Nicole Kidman gets pissed

kidman_bewitchedprem.jpgNicole Kidman allegedly lost it yesterday when she was insulted by a photographer on the red carpet in New York.

“Her face just fell,” Ramson said. “I thought, whoa, something’s happened. Then she called her publicist over, who went over and had a word with the guy, but Nicole must have changed her mind about approaching him, because she stormed over and started shouting and waving her finger at him.”

I sort of wish Nicole Kidman would have just kicked the guy in the nuts, because that would have been really really funny. And you know everybody there would have just started laughing at the guy because he got his nuts kicked, and not be mad at Nicole at all. Man, I wish somebody gave me a reason to kick them in the nuts. I do it all the time, but since it’s to strangers for no reason at all, they’re usually less understanding.

*Update: According to an anonymous reader, apparently Nicole Kidman’s makeup artist died and the photographer was asking about it. Now that definitely deserves a kick to the nuts.