Nicole Kidman has nipples (Or at least half of the world’s tiniest one)

November 18th, 2008 // 57 Comments

If you’re like me, you’d swear on your mother’s grave Nicole Kidman does not have nipples because, seriously, has anyone ever seen one? Up until now, you’d have better luck capturing Bigfoot. While attending the Sydney premiere of her new movie Australia, Nicole gave the world a glimpse at her impossibly small areola. I’ve literally seen bigger nipples on cats. Which leads me to believe Tom Cruise either attacked her chest with a shrinking ray or his Fisher-Price belt sander. The man hates breasts, folks.

NOTE: Pics link to LSFW versions that, if your boss can see while walking by, congratulations! You work for Superman.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Gary


  2. Danny

    First Jen

  3. Danny

    First Jen

  4. Danny

    First Jen

  5. Holly

    OMG- I didn’t know she’d had a mastectomy on both sides. =( Where did her wittle boobies go????

  6. Lou

    Nice side boob on the last photo though…

  7. ronr

    She’s got an odd little Renee Zellweger-like smile. Ew.

  8. wah wah wah

    i love how her dress has built-in a cups.

  9. Mal

    All I can see in that last pic is Huge JackedMan. <3

  10. Kriz

    This nip slip stuff is getting out of control. EVERYBODY has seen a freaking nipple…in person even. Get over it!!!

  11. NastyBedazzler

    Hasn’t the Superficial writer ever seen “Eyes Wide Shut” or “The Human Stain”? She gets naked (seriously naked in the first) in both movies. FYI.

    AND……. She’s super hot.

  12. She the whitest person in the world except for Michael Jackson whose black. Weird

  13. grammar

    your, not you’re

  14. Lydia

    I like her. She has a decent enough personality to like.
    It’s odd that she’s so fair skinned but comes from the land of no ozone layer and UV rays. But then again, I’d much rather have skin like hers than wrinkly, old, sun spotted haggy skin that most of us Australian girls have by the time we’re 25.

    She’ll look a hell of a lot better than the rest of us in old age.

  15. She’s still looking good, but yes very pale !

    click on my name

  16. big jim n' the twins

    hmmmmmm……can’t see it, theres a fucking star in the way.

  17. fonzeyfu

    Why does Nicole spoil her naturally stunningly beautiful face with those hideous lip injection/implants?? That upper lip is gross.

  18. Big Log

    Is that her neck? Or a bleached tree trunk?

  19. Lilah

    Cute shoes!

  20. Leny

    I guess her kid isn’t being breast fed…don’t see how at least.

  21. britney's weave

    what in the hell? those lips…

  22. Doggy Style

    Nothing can make me stop now… its over, cocaine you have one.

  23. I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message

    I want to see those little pale asscheeks, split ‘em with my tootsie pole

  24. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that as the purveyor of a celebrity website based mostly on hot chicks, I don’t actually know who these people are. I’ve never bothered to Google them and see if they have ever been naked anywhere so that I can make huge sweeping claims that I broke the scoop! It’s called plausible deniability people! Maybe a three year old can find Nicole Kidman buck ass naked on the internet by accident, but not me! Now I gotta go and see if Hedi and Spencer are up to anything with any one of the fat ass ugly Kardashians!

  25. mimi

    NOT a nipple you idiots! Too high… over to the side.


  26. mickey mouse

    grammar- Wrong. You’re is a contraction of you are, which is how it was used in this case. (If you ARE like me…)

  27. Jenny Sjobeck

    it’s a hickey, for crying out loud people!

  28. Ms. Kasie

    My boyfriend has bigger areolas! lol!

  29. TC


    It would be wrong to say your a spastic.

    However, the fact remains that you’re a spastic.

  30. jack

    hoho~ your comments are so interesting, i have friends bigger than her~
    view my website:

  31. She needs to change her name to Nipole Kidman. And with her new day-of-the-weekly named baby we shouldn’t call it a nipple, we should call it “Sunday dinner.”

  32. Giner MINGE

    Does anyone else think that dress is one size too big for her? Also it’s been rolled up at the bottom and looks awfully like a wedding dress to me.

    I hate this woman. I want to punch her in her little hamster face. She has all the attributes of a 90 year old woman… check out her hands and fingers ffs!

  33. fax

    HOW is this interesting? waist of time

  34. KinKy

    I would

  35. This all didn’t matter.
    Little tommy was FAGGOT anyway, folks!!

  36. pastahero

    I agree with #11, the Superficial writer is an idiot. Nicole Kidman has done nude scenes in half her movies. Perfectly normal nips.

  37. Vince Lombardi

    First, of just about every chick in Hollywood, seeing any of Nicole Kidman’s private parts is no longer a priority for me. She is just waaay too artificial.

    That said, the nipple showing comparative to the rest of the boob looks like it’s riding on top. To which I have to say, WTF???

  38. restingonlaurels

    @ 18 THANK you. someone had to say it.

  39. duh

    Don’t you nutjobs know the difference between an areola and a nipple?

  40. What?

    Her nipple looks too high up. Maybe that’s a third nipple, or something. Eh, I’m not going to bother google-ing “nude Nicole Kidman,” they probably photoshop it out anyway

  41. She is so beautiful and charming. She is my favorite. Just saw her on the millionaire & celebrity dating club^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that


  42. lol

    “If you’re like me, you’d swear on your mother’s grave Nicole Kidman does not have nipples because, seriously, has anyone ever seen one? ”

    Are you fucking retarded? She’s been naked in a bunch of movies. A simple google search (hint since you’re probably too dumb to even do this: “nicole kidman naked”) beforehand would have helped you in not looking like a total moron by asking the dumbest question possible.

  43. Paul

    If any of you fuckwads want to see Nicole Kidman naked, just watch Eyes Wide Shut. She was hot then. Of course, this was about a decade ago. She’s a middle aged woman now and way too skinny for my taste. Nevertheless, lay off. Compared to the dreck most of you idiots perceive as “hot” Nicole is still a babe.

  44. She is beautiful and has been naked in movies

  45. Walker

    She also gets topless with Tom Cruise in “Days Of Thunder”…hawt.

  46. kaylee

    Cold Mountain too.

  47. Mama Pinkus

    That’s not a nip, it’s bruising from malnutrition

  48. NY Ted

    Not that Tiny Tom Thumb ever sucked or played with them…..!

    Christ…someone tell that girl to get some fucking Sun shine on that ghost white body of hers!

  49. Joe Btfsplk

    Just wondering how you conclude the size of the nipple when you only see a sliver of the areola’s edge?

    Oh wait, this is the Superficial Writer … nuf said!

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