Nicole Eggert, what the hell happened?

October 7th, 2009 // 157 Comments

All I’m going to say is, it took a lot of confidence to make this video, or somebody spent their last residual check on Michelob Ultra which apparently doesn’t shed the weight if you drink 100 of them. Either one.


  1. Fitz

    She’s put on a few lbs and is heavier than she was when she was 23 but she’s still hot and those two douchbags would be damn lucky to get a girl half as hot as she is now.

  2. Man

    I can deal with the weight gain, but her face is destroyed. Why do these chicks (Rose McGowan, etc) do that??

  3. PonyFace

    She broke three vertebrae in a snowmobile accident – that will make anyone put on a little extra weight.

    No doubt she should maybe re-evaluate her eating and exercise regimes, but for pure health reasons, not because she is so-called “fat”. A little chubs, sure… but, fat? That’s pushing it…

  4. She is still smokin hot! A little bit extra here and there is definately hot on her. It is nice to see a beautiful woman with a few curves instead of the wafer thin air headed anorexic bimbo’s that are all over the place thee days.

    Nicole, I love you! Not in some creepy stalker type way or anything. And don’t get upset over te ice cream truck full of duct tape, handcuffs and bondage gear that is always following you. Unless you want to….

  5. Wigger McGavin

    Wha? Man i’d be hittin that all day long.

  6. Mikey Em.

    I think she is still hot. I’d hit that again and again.

  7. Blitz

    She was so damn perfect looking at one time!

    It’s heart breaking to see someone that was so hot let it slip away…

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