Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban do the prenup

Page Six reports Nicole Kidman had Keith Urban sign a prenup earlier this month to make sure her $150 million is safe in case things go sour after their wedding tomorrow. The papers give Keith just over $600,000 a year for every year they’re together and there’s an additional clause that allows her to leave the marriage without giving anything to Keith – an ex-cocaine addict – if he uses illegal narcotics or drinks excessively.

$600,000 is pretty weak considering Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes $3 million a year in their prenup. I guess Nicole Kidman doesn’t have anything to prove because she’s not a short child-man like Tom Cruise. When you can’t reach the kitchen sink without a stool it’s not surprising you have to prove yourself by throwing your money around. That, and pretending you’re a doctor so you can make fun of sick people and medicine.