Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: ‘Eh, Screw It. We’ll Just Buy One.’

With every celebrity and their brother having a baby right now, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban weren’t about to let an uninhabitable uterus keep them from the latest Hollywood fad. Which is why they’ve announced today they have a brand new baby via a surrogate that they’re both apparently the biological parents of. The AP reports:

The couple announced Monday the arrival of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, born on Dec. 28 at a Nashville, Tenn., hospital.
Kidman and Urban released a statement saying they are “truly blessed” and thanked everyone for their support, “our gestational carrier” in particular.

Twenty years from now when anthropologists attempt to figure out why the hell there’s so many fucking people on the planet, I hope history looks harshly upon 2011 Hollywood and particularly the Kidman-Urban clan for pissing in the face of nature. Also, it’d be funny if it made a few Botox jokes even though it looks like Nicole really did get that monkey off her back. I’m guessing so she didn’t frighten the baby because there’s nothing children love more than seeing skin sloughing off the face of the woman rocking them to sleep. It’s like a warm bottle of milk.

Photos: Getty