Nicole Eggert, what the hell happened?

October 7th, 2009 // 157 Comments

All I’m going to say is, it took a lot of confidence to make this video, or somebody spent their last residual check on Michelob Ultra which apparently doesn’t shed the weight if you drink 100 of them. Either one.


  1. Clay

    I’d still hit it. Might even call her back, too.

  2. friendlyfires

    You what the advantage is to being older than you idiots? Your preferences shift appreciatively and more realistically – and lo and behold, you’re bangin’ more women. I’d sooner bang Samantha Eggar now than any of those younger broads. There’s nothing like a few extra years, experience and pounds on a woman. Admit it, Nichol Ritchie is more bangable now than Anthrax Hilton, right – AND she’s a MILF, to boot.

  3. Fas(c)hionista


    That is Samantha Eggert in the video.
    Samantha Eggar is 70 years old. That may be pushing it a bit.

  4. sarah

    she’s still hot! they just put her in bikini bottoms that were too small. i seriously wouldn’t be calling her fat, though. she’s hot as for just a normal subrban mom.

  5. john

    Be Hittin that ALLLLLLLLL Day

  6. john

    Be Hittin that ALLLLLLLLL Day

  7. Bootilicious

    D@mn, I would hit that hard, again and again. Nothing wrong with her, just a little off season extra weight. She could tone that up in no time if she desired.

  8. Kunta Kinte

    You’s crackers is crazy. I’d be all up in that gelatin ass.

  9. C

    please, i’d touch…

  10. Jennifer

    Someone needs to stop the acceptance of the theory of “normal-size” women, especially as the size/weight that is perceived to be normal steadily increases. I understand that it is perhaps a backlash against the other dominant ass-backward way of idolizing the overly-starved “perfected” female figure…but is it really any better? Especially in principle?

    Moreover, something being “normal” or “average” does not automatically mean that it should be the set standard. It just means that more people are doing it.

    I will not even bother getting into the health vs. optimum weight argument…but I have rarely seen someone who is proactively managing (i.e., appropriate nutrition + aerobic/anaerobic movement) their intake/output ratios have to worry about excess bodyfat.

    When will that become the norm?

    “This video is why women are starving themselves?” Well, this could also be why women are knocking back excess calories for their body type + lifestyle and thinking it is permissible to do so.

  11. Chase

    I like her ass… She’s real pretty too… Also, i’d take a girl with a little fat over a girl with six pack any day; At least chubby girls still look feminine.

  12. addler

    Just a average FAT ASS American.

  13. Christina

    OH i look much worse than her and I’m 19. WOoo!

  14. Johnny Cage

    I would eat her taint while she sat on my face. Fuck hollywood, it’s made of mostly fags and metrosexuals who prefer either anorexic women or…other men.

    There are no real men left in showbiz. The last one died with John Wayne.

    And I would love Nicole Eggert to ride me into the wall.

  15. Nina

    Totally hot. And I’m a girl.

  16. Turd the third

    Finally a piece that has a REAL WOMAN instead of these hollywood drug filled skinbags that normally fill the pages. Well done Nicole you show a grace here that few other celbs can pull off.

    I would take her over Brittany, Lohan, Hilton and the rest of those past the prime time fuckups in a heatbeat.

  17. fattie

    not fat at all just a lil chubby.

  18. She’s almost 40. She’s hot for a 40 year old who probably has a few kids.

  19. Simon

    She looks great.

  20. Daryl G.

    The fact that the shallow perverts on this website still think that this girl is attractive really goes to show that this website is just doing exactly what is dictated.

    “This video is making a joke of this girl gaining weight! Make it news.”

    I’d totally rather bang her as seen in this video than in baywatch, but that may be due to the fact that this was the most acting she’s done since, and including, Baywatch.

  21. Andressa

    She’s not fat! She’s bigger than before, but she still looks good.

  22. The Rough report

    I find the words “Im hungry” to be a nightmare…

    no no no, if I cant carry you to the bedroom, we probably we’ll be just friends…

    The insurance companies should fight Obama tooth and nails to keep the status quo. There’s gold in thems hills…

  23. The video isn’t loading for me, I’ll try again later… :p

  24. Okay, I watched it. It was dumb.

  25. Racer X

    I’d hit that 25/8.

    /I like ‘em cute in the face & thick in the waist

  26. shellibelli

    wow she is so not fat – youguys need to google some fat chicks – cause you have obviously forgotten what a real FAT person looks like.

    she is plump Id say that but still very cute, and looks like her bottoms are abit too small.

  27. elkaybie

    wow! go girl! i’m still jealous of her hotness

  28. Jeremiah

    I mean she is FAT. That is so disgusting, she only wishes she could be as slim as my 300 lb frame. What a fatty, my 300lb fat ass could do better. yep

  29. Maniacus

    She looks better with meat on her bones then she ever did as an anorexic waif.

