Nicolas Cage outbid Leo for a $276,000 dino skull

November 10th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Nicolas Cage owes the IRS an assload of money and is suing his manager for leading him “down a path of financial ruin,” but a brief look at his purchases shows he has the spending habits of two women permanently glued to a MasterCard. Via Us Magazine:

In 2007, he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull, shelling out $276,000 for the artifact.
His homes included three castles — plus two islands in the Bahamas. Among his “dozen or so” mansions, one Bel Air home, purchased in 1998, features a billiard room with a 1955 Jaguar parked inside plus an array of “shrunken heads.”
Out of his 50 cars, the most Cage ever shelled out was $495,000 on Lamborghini — used. (Its former owner was the shah of Iran.)
Obsessed with superheroes (he was once set to star in a Superman sequel), he sold his comics collection in 1997 for $1.6 million.
While portraying an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas (his Oscar-winning role) in 1995, he hired an “on set drinking-consultant-poet.”

An “on set drinking-consultant-poet,” really? Talk about the easiest/most awesome job in the world: “Yeah, so, mostly you just sit around drinking bottles of whatever you can steal from your ex-wife’s liquor cabinet until they’re empty and/or you piss yourself in a fit of tears. That poetic enough for you? Good, now shut up and watch me lay here in my own vomit.”

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  1. No Kidding this guys Broke.

  2. Scwitzengiggle


  3. No Kidding why this guys Broke.

  4. GhostRider


  5. amoi

    Cage rocks no matter what.

  6. Nic Cage may be cash poor right now but he is still asset rich – combine that with his residuals and upcoming films and I suspect he will be OK.

  7. Mr.Mr.

    i thought he was like… 2 mil in the shitter for bad taxes?

  8. Mr.Mr.

    ah. i shouldve made the effort to read it it before commenting

  9. greenman

    3 Castles? Glutan.

    I don’t need much, just one castle would be fine with me.

  10. See Alice

    Its his dough . Who cares how he spends it !

  11. Next up: the Elephant Man’s Skeleton.

  12. EricLR

    Obviously, he learned his financial skills from his uncle, Francis Ford Copolla.

  13. Dave

    I think he was going for a skull transplant.
    It had to have a better shape than the thing he’s got now.

  14. Ashley

    Who cares how he spent his money. He earned it, and admittedly I did pay to see some of his movies. His accountant screwed up, not him.

    However, Nick, just let it go. The combed back look isn’t working. Shave it and rock it Bruce Willis style.

  15. Anon

    Ahaha! Fucking ridiculous.

  16. dawnalex

    It’s not ‘His’ money that he is pissing away.
    If he owes it to the IRS then it is ‘OUR’ money that he is pissing away.

    What in the hell are movie starts doing buying dinosaur bones?
    Dinosaur bones are for museums.
    Childish behavior.

  17. Sport


  18. Barter and Work

    Wow! And to think that the average asshole works their life away and many have lost their jobs and their homes (well the banksters have found them tee hee). Ahhhhh it’s a good system for those at the top! They have our money, that’s why.

  19. stupidass

    oh fuck. IIIII need and “drinking-consultant-poet”. Why haven’t I thought of this before? Fuck the mansions, cars, and castles….THIS is what makes Cage great.

  20. dont talk shit about THE Cage!!

  21. hittin it

    This item is known as a skull fuck.

  22. norcal77

    I cannot believe this is even making headlines??…He owes a couple million….and his assets are worth WELL over that amount. Sell something and pay your debt little girl! I used to enjoy his movies now….I havn’t much respect for any of it.

  23. Bite Me

    ugly ‘ol fuck

  24. D

    make a wish:

    Why not focus on something positive?

    8,888 Wishes Granted.


  25. I heart Korean waitresses.

  26. Wobbiest

    I love how the same magazines that showed him getting into his Ferrari Enzo, a $650,000 car new and a $1M+ car at current rates, chooses to ignore their own information.

    The Lamborghini, FYI, was a Miura SV/J which was bought for $493k was actually auctioned by the Iranian government after Shah fled the country. Shah was the former, former owner. And Cage sold that car a number of years ago.

    $493k was the highest price for a Miura ever sold, but not of the cars he owns.

  27. I think Nicolas cage is the most gorgeous looking guy ever and is very talented i love him!

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  29. fucky

    EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i hate you nicholas…..I HATE YOU. the only man in history who’s famous because he looks like a horse

  30. Jim Lahey

    Cage is looking great. His forehead is like Pac Man. Its eating his hairline.

  31. whoo-hoo

    Doesn’t. Look. Like. He. Eats. Bugs. At. All.

  32. Morley

    “His homes included three castles” — what kind of writing is that?

  33. twellve

    dude, you could’ve put up a pic of Leo instead of ‘that’. retina burn…

  34. Sam

    He plays that hackneyed Elvis impersonation in every single one of his movies. That’s what he calls “acting”.

    As far as this story goes…just stop bitching, baldie, and sell one of your castles and a few cars. Rich whiny celebs are so annoying.

  35. I wonder if Nicolas Cage is on a Payment plan with the IRS?
    That is why it is taking so long for him to pay it off?

  36. Adam Savage

    Well theres your problem!

  37. hi Guy’,s
    Who cares how he spent his money. He earned it, and admittedly I did pay to see some of his movies. His accountant screwed up, not him.

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