Nicole Kidman: No more Scientology for my kids

April 18th, 2008 // 115 Comments

Nicole Kidman’s two children that she adopted with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor, are apparently balls deep in Scientology. Nicole, who’s Catholic, has had enough and wants her kids pulled out of the church that L. Ron built. And by built I mean made up. Page Six reports:

At the New York premiere of Ian Halperin’s film, “His Highness Hollywood,” a Scientology insider told Halperin that Kidman “wants her kids out of the church.” Halperin beat up on the faith in his book, “Hollywood Undercover,” and said he wasn’t surprised when, during the premiere, “the projector had been sabotaged.”

Nicole Kidman would rather have the kids follow a more realistic religion like Catholicism. You know, the one where a dude in a pointy hat tells people want to do from a balcony in Italy. But at least with Catholicism they don’t brainwash you to give up ridiculous amounts of cash. They just guilt you into it. Huge difference.*

*Want to know what’s in my coffee this morning? Controversy! … And, okay, marshmallows.

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  1. Auntie Kryst

    Even though it was a joke, calling that dude a negro in that Heidi post was stupid. Don’t fucking make it worse by starting to knock religion..

  2. boo

    Before she fights the power, she needs to cut some bangs and cover up that huge forehead.

  3. Pope John Paul II

    Yes, we are a sham. A front for white slavery in Eastern Europe.

  4. Peter

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  5. Richard I

    Don’t poke too much fun at us Catholics, you’ll need us for the next Crusade….

  6. joanne:O

    she still hot

  7. joanne:O

    god, i hate spam. burn, peter, you loser!

  8. Mo

    #1) Watch out. There might be Negro Catholics who read. :D

    Also, I’m kinda curious as to what Nicole Kidman thinks she’s gonna do about it when she couldn’t even take the kids WITH her.

  9. Leave Pope Kraut out of this! It’s not his fault that when he was a kid, he tied his shoes in little nazis.

  10. They White Urkle

    I never was much of a Nicole Kidman fan, but DAMN she looks pretty hot here! Scientology is for the whackos and it doesn’t surprise me most of hollyweird is into it. You can mock us Catholics all you want, but we NEVER want to eat the placenta. Or how ever you spell it.

  11. black t-shirts rule

    I can’t wait to read the “Daddy Dearest” books Conner and Isabella are destined to write someday.

    And oh yeah, TCLTC. And I bet LRHLTC too.

  12. Onyx Blackman

    Oh, God. Can’t make fun of religion. Please get over yourself, #1.

  13. They White Urkle

    The negro comment was pretty dang funny #1. If it makes you feel better, you can call me a cracker. I wont mind. Go ahead, you will feel enlightend.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    The comment was funny, and the Fish cracks me up. All the same I thought he was trying a bit too hard, same thing here. That’s all I was saying. Sorry to be a buzzkill. If it helps any allow me to say..

    @12 & 13 You stupid fucking (insert racial epithet here). Kiss my (insert racial epithet) ass. You filthy fucking (insert racial eptithet here).

    Better?? Ok back on track.

  15. Jaffo

    Most importantly, Tom Cruise and Nicole are both still going to hell. You know, because the Church says in either case that two men shouldn’t have sex…

  16. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Only drawback to being Catholic is that if you’re an altar boy you pretty much spend all your time protecting yourself by keeping your butt to the wall when the priest is around.

  17. Imus was playing “Benny and the Jets” in honor of the Pope’s arrival today. He is set to chastise the UN on our stance against admitting illegals with impunity, yet oddly silent when we offer to send all those burro jockeys over to the Vatican for permanent residence.

  18. deacon jones

    Oh come on now, aren’t all religions ridiculous when you come down to it?

    So yes, you dont eat a placenta, you’re just told to offer your virgin daughter to your neighbor if you’re fighting. Or listen to a burning bush, or turn rivers to blood. Like there’s a big fucking difference between any of them

  19. havoc

    From Scientology to Catholicism huh?



  20. unitedNEGROcollegefund

    #1 shut the fuck up. Negro just means black in Spanish. Nothing else. Its your dumbass that pretends is something derogatory. Even niger is just Latin for black. It all just means BLACK. So quite your fucking bullshit.

  21. Jaffo

    Actually, in Spanish it’s ‘negra’….

  22. Jaffo

    ^ (that’s a joke)

  23. #20 – For someone who wrote all that stuff about black, you have the sentence structure of an ignorant man. Coincidence?

    You know what? It’s none of my bidness….. I’ll keep quite.

  24. tp

    Let me guess…you guys are going to call Nicole Kidman fat today…

  25. Nisi

    Can John Paul II come back to life and kick Tom Cruise’s gay ass? Because, JP was a completely badass… totally cool. Unlike Ratzinger. I don’t like him. He looks too much like Palpatine to my taste.

    #20. Agree.

  26. Jade

    I’m no fan of Catholicism, but I’ll take a catholic over a scientologist cult member any day. Unless their a priest who rapes children and doesn’t have to go to jail for it. But really, apples and oranges. Catholicism, whether you like it or not, is not a cult, and scientology is.

    Makes me wonder.. that guy who is outing scientology in his upcoming video.. I wonder how long it will be until we hear that he’s died in a car crash or disappeared or something.

  27. restingonlaurels

    #20, those are fightin’ words. why do people get so belligerent on these comment boards? calm the f down.

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @20 Pendejo, you got reading literally down, let’s try contextually next. PS pendejo is Spanish for idiot, you dumb fuck.

  29. Jaffo

    @24…shut up, fat ass.

