Nicole Eggert, what the hell happened?

October 7th, 2009 // 157 Comments

All I’m going to say is, it took a lot of confidence to make this video, or somebody spent their last residual check on Michelob Ultra which apparently doesn’t shed the weight if you drink 100 of them. Either one.


  1. Cathy

    I love all the “empowerment” talk about a woman who lacks self-discipline.

  2. Fiddlercrab

    She’s easily hotter NOW than she was on Baywatch.

  3. Tanzarian

    The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin.

  4. Fat Chicks Suck

    Repulsive…but obviously they were trying to make her look extra unflattering. Regardless, why would she let herself go like that? Makes no sense. Is it really that difficult to go to the gym a few times/week and eat halfway healthy? Only complete fucking idiots think the only way to look good is to starve yourself. This country is getting dumber and lazier by the minute.

  5. Marc

    I don’t think that is Samantha Eggert.

  6. wtf

    All these people who are like “wow, you go, so much self confidence” are fucking retards.
    Do you not realize she is going to be on the new season of Celebrity Fit Club? So obviously she thinks her lard ass is as disgusting as the rest of us do or else she wouldn’t be trying to lose weight.
    It’s not even about the weight, no one has to be a stick but she has significant body FAT…you can tell by the way her whole body jiggles when she runs. And yet all the overweight hefers who want people to accept them as they are because apparently “fat” is now normal will champion her as their new hero. Please. Try fucking exercising. You may never be stick thin, but at least you will reduce body fat, stop jiggling, and be healthy.

  7. --Donginator--

    oh for crying out loud… thats just some baby fat left over from when she was pregnant. thats not that bad… they make it out like she suddenly got like kristy alley fat. She just needs to hit the gym a little, or not… I’d still hit it

  8. Sapphire

    She’s out of shape and carrying extra weight but big deal. She’s not huge & fat like a LOT of people on the beach nowadays, both men and women. All she needs to do is go running or hit the gym and get going on that cardio and she’ll drop the extra pounds in no time. She just looks out of shape, and it’s healthy if you exercise, and if you exercise you don’t look as out of shape as she does. A lot of men are in much worse shape than she is.

  9. holliebean

    omg! i totally love her now. whoever she is. that does take alot to go on camera overweight. but ya know what? she looks hot! and confidence is the hottest thing. i’d totally give up dick for a woman like that. lol.

  10. whattheshit

    I’d still hit it without a second thought. I hate when chicks are too skinny.

  11. kris

    Actually you got it all wrong!
    The idea wasn’t to show that she’s fat ’cause she isn’t!
    It was all done beacuse of the article in N.E. where they’ve said that she’s overweight.
    This was done to show that she still looks pretty damn good !!

    of course, not the same as back then, but not overweight!

  12. EuroNeckPain

    The two guys are fat and have bad proportions. They are plain ugly.

    The woman is good looking I think and if she has some extra weight, it is better for her because she can stay in the water much longer, and she floats better and can swim really well.
    Words of a surfer.

  13. scott

    some of you people are seriously weak! If that were Britney Spears youd all be talking about how shes a total fatass skank whore, but since its not its ” oh thats natural, I dont see what the big deal is” please .. dumbasses

  14. the only opinion that matters

    I’ve got to say, I am really impressed to see so many people, men and women alike, saying that she looks good or that “they’d hit that”. I thought for sure when I started reading these comments that there would be the usual nasty comments from, I can only assume, people that probably shouldn’t be calling anyone ugly or fat.

    I am glad to see so many people NOT thinking that a size 0 or 2 is the only way to go. I noticed one moron though, that said it dosen’t matter if the guy is fat…what kind of bullshit is that? I have often observed attractive women (and yes I am one, albeit an older one, but attractive just the same) with less then attractive men, but very very rarely do I see and attractive man with someone who is not at least as attractive as him. Why? Because women look for more then just looks, and I can only hope that every overweight man that somehow managed to snag himself a hottie is miserable and insecure because he knows he should be with someone who is more like him.

    These double standards have got to go!

  15. Anon

    I wonder how many people would change their tune about her being overweight if she was ugly. Her face is still a 10 because she doesn’t gain her excess weight at the chin like many do.

    If this was Heidi Pratt or Lady Gaga, I bet the sentiment would be different.

  16. Paragon

    Lame sketch. Not funny.

    That woman is smokin hot.

  17. Arline

    Ugh, fat and gross. I am, of course, referring to the short guy with the awful haircut. He needs to leave his shirt on.

  18. lisa

    “real women gain weight”

    i’m a real woman – yipiiii!:D

  19. holly williamson

    OMG. Love her for doing that. She must have a great sense of humor and be secure. Awesome.

