Nicole Kidman is pregnant

January 7th, 2008 // 77 Comments

After weeks of denying rumors, Nicole Kidman has announced she is pregnant. This will be her first baby with husband Keith Urban. She has two adopted children with Tom Cruise. The Associated Press reports:

Nicole Kidman is pregnant, her publicist confirmed Monday. The 40-year-old actress and her husband country singer Keith Urban “are expecting a baby,” publicist Catherine Olim said in a brief statement. “The couple are thrilled,” Olim said.

This comes off the heels of an unconfirmed report from Page Six this morning that Nicole had dropped out of her next film to be extra careful about the pregnancy:

Page Six has heard from extremely well-placed sources that the Oscar-winning Aussie – who’s suffered miscarriages in the past – not only has a bun in the oven but is so concerned about the welfare of her unborn child that she’s taking a break from her film career and has dropped out of director Stephen Daldry’s post-World War II Germany drama “The Reader,” which she was supposed to start shooting this month.

Congratulations to Nicole and Keith. Now that she’s no longer married to Tom Cruise, I’m sure it’ll be nice for Nicole to no longer have to explain why Daddy has aliens inside of him that only a special Speedo-clad policeman with a moustache and boombox can get out. Though I hear Katie Holmes is making a children’s book out of it called “God, I Hate My Marriage Please Send Help! goes to the Circus.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. LadyJane

    Time to start letting the drapes match the carpet Nicole.

  2. 2nd

    2nd, bitches!!!

    I’d still hit that…

  3. cookie monsta

    NICE WORK !! I hope they call the baby TURBAN (!!)

  4. kelly

    Wasn’t the whole reason Tom and Nicole adopted kids was because they couldn’t have them on their own?

    If that’s true, and Nicole is pregnant…………doesn’t this prove that Suri isn’t Tom’s?

  5. ack

    well i guess that makes it official: tom needed another alien such as himself to successfully produce offspring. nicole was NOT that chick.

  6. The Beer Baron

    Nice tribal band tattoo on your wrist, Chief. What tribe you from?

  7. Liz

    wow, she’ll finally have a curve on her body.

  8. asad

    I wonder if she will pump the baby full of botox too?

  9. Good for her. AT 40 and gaining weight she’ll want to be as healthy as possible. The poop was that Tom couldn’t get her to have the baby because she was too vain to ruin her body having a kid. Of course, she may simply have wanted to not have a natural child controlled by Xenu.

  10. jason

    Wasn’t the whole reason Tom and Nicole adopted kids was because they couldn’t have them on their own?
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  11. marilynmonroe17

    awww im happy for nicole. i love her. it was toms fault they couldnt have a baby…and i dont think suri is his…rememeber how long it took for photos of her to come out? thats cause she’s secretly black and katie had her dyed white to avoid scandal.

  12. shanipie

    That kid is gonna be so freakin hot.

    Nicole is naturally very very thin, but she is 40 so I wonder if she’ll be able to get her body back afterwards.

  13. Jan

    im happy for them! congrats! i hope the kid has his looks! <3

  14. Ivy

    Wow, now the adopted kids will be even more ignored than usual. Ever since Suri was born, Tom can’t even pretend like he still wants those kids. Nicole Kidman’s face makes me sick. Quit plumping yer fucking lips!!!
    @4- No, Tom can inseminate just fine, it appears. The problem was that Nicole could not carry a baby to term and had at least one miscarriage with Tom. That’s why they’re saying she’s taking it easy with this one. Oh well any child of that simpering fag Keith Urban will be hideous anyway.

  15. Taylor

    Aw, I’m so glad for them.

    I love Keith, big fan of him since he started. And Nicole is a great actress.
    If that kid is a boy, he’s gonna be damn sexy. Haha.

  16. lunavesta

    ew, age 40?! thats like a massive increased risk of trisomy 21, among other problems. what a crazy risk to take!

  17. 10pound

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww gross…………………….sucks to be that Urban dude. I predict that kid will be a massive water-head.


  18. Ivy

    @15- No, the baby will look like a Conan O’Brian “If they mated” baby.
    @16- Who cares, people can do what they want. Like I give a shit about Nicole Kidman, but 40 isn’t that old, compared to alot of aged celeb mommies, and besides, if the baby’s messed up, she has so much freakin money she can just pay to have it fixed.

  19. I think I’m also sure of the fact she is pregnant?
    Or did she get a BOOB JOB?
    Nevertheless: tommy-boy(cruise) still is a dirty FAGGOT!!

  20. face

    So apparently you get to get it on with numerous hot chicks if you vote for hillary. who knew?

  21. lunavesta

    @18 – sure people can do what they want, but remember the baby didn’t get a choice and money (or even medicine) can’t fix down syndrome or many other birth defects; that baby will have to live with it. plus, its not just the baby that’s in danger. nicole is at risk too, due to increased risk of complications during pregnancy at that age. its not nicole’s fault: its hard to sacrifice career, etc. for motherhood in western society these days so nobody can blame her. and your absolutely right — 40′s not old at all. its just that the reality of it all is that the risk of complications and birth defects skyrockets after age 25; that’s just another one of the rip-off deals about being a woman.

  22. Mama Pinkus

    Another actress hitting 40 and squeezing one out before her body/career dries up. *YAWN*

  23. Ted from LA

    The publicist said, “The couple are thrilled.” I is happy I didn’t hire that dumb fuck as a pubicist.

