Okay, So Maybe Nicole Kidman Clapping Is Weird As Shit

With Photo Boy off yesterday, I had to single-handedly cover the Oscars, so I really had to be choosy about what I focused on, and obviously I made the best choices. I’m, like, a smart guy. However, I couldn’t bring myself to dig a fuck out of my bag about Nicole Kidman clapping because how ridiculous could that be?

Turns out, Mother of God.

nicole kidman clapping oscars

Jesus Christ, how long are her hands?! That’s some Slenderman shit. No wonder she’s constantly banging Keith Urban in broad daylight. He can’t escape.

“Psst. Honey, where’s Mommy? Is she still here?”
“She went to the store.”
“Okay, good. Um, Daddy’s going to go outside for a minute…”

*Nicole Kidman’s hand closes the front door from eight blocks away*

“God fucking dammit…”

(h/t Celebslam)

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