Nicole Richie Got Slapped In The Face… Ten Years Too Late

Out-of-touch trolls, who still hate Nicole Richie for nothing more than being a tabloid whore a decade ago, are loving that she accidentally just got slapped in the face on E!’s “Talk Stoop.” Before I get into the details of that… I just want to say that “Talk Stoop” is a very silly play on the now defunct “Talk Soup/The Soup” show titles, but Antonio Banderas disagrees…

Antonio Banderas Celebrates Holy Week WIth His Girlfriend In Spain

“It’s called Talk Stoop because she sits on a stoop…”

So here’s this video going around of Nicole Richie, who’s been living a pretty tame and tabloid-free lifestyle since 2010, getting a Tomahawk missile of a high-five from “Talk Stoop” host Cat Greenleaf. She gets hit pretty fast and after an awkward recovery by Greenleaf, she starts taking about her new NBC show “Great News” which probably will be shitty, but I’ll give it a chance because I hate myself.

Your favorite news all week is rainfall in Los Angeles? Your favorite person is yourself? You’re treating this poor woman who sounds like she needs a tracheotomy like shit because she accidentally hit you? Maybe you did deserve it, NICOLE!