  24. george

    Obviously, since ONE of either TOM or NICOLE was reportedly sterile, and now nicole is PREGANT, this means that it was TOM who was STERILE!. (Hence their 2 adoptions!) That means that Tom’s Kid SURI wasn’t born by natural birth or perhaps by Tom! Suri was probably a test tube baby. duh!

  25. george

    Obviously, since ONE of either TOM or NICOLE was reportedly sterile, and now nicole is PREGANT, this means that it was TOM who was STERILE!. (Hence their 2 adoptions!) That means that Tom’s Kid SURI wasn’t born by natural birth or perhaps by Tom! Suri was probably a test tube baby. duh!

  26. ragamuffin

    I’d still hit that

  27. NH

    Her movie career has been steadily going downhill regardless of the large paychecks she gets but she is always a classy beauty and I’m happy for her.

  28. storm

    i still and always will think of her in that timeless age of mulan rouge she was very beatiful even if you don’t know what the hell she was saying or singing,…. she was beatiful then ,.. my mom passed shortly sfter that movie was made i will always remember nicole and my mother the same way,… i am glad she is prego,..if thats what she always wanted was to be a mother,….. moms are very important in everyones life so just for now lets ,…let her be just that a mom good luck nicole,..

  29. hegadeth


  30. woodhorse

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  31. woodhorse

    and Thank God she’s pregnant. The adopted ones ended up not liking her.

  32. my comment

    She looks like his mother.

  33. Kezac

    So you guys really think that Scientology is so much weirder than casual religion??


  34. My favorite part when overrated, highly chiseled female actors get pregnant is imagining them explaining to their children that they’ll have to visit Dr. Slice ‘N Dice before they can ever look like mommy. Until then, that’s your real nose, our family is not really blessed with nice bone structure, and you’ll be flat chested.

    Oh yeah, TCLTC.

    #1 – LadyJane, I love you long time.

  35. xhot

    Congrats to Nic and Keith! I for one am very happy for them both! They are both very talented and they deserve to be happy! Children are gifts from God and a blessing. I hope this one is born healthy and full term. I wish nothing but the best for them both. Rock on!!

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  36. nancy grace is the worst case

    -16 halle berry, selma hayek, sarah jessica parker, madonna are doing it/ did it too
    It is pretty common I think

  37. jrz

    JANE! Nice one, centaurian……

    Hope the kid don’t get her forehead……..good Lord, would you look at the size of that thing!

  38. Jaffo

    Wow! What a time to be alive! Men can now have babies!

  39. congratulations! she is so nice and her profile are set up at to share her thoughts durning her pregnant with other mums,…

  40. D. Richards (Louse.)

    Hey, Keith? Keith? Yeah, over here. Those earrings a pretty rad, dude. Agh, man, and you have a tattoo?! You are one intense human-being, man.

    Those earrings scream, ‘Hey, I’m cool! Don’t hurt me’. For some reason those tiny earrings remind me of a flaccid penis, Keith. Are you a flaccid penis?

    Yes, you are. You’re a country-music-star!

    Urban.. Keith Urban. I like what you’ve done here; you’re a country-cowboy jerk-off but, instead of a last name like, ‘Tatum’, you chose to use ‘Urban’ instead; Because you’re not like those old country musicians; No, you’re something new; You’re hip. You’re urban.

  41. #39 – I swear, that better be a snatch link. Or at the very least a gynecology referral service. Non engrish speaky mothafucka…

  42. yukadoozer


  43. Leslie Lohan

    The Antichrist WILL be born.

    I like how she waited right up until the last minute, right when her career was going down the shitter, to try to pop out a kid.

    I can’t figure out who is whackier, Nicole or Tom. Keith Urban, say goodbye to whatever nuts you might once have had, nutless.

  44. jrz

    pinkmingle? hee…..that sounds dirty. Rich…you fucking pinkmingler…..hee

  45. commish

    She won’t like this one either.

  46. sb

    Just like Alba, Nicole made a bunch of movies that nobody wanted to see and had to look for another way to keep her name in the media. Her face doesn’t even resemble what she used to look like when she was young. Between the nose job, the crazy lips and all the botox, you can barely tell it’s her.

  47. Sick Cindy

    45–Are you kidding? Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winner you fucking dumb ass.

  48. commish

    Sure, she’ll put on an Oscar-worthy performance and “act” like she loves the little monkey. Then she’ll discard it like a twice-carried designer handbag.

  49. LayDeeBug

    Two things wrong with this….

    1) Aren’t his sperm all drug and boozed up?

    2) Why? Why does she have to reproduce at 40? What is the obsession? She won’t be raising it anyway, the nanny will. (Mistah Sheffiiiiiiield?)

  50. Sarah

    The reason they adopted those two kids was because Hollywood actresses dont want to lose their figures, so it’s easier to adopt. Why do you think so many mothers in Hollywood have planned C-Sections? It’s because the plastic surgeon immediately gives them tummy tucks after delivery.

    Also, I give this marriage about another 2 years. These two couldnt be more different. He looks totally bored with her. After all, he’s a rock and roller, and she is …a huge goofy nerd…He likes to dabble with the drugs and party and she is…a huge goofy nerd. I dont see the attraction OR this marriage lasting, kids or no kids.

    Finally, anyone who believes that Suri cruise was conceived from L Ron Hubbards sperm is totally wacko…..She was conceived with John Travolta’s sperm and Kirtie Alley’s egg.

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