common courtesy.

  38. EuroNeckPain

    #50 Proud Mom, your daughter is an “Athiest” ? You mean an atheist, right ?
    – sigh – English isn’t even my language…

  39. EuroNeckPain

    #77, there has been so many articles and books about Saudi laws, I wonder how you could still be unaware of them. Besides, most Arabs think the Saudis are too extreme, that they are crazy. Saudis also have a bad reputation because they are wealthy, give very little, and think it’s God who chose to give them all the money.
    Can’t mock you much, though. I got stuck in the US and it was horrible. People were dumb, there was nothing to do, besides going to church.

  40. Relax


    People type casual here, off the cuff, and don’t use spell check.

    It is not like these comments are going to a CEO of a major company.

  41. thecolombian

    with $cientology as one of the sponsors here its only natural that the morons at the superficial would equate catholicism to $cientology in terms of abuses. They dont wait to be fair gamed anymore than the next corporate limp wrist.

  42. poonmoon


    As in get some. The solution ladies is not Botox it’s the other b word; Bangs Bitches. Other than that I think she looks fucking gorgeous, can you believe she’s pregnant?

  43. Beastman AIDS

    haha @ #1
    Negro isn’t a racial slur you dildo – it’s like referring to a white person as caucasian.

    Oh and #4 – im going to rape you.

  44. Beastman AIDS

    #82 – im pretty sure you don’t know what a proboscis is.

  45. Styxchix

    Is this a very recent photo? Because Nicole is nearly 7 months pregnant and these photos just prove the concern of many that her obsession with exercise and not ‘gaining weight’ means the world’s tiniest baby bump!

  46. Janine

    It’s unlikely that she will ever be successful in taking them out of scientology. I read in one interview that her kids don’t even call her mom. But guess who they do call mom- Katie Holmes! Considering that Tom Cruise is the Jesus of scientology, it is unlikely that those kids will ever escape from their clutches. It’s sad, really because obviously they are not being encouraged to think for themselves or be open minded.

  47. Please, you all should read something from Richard Dawkins.
    His new book “The God Delusion” is great.

    No one needs religion.
    Believe in whatever you want, but every religion is unnecessary.
    No one can assert that his moral life is based on the bible or another ancient book. Has anyone here read the bible?
    I did, as i was 12 years old.
    And now I’m atheist.

  48. Oh, and to Nicole…

    I never liked her work. Not only one movie.

    She scares me, her smile is SO fake.

  49. Good luck with that Nic — NO ONE gets out of Scientology alive … just ask Jason Beghe (before it’s too late):

  50. -The Grammar Po Po

    There is a typo in that post – tells people WHAT to do, not WANT to do.

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