  30. The MAN

    Mmm… Juicy and delicious…

  31. baxi69

    Make me luv Nicole even more…from Charles in Charge (attitude, smile and scrunch socks) to Baywatch (perfectly powerful, yet sexy things and tush) and on the cover of Lemonade and Brownies (just hot), Nicole Eggert and vasoline were my go-to’s. Good to see her poking fun at herself. And at 37, give me her “womanly” body every time over these stick figures that normally get posted here on the Superfish.

  32. Don

    I’d hit it. From the back. Booty jiggle is sexy.

  33. RB

    If nothing else this video proves that the late 90′s early 2000′s lower back tattoo phase is going to make people sick over the next 30 years as they slide down to girl’s thighs…

  34. anna

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  35. just a gal

    I find it hilarious that in this thread everyone is coming to this girl’s defense (who I think looks great, chunky or not) and in a thread from the day before, people were griping about Ashley Green (who looks great as well) being ‘thick’ and something or other about her shape and form not being correct. Man. Just goes to show people just need a reason to bitch.

  36. Good for Nicole! Obviously she has a great sense of humor and yeah, sure, she’s put on a few pounds but hell, I still thought she looked pretty damn good.

  37. kate

    Hey – she looks pretty good considering she’s pushin’ forty and she has a kid. Whoever said she looks better than 95% of the women in this country was right. Any dude who thinks real women don’t look like that in their late 30s and early 40s is kidding himself. Of course, most ‘real men’ probably think they look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt….RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

  38. Ok, click my name and you’ll see her in her Baywatch years. Compared to that she now is officially fat. She’s still hot as hell, and yes, compared to most women these days shes thin (sad really). The problem here is that her current weight is the same as most fat girls goal weight. And that big fatty that lost all that weight just realized that shes still fat and gross in mens eyes.

    @8 Yeah, really.

    @9. “Definitely bigger then before.” Thank you captain obvious

    @13 Women are not starving themselves to death. Actually , this country is fatter then ever, and a quick trip to your local mall will prove the young women of today are in no way starving. Stop believing everything you see on maury povich.

    @19 Wow, so many excuses for her being fat. The lighting, clothing, alignment of the sun and moon, lol. You are either a fat chick or a guy that works out to much to overcome his shortcomings. Any guy, regardless of body type, has a chance with a hot chick. If the guy is a slob, disfigured or a perv, then no. But a guy being overweight, has a very good chance at a beautiful women. Its all about confidence and being a good person. Women, unlike men, have the amazing ability to see past things like that and not be as shallow as us men.

  39. Phil

    I’d bang her. Hard. Very hot girl. Still.

  40. Jnkins

    35 and 36 are right. This is just some early publicity for the new season of Celebrity Fit Club. Glad you guys don’t consider this “fat,” because she’ll be dropping about 20 lbs in the next few months.

  41. Delgo

    would still crush this pussy

  42. Mac

    The people that are saying she isn’t fat must be trying to make themselves feel better.

    And to the guy who said any guy who wouldn’t hit that is gay…. I think you’d hump a tree if you saw what looked like a boob growing on the side of the trunk. Some people have standards.

  43. Amanda-La

    I get that they were trying to make her look gross but her face is so HOT. Who gives a crap if she’s a little chunky. I think it kind of suits her. She’s definitely not a complete lardo.

  44. xxooo

    She doesn’t look bad next to the average american, which, of course you’ll need to remember; the average american is overweight. Remember that little epidemic? yeah.

    She’s not gross, but she certainly is not the perfect image of health.

  45. december

    @85 its not finding something to ‘bitch’ about. ashley greene has a crappy body shape. she is undoubtedly WAY more fit than nicole. but her natural shape is not very feminine. and nicole is not fat enough to joke about being fat. the two points do not contradict one and other.

    @88 its not that we are less shallow than men – the only way a hot girl would do a fat guy is if he were super rich. its just a smarter, different kind of shallow. and i am pretty sure none of us want to do you.

  46. Man

    Wow – she has a beer belly! Face is still good, but she needs to drop a good 20-30 pounds. Still remember her from “Charles In Charge” when she was one of the most beautiful young girls I’ve ever seen on TV. She’s a good sport for doing the video, it will get her some work & attention

  47. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Hey, all you basement boys with such high standards in women: get over it. A naked Megan Fox isn’t coming down the stairs anytime soon, so stop bitching. Even if she did, you’d have no idea of what to do.

  48. zips

    To do this video shows she has way more self confidence than most of those toothpicks currently in Hollywood, no matter how much they blather on about feeling great about themselves. And if you think the camera adds 10 pounds and she’s clearly been put into a bikino bottom a good size too small for her, I’d say she’s probably only a size 8-10.

  49. Jenna

    Dude, that’s like 10-20 pounds more than before. And for a woman who’s had kids? I’d kill to have that body when I’m her age. People are fucking retarded. With normal clothing on, she’d probably look thin. Not fat, and not even chubby like most of you are saying.

  50. Ed Castillo

    and the saddest part is she’s still better looking than 90% of the girls i’ve banged.

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