Nicole Kidman freaks people out

Nicole Kidman made a brief appearance at the CMAs Wednesday night (above) and apparently scared the living bejebus out of people. Page Six reports:

“She looked freakish,” said one witness. “She just had her lips done, and now she looks like Meg Ryan.” The Aussie actress didn’t want to be interrogated on the red carpet and fled, leaving behind her perplexed husband, Keith Urban. “She just flipped out and took off running,” said our source. “Keith kept saying, ‘Where is she? Where is she?'”

Maybe I’m desensitized from staring at 95% plastic people all day, but Nicole Kidman honestly doesn’t look that scary to me. Completely dead inside? Sure. Freakish? Only if you’re a two foot tall Scientologist forced into a sham marriage by Paramount. “I have to touch her what now? Quick, someone drown me in their coffee mug. DO IT!”

Photos: Getty