  30. John Paul knew how to shake it, shake shake, shake it….. sh-sh-shake it like a Polaroid picture!


  31. caljenna66

    Nice fivehead

  32. hnb

    HA jaffo…nice

    but um yeah, i’d say it’s a good call. i’d take the pope over a speculative fiction author.

    Just sayin’.


  33. #28 – “pendejo” actually means pubic hair, but in the context of your sentence “idiot” is reasonably accurate. Of course “Elliot” is Hebrew for skank fucker, but I digress…..

  34. veggi

    Hard to say what will get her son Connor more action – overnight visits with Dad, or being an altarboy. But for sure he’s gonna have a size-12 poopchute.

  35. tp

    @29 shut up, pencil dick

  36. Onyx Blackman

    #14, all that hostility is kinda getting me hot.

  37. D

    “But at least with Catholicism they don’t brainwash you to give up ridiculous amounts of cash. They just guilt you into it. Huge difference.”

    You mean, at least Catholicism isn’t know to forcing children to do manual labor, take children out of already dysfunctional schools that get people in trouble when they study things outside of Hubbard, and force them to separate from their families. Then when you try leave, stalk and harass you- then try to humiliate you by telling you all the secrets from forced confessionals that come at hundreds by the hour. All religions have their share of bullshit, but Scientology not only takes it extremes, it’s institutionalized. < - testimonies of those that grew up in Scientology, including Jenna Miscavage, a niece of the current leader of Scientology.

    "Yeah, there was a stable," Hill says bitterly in response. "And we were the ones who built the horse corral. We were the ones who hauled the horse shit every week. I rode a horse one time in the six years I was there."
    - Talking about her time as a child in Scientology, referring to PR bullshit by a CoS member about the child labor issues.

    -Testimony of a guy and his wife who grew up in Scientology. The girl was raped but not only did the church not do anything, they hid the guy in question, called the girl a whore, then when the couple went to police they were stalked and humiliated.

  38. Gia

    Tom is a jerk so more power to Nicole.

    Nicole looks lovely in this pic.

  39. All religion is a joke and the Fish’s post was funny. Look, if you want to believe in a religion (any religion) go right ahead, whatever works for you is fine with me. But, they are all “cults” it is just that some have become main stream. Even Christianity was considered a cult when it was first brought up. If you want to believe in a God that is great, but organized religion is a joke.

  40. deacon jones

    @37, last paragraph

    Kind of sounds like the Catholic church, except it’s an altar boy instead you fucking idiot. How many times has Benedict given speeches since he’s been in the US about how ashamed he is about the mass rapings by the priests, give me a break

  41. black t-shirts rule

    Isn’t there somewhere else to go to rag on religion? I’m getting tired of weeding through discussion about which group knows The Meaning of Life to get to what is really important: celebrity bashing. :-)


    Hi, I’m a big fucking dumbass who won’t leave a girl alone, so please spam my address spambots


  43. mamadough

    i love Fish, but i help but notice that sometimes his little stories/comments play off of comments made by us from comment sections of earlier posted stories. this story is a great example of the fight from the tom cruise post yesterday, expect copied and pasted by Fish. *sigh*


    Her face looks like crap, anyone who’d do that to themselves FOR MORE MONEY i.e. to keep her career going, probably doesn’t have the intellectual wear-with-all to confront Tom and the Scientologists. Your kids are already damaged, Sweetie, much like your face.

    And all you religion and Catholic bashers, you’ve learned your neo-Marxism really well, congratulations. You’re above needing moral rules to live, you would never descend into something as tawdry as religion. All those countless generations of boobs – like your grandmother and grandfather – only existed for what? To show YOU how superior you are in rejecting them? Some of you have raised cynicism to a religion, ever think?

    Hail Freedonia!

  45. Butt Pads


    I was honored when Fish borrowed my “Butt Pads” comment for Kim Kardaskank.

  46. Agnostic (Athiest Without Balls)

    The problem is people do not take the time to learn about science and history. Churches have been corrupt since day 1 and they control people by giving them the fear of the unknown with heaven and hell.

    Nicole is pretty and I hope she has continued success with her personal and famous life.

  47. Truth

    For all you “keep religion out of it” people – good luck with that. You’re all in denial. The world is being Islamicized and the inevitable embedded extremists are making sure that it’s the brand that subjugates secular aspects of life as well. Possibly the U.S. will the last Christian country to be kneecapped, but possibly not, given all our freedoms (which will work against us in this case), and the fact that one Islamic has twice the passion and commitment as 10 Christians . Europe’s already toast, ditto Africa and obviously the Middle East. Asia will take longer but it’s already being infiltrated.

    So get all that criticism and hostility out while you can (but no cartoons!), because a kid born now will not be permitted to express anything but respect and worship to All@ah by the time he or she is an adult.

  48. Jade

    @44 – UNCLE NED

    Bashing aside, please quit being a holier-than-thou ass. Morals have nothing to do with religion, and nonreligious people can be moral.

    Larry Craig.. he’s religious, but would you call him moral?

    So please.. quit using your religion to excuse your ignorance. It might work for you, but all you end up doing is making religion look bad to those who already dislike it. You are no more moral than a nonreligious good person.

  49. hendero

    I’m calling boob job on Nicole. In Dead Calm and Thighs Wide Open she was flat as a pancake. They probably threw it in for free after the tenth Botox shot.

  50. Proud Mom

    My daughter is 12 and is an Athiest because she goes by science and not by faith. She is genuine and good hearted. Her Christian friends bring their Bibles to school and announce to my daughter that all Athiests are going to hell. She tells them to quit involving her with their make believe friends, but most of the time she tries to ignore them.

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