Nicole Kidman has nipples (Or at least half of the world’s tiniest one)

November 18th, 2008 // 57 Comments

If you’re like me, you’d swear on your mother’s grave Nicole Kidman does not have nipples because, seriously, has anyone ever seen one? Up until now, you’d have better luck capturing Bigfoot. While attending the Sydney premiere of her new movie Australia, Nicole gave the world a glimpse at her impossibly small areola. I’ve literally seen bigger nipples on cats. Which leads me to believe Tom Cruise either attacked her chest with a shrinking ray or his Fisher-Price belt sander. The man hates breasts, folks.

NOTE: Pics link to LSFW versions that, if your boss can see while walking by, congratulations! You work for Superman.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Kath

    Not a nipple. No ones nipple is located that high, lol.

    That is the corner of her taped on bra cups.

    Grow up!

  2. Ted from LA

    Almighty whitey does absolutely nothing for me. I think her face is really ugly. I have never understood the attraction. She looks like big bird without the yellow feathers.

  3. packinwood

    This is like seeing the Queen Mothers nipples. A major non-event.

  4. Nicole

    She was completely naked in Cold Mountain…super hot sex scene with Jude Law.

  5. Nicole

    She was completely naked in Cold Mountain…super hot sex scene with Jude Law.

  6. droider

    She needs to lay off the botox and dye her hair back to red.

    but she does have nice nipples, she’s naked in like 10 movies just go rent one. eyes wide shut = hot

  7. kathryn

    i think that’s just a stick on skin tone bra….no one’s nipple is that far to the side of their boob, and she definitely hasn’t had anything done to her chest so….this is just a stupid attempt to embarrass her

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