Nicole Bahls in a bikini and other news

November 25th, 2009 // 150 Comments

Normally this is the part where I link you to various gossip items, but since I’m taking off until Monday, I figured I’d just point you in the direction of the link partners I’m extremely thankful for. So feel free to scope out their sites while I’m gone, or just stare into Nicole Bahls’ Kardashian-esque ass for the entire weekend. This isn’t a dictatorship.

Also, “Bahls.” HA!

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jake


  2. kingofbeer

    I would rock that hard! oh and almost Nip in first pic! I love the curvy ladies!

  3. cc

    Why the hell isn’t me applying that sun lotion? God hates me, that’s why.

  4. Sam's Gorilla Friend

    Epic body. Look at those delicious chunky thighs. Quite the knockers as well. Who she is, you ask? I’ve no idea.

  5. João Araújo

    I don’t speak ou write in English, but I LOVE THIS GIRL.

    She works on a comedy program on brazilian TV, called “Pânico na TV” (panic on tv) and if you want to see her and other beautiful e amazing girls, this is the site:

    Specially the photo gallery: (look for PANICATS).

    I see this crazy gossip (is this correct:?) every day.

    From Brazil,

    Joáo Araújo

  6. D

  7. Rough heading to grandma's

    Bahls as in Bahls deep? who is this latin honey? I cant find her wiki…

  8. Fletcher

    How did you miss the partial nipple slip in the first pic? Great looking body btw

  9. Harold^Sick

    Six to Twelve faster than a clock on crack.

  10. Me likey the poon


  11. FAT! NEXT!

    FAT! NEXT!

  12. Bruce_D

    I’d shove it in dry and twist her meat. Fuck it…it’s the holidays.

  13. who dat

    This is a hot piece of ass to head to vacation on. Great choice.

  14. boyingcruz

    looks like a dude.

  15. Bruce_D

    with a name like cruzingboys…should be right up your alley.

  16. House, Maxwell

    pic 5

  17. Vanquish

    Awww, and I fapped like 5 mins ago. Damn this to hell.

    I love these high waist bikinis.

  18. RebelMinion

    Who the hell is Nicole Bahls?

  19. kimo

    @#19 Who cares she is 3/4 naked with a great body lol

  20. bob

    Free Mac Makeup Kit!

  21. Haywood Jablowmie

    #12, if this girl is fat, enjoying sticking your gay cock into a pile of sticks in the forest.

  22. Haywood Jablowmie

    Ms. Balls, I’d like to introduce you to My Balls.

  23. Parker

    When photo 5 was snapped I know it was God’s finger on the shutter button. He made one special just for me. Then when she flopped down on her stomach, he took a couple for baby Jesus. This is what the holidays are all about.

  24. Tom cruise

    she looks like a porn star that only does gangbang anals

  25. Tire Swing

    Check out the teefs on her lotion-applicationist.

  26. Kimberly

    Where is the “other” news?

  27. Ass-Spanker

    Yeah, that ass was made for some serious spanking.

  28. GrandpaMccain

    what i would give to slip the ol’ tubular into dat ass!!

  29. Fail

    “and other news” fail. You’re slippin’ homie.

  30. Dave Mustaine

    First thing that I would do is motor boat her ass with my face. Now this is a woman.

  31. Smarm

    ” 12. FAT! NEXT! – November 25, 2009 4:14 PM

    FAT! NEXT!

    Douchebag. Next! Shes in no way fucking fat.

    and 31, shut your cockholster….the only thing ‘fail’ is that stupid ass phrase, that got tired a long time ago. Go fuck yourself. Homie.

  32. George Hamilton

    Who the fuck uses SPF 2?

    (except me of course to whack it to her, but that’s beside the point…)

  33. lilu

    brazil – where girls get their first boob job as a sweet sixteen present from their daddies. *rolls eyes*

  34. Anon

    Don’t know who she is but she’s got a body made for f*cking!

  35. Nameless

    Kim K could lose all the weight she wants (or just tell brother to photoshop some pics and add them to her tweets) but she’ll never come close to having this chick’s bod. I DARE Kim to take shots like this under the sun with no photo touch up.

  36. daddy likes

    this chick needs to take part in gang-bangs and also bukkakes. I bet she is a sex machine. Me likes!

  37. pimp

    humina humina humina…

  38. Timmy

    what is so nice about her body?

  39. Adam Lambert

    this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!

  40. Laura

    I can’t get past her face…I’ll pass

  41. GROSS

    yucky…I threw up a bit

  42. Wow. What’s the use?

  43. BUTTA

    butta-face, butta-butt, ….butta-everything

    ready for someone on this site to insert the dildo in my butt…happy holidays!

  44. Steve O

    All you idiots dogging her are either a)sharing a brain or b)retarded. You have no business judging, but if you insist on it, pull your fat beached whale asses in front of the mirror….until then, shut the fuck up. Its one thing to dog
    britney, or kate plus eight, but this chicks just plain hot.Shes not rail thin, shes not fat, shes got a womans fucking body. but you fuckers will wretch and make fools of yourself no matter what she looks like….you just run your mouth to run your mouth.

    edit: 4 of the last 5 posters are the same assclown posting under different handles…if youre going to fling insults at least man the fuck up, you cowardly fuck

    Happy Thxgiving all you silly superficial fucks!! (minus those i just called out of course)

  45. Wowza

    Yes, she certainly is fugly….

    Come on, people, get real …she’s stunning.

    Does this look fat to you? (NSFW- nekkid)

  46. poop

    UGLY!!! OUT!!!

  47. Hugh Gentry

    best body ever!! I love how you can see her asshole in pic 5! she so needs to take that top off and let them breathe!!!!! looking at her makes me so fucking horny…I need to knock one off.

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