Nicole Kidman chose the name ‘Sunday Rose’ to piss off Tom Cruise (Neat.)

Nicole Kidman gave birth to a little girl on Monday and stuck her with the curious moniker of Sunday Rose. But why? If you’re like me, you haven’t been able to shit thinking up reasons. Yes, that’s how serious I take this job. (Or eat too much cheese.) Anyway, friends of Nicole are saying the baby’s name is a tiny slap across Tom Cruise’s midget face, according to MSNBC:

“Nicole is a Catholic, and Sunday was an important religious day for her until she was involved in Scientology,” said the source. “She’s still bitter about her experience with Scientology and the fact her baby’s name could be perceived as one last jab doesn’t exactly upset her.”

Other names Nicole Kidman considered:

Your Penis is the Size of a Gherkin Elizabeth Kidman Urban
Madison I Hate Your Grinning Buttpirate Face Kidman Urban
Olivia L. Ron Hubbard had a Vagina Taylor Kidman Urban
Katie Holmes He’s Afraid of Raccoons Use Them And Run Bitch Run Kimberly Kidman Urban