Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban do the prenup

June 23rd, 2006 // 62 Comments

Page Six reports Nicole Kidman had Keith Urban sign a prenup earlier this month to make sure her $150 million is safe in case things go sour after their wedding tomorrow. The papers give Keith just over $600,000 a year for every year they’re together and there’s an additional clause that allows her to leave the marriage without giving anything to Keith – an ex-cocaine addict – if he uses illegal narcotics or drinks excessively.

$600,000 is pretty weak considering Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes $3 million a year in their prenup. I guess Nicole Kidman doesn’t have anything to prove because she’s not a short child-man like Tom Cruise. When you can’t reach the kitchen sink without a stool it’s not surprising you have to prove yourself by throwing your money around. That, and pretending you’re a doctor so you can make fun of sick people and medicine.


  1. ESQ

    In the picture it looks like Nicole just slapped Keith upside his head and said, “What the fuck is a matter with you? I said it is over there, look over there!”

  2. sweetcheeks

    I bet the only way Keith liked to snort cocaine was in lines arranged on a man’s bare bottom.

    While he gently cradled his balls. After he dipping them in Silvan Ridge Early Muscat 2003. Dessert wines are the perfect apertif for testicles, you know. Just ask Keith Urban.

  3. A vintage brandy is nice, too.

  4. WorldWideWendy

    Today is their wedding in Sydney- and my sources tell me he had a bucks night last night.
    Hmmm, no booze, coke or strippers( due to pap problem).
    Well, Keith, just a few lime soda’s and a gripping conversation about global warming.???!!!!
    All the best lad.
    Remember , it’s FOREVER!!!
    And that’s a long time.

  5. Toonlite

    Nicole is really happy she had her scientology marriage deem stupid and had it annulled…in my books…..I hope she has a FABULOUS life and sprouts babies like there is no tomorrow…she does not have to wear assless chaps anymore and she has a man who will sing her love songs…I hope she is happier then Katie Holmes will ever be with cock livin’ Tom Cruise…..

    I can only pray that one day Katie will wake up….renounce going to the Barry Manillow concert and pretending she loved it and marry a man who actually loves her and gives her babies without using a turkey baster…..

    I hope Nicole runs through the hills naked….laughing and prancing because she is happier then a pig in shit……

    I just wanna see fairy foot Cruise eat his Xenu heart out….F**K him.

  6. WorldWideWendy

    ‘running through the hills naked?’
    Have you tried that? It’s not as much fun as it sounds.
    But yes, Nic and Keith both deserve happiness, and Tom also deserves all that’s coming to him.
    Whatever the galaxy warlords and the vulcan kings deem that to be.

  7. bluecanary

    What kind of pussy takes money from a woman, particularly when you’re as wealthy as Keith Urban? I’d have said, I’ll take zero dollars and keep my balls, thanks very much.

  8. Trixie

    I don’t get it. I thought Keith Urban is rich too. As a matter of fact, isn’t he very rich? I realize he’s not as rich as Nicole, but why would he want any of her money in the event of a divorce? It’s not like he doesnt have a career. If I were Nicole, I’d let him impregnate me immediately. He is a total HOTTIE.

  9. MP$40

    “…that allows her to leave the marriage without giving anything to Keith – an ex-cocaine addict – if he uses illegal narcotics or drinks excessively.”

    Translation – Just don’t party with out me on the weekends and you’ll be just fine! – Nicole

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