  20. Malcom

    Actually, I’d rather hit it with her now than before. She’s hot!

  21. medi0169

    Id hit it and eat it.

  22. Noneya

    looks good to me….love “real women”

    piss on stick figured girls with the bodies of 12 yr old boys!

    Way to go Nicole!!

  23. Rhialto

    She isn’t even That bad.Certainly not for these two guys.Ladies!?

  24. Nero

    She has fat but it’s sorta on the right spots.A month working out would make a big improvement.

  25. douglas

    Fat……by Hollywood standards.

    2;00 am at my local bar……….Smoking Hot!!!!

  26. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Isn’t she going on Celebrity Fit Club with Federline?

  27. Fat

    I came into this thread expecting to see 8 million fatties defending her, and was not disappointed. She obviously only agreed to make the video so she could spew her tired “REAL women gain weight” mantra. Oh, so if you don’t gain weight as you get older, you’re not a real woman? Up yours. Lazy women gain weight, not all women.

  28. Norad Bush

    Wow, these guys are calling HER fat?

    Pot, kettle, black. Nuff said.

  29. david chochoki

    Kudos to her for doing this video. great sense of humor. But I think we can see the tragedy that is the tramp stamp when the hot girl who got the tattoo gets older and gains weight.

  30. Batman2000

    She is absolutely hot, prime time MILF, I love her confidence and her butt bouncing…her belly… she is HOT!

  31. mattillac

    I’d eat her ass. do want.

  32. L.V

    what really bothers me is the fact that the fat guy that takes the shirt and runs to the water first would probably bang someone like this girl only in his dreams. What a looser, I find this very insulting.

  33. clpierced

    I do give an expection to her due to the fact she has had kids. but, if i saw her at the beach i would probably point and laugh at her with my friends. ok im joking, im not that heartless. but really though, she is fat. yes i said it, fat. but, she used to have a nice body so she can spring up from this. also, she is still very pretty :) and i hate celebrity fit club, its fucking annoying :)

    and all the guys who said they hit it, makes me believe the saying “guys just want to get their dick wet”. do guys have standards anymore? eww

  34. Somebody Ripped My Stick!


  35. the rest of the world

    I’m an American living in Europe right now, and sadly I must say that sure, she’s average for an Amerian woman. But by international standards the woman in this video at any age is morbidly obese. Seriously, you should see the MILFS over here… they basically triple the number of availble bangable chicks compared to the states.

  36. joe

    she looks damn good for a 37 year old with a kid

  37. Hungarian Sausage

    I know it is late in the post, but @18, you sir, rock! Hit that in a heartbeat.

  38. JOEY

    She’s still hot. I don’t see the problem.

  39. Big B

    I would hit again and again and again. Yummy!

  40. Willyonka666

    So apparently this website doesn’t get it either. The video is fine, this site isn’t even remotely clever

  41. k

    She looks like britney spears now.

  42. tbh

    She is just out of shape and looks like a normal regular person.
    But like someone else already pointed out, one of the guys in the water was 3 times fatter than her, yet he acts like his standards are so high. It’s true, fat ugly guys always go around insulting women, they’re projecting thieir own incecurities on to the women. That fat guy is probably a virgin. No woman would want to be fuked by that.

  43. Umm…she’s acting out of breath in the video. She’s saying she’s not in great shape. It’s kind of ambiguous. Fox and Friends tried to spin it that she’s firing back, but it’s not completely either way. She portrays herself as having a poor fitness level in the video.

    @ 142 – “No woman would want to be fuked by that.”

    Katy Perry might.

  44. Kevin

    Nicole is hotter than ever before;love to feel that belly and suck on those legs, feet and toes.

  45. she looks way better than tara reid… man the lipo and extreme dieting took its toll….this woman looks great and better than most women… just not plastic diet freak starlet

  46. she looks way better than tara reid… man the lipo and extreme dieting took its toll….this woman looks great and better than most women… just not plastic diet freak starlet

  47. J-Money

    Fat ass and gross tattoos. Way to go Nicole!

    Fat and Lazy…It’s the “normal” American woman’s way!

  48. dio

    i like her better now than when she was skinny.

  49. Ammetyst

    OMG she is HOTTTTT AS HELL. i always love Nicole Eggert

  50. Enigma_2099

    Ye GODS!!! Surely you pure, flawless ADONISES can’t be blamed for thumbing your noses up at this pathetic excuse for a woman. She couldn’t possibly measure up to your high standards. Strike her down this instant!

    I’m willing to bet over half of you being so hard on her are at least TWICE her size.

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