Nicolas Cage gets a naked visitor and not the good kind

October 3rd, 2007 // 54 Comments

An Orange County tailor Robert Furo Jr. was arrested for burglary after he broke into Nicolas Cage’s house early Monday morning. FOX News reports:

Cage called a security guard at his gated community around 1:30 a.m. Monday after he saw a man wandering inside his home and wearing one of the actor’s jackets, police Lt. Craig Fox said.

Cage was upstairs with his wife and son, and reported seeing the man standing at the door of a bathroom.

“He was standing there naked — except for the leather jacket,” Fox said.

The guard called police, and when officers arrived Cage had already asked the man to take off the jacket and escorted him outside “without struggle,” Fox said.

Robert Furo Jr., if you’re reading this, I just have one simple question: How in the hell do you confuse “Go beat up Nicolas Cage for making Ghost Rider” with “Stand in Nicolas Cage’s house buck-ass naked and wear his jacket?” I mean, yeah, it’s creative, but you still could’ve at least kicked him in the nuts or something. Then kind of dangled your own in front of him, which would’ve been a greater viewing experience than Ghost Rider. In fact, in comparison, your sac should win an Oscar. For those of you who think I’m exaggerating, go watch the movie today and I defy you to say that seeing a strange, middle-aged man genitals would not be more entertaining. Think of it as homework. I’m like one of those awesome teachers on TV except I talk about balls a lot – which makes me more awesomer.


  1. leatherdaddy


  2. p911gt10c

    at least Ghost Rider woulda whooped ass first, then escorted him out..on the end of a fiery chain.

    oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  3. leatherdaddy

    wish i made time to type, this fucker ruins every movie he stars in! is he gay? you know, secretly.

  4. leatherdaddy

    dont hate #2.

  5. lux

    That is fucking creepy…(shudder)

  6. JM

    Yeah that would be my excuse if my wife walked in on me and my gay lover about to share meat. “Ah ah uh, honey it’s not what you think – he’s just some naked guy who got past the security gate, security guards, and our home security system to try on my leather jacket.” Do people really fall for this shit? “I swear to god baby, I was trying to chase him out of the house when I tripped and my mouth landed perfectly wrapped around his cock.”

  7. adeliza

    I’m darn proud that old Nic was able to control himself and escort the gentleman out of is residence without a struggle.

  8. TS

    #5, he isn’t hating, only looking for something other that the statement of the obvious. Remember, it isn’t a race.

  9. Cindy

    leatherdaddy rules @ #1! Look at all the jealousy!!! Hahahahahaha!

  10. AtriumXP

    Aww, give Cage a break – he was decent in Lord of War and Face/Off… Okay maybe not decent but he certainly didn’t ruin them.

    Does anyone else NOT believe that Nick Cage just rationally talked a naked tailor out of a stolen leather jacket and out of the house without a struggle? I call “Bullshit!”

    I’m with the other posters – Cage loves the cock, I think his Gimp got free from the basement!

  11. Gerald_Tarrant

    What a joke. I bet the guy called the cops on himself.

    911 Operator: “911 dispatch how can I help you?”

    Furo: “Help, send the police. I’m in Nic Cage’s house and he won’t shut the fuck up.”

    911 Operator: “My God sir, try to remain calm!”

    Furo: “Hurry, he keeps droning on and on, I am about to die from boredom.”

  12. TS

    And if some dude’s in my house butt naked wearing my jacket, he’s getting more than a struggle. He leaves bleeding profusely.

  13. Age

    Well put, #7.

  14. TS

    …from his anus. Because I’m in the mood for man-man humpin’! Yeah!

  15. TS

    Cindy, you kidding me with that? Do you actually believe jealousy has anything to do with that?

  16. Gerald_Tarrant

    And as for Nic loving the cock, Sarah Jessica Parker ratted his ass out a few years ago. She was on some chat show and was asked about Matthew Broderick (another boring shitbag) and her previous relationships. She said that she had 3 memorable relationships, Nic Cage, Robert Downey Jr, and JFK Jr. She was asked how they ended and she said, one ended when she was called because the guy was in rehab (Downey), the other ended when he called to tell her he was getting married (Kennedy), and the third ended when he called to tell her that he was in love with her best guy friend (Cage).

    Therefore, NCLTC.

  17. Robert Furo Jr.

    “I know, I know…Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew…I’m very impressed. You done checking out my cock? Because I’d really like to put my pants back on.”

  18. adeliza

    #7, 11, &12, Hmmmmmmmmmm

    I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I didn’t go there in my mind. But now……youv’e given me something to think about.

    I see it clearly now!

  19. narrator

    Meanwhile, Mr. Cage’s wife is looking out an upstairs window and masturbating furiously…

  20. Mandy

    I still feel really bad for Paris. Dave was so mean to her! It was totally uncalled for.

  21. LL

    I actually do believe Cage talked the guy into leaving quietly. Just because a guy wants to break into your house in the wee hours and walk around naked doesn’t mean he’s unreasonable.

  22. Mingus

    I hope while some mom is typing a comment for this thread an intruder breaks in and rapes her daughter.

  23. And

    I find this an interesting story.

  24. adeliza

    Now, Now! Be nice!

  25. I’m sure this isn’t the first naked dude Cage has had in his house. Queer!

  26. AtriumXP

    Next we’ll be hearing about how Nick Cage and Matthew McConaughey were caught together naked playing the bongos…

    Remember this one?

  27. S & M

    tailor Robert Furo . . . Lt. Craig Fox . . . Fox News . . . Nick Cage . . . leather jacket . . . do we go shopping for fur coats now or do we just get naked?

    Any pelts out there?

  28. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Yeah, yeah, I already read this news on yesterday’s HuffPo. Next…

  29. Lisa Marie Presley Jackson Cage

    @7, 11, 12, 17, & 19

    Ah hell I could’ve told you guys that!

  30. LadyJane

    This one time, my dog took a big shit and then someone stepped in it, and then the squashed shit looked just like Nicholas Cage.

  31. TS

    Mandy, Paris is an ingrate. How does she not deserve everything she gets? How on Earth are there even Paris Hilton fans? How is that even possible? I mean, name one redeeming quality she has (besides the fact that she is EASY and decent looking).

  32. hegadeth

    ^ She’s got that killer wonky eye thing working.

  33. Paris is a skank. Who cares.

  34. lastangelman

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ….

  35. Tom

    This tool thinks he can be Magnum? Apparently somebody tried to do something about it and failed. Damn….

  36. I wonder if it was his jacket from Wild at Heart. That jacket is a symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom.

  37. supes

    #12: thats some funny shit right there

  38. Nick Cage always looks like he just got ass raped with a marijuana dildo

  39. JagedNS

    hehe, please please don’t make me watch Ghostrider….or Hulk(or either of the Fantastic 4 movies, Elektra, Daredevil or the upcoming Ironman…did I miss any?)

    You’re a cruel cruel bastard fish.

    Oh and for the FIRST!! posters….check out this link if you haven’t seen it already. Very funny shite!

    (don’t worry, the video isn’t in dutch or anything)

  40. zsa


  41. Yoko Ono

    Could Nicholas Cage get any uglier? Is that possible?

  42. Miguelito

    Fish, you’re an idiot. This guy has made nothing but bad movies for twenty years, yet you managed to pick the ONE good one to make fun of.

    Ghost Rider rules. Cult classic. P.S. Ginger, LOL. Wild at Heart was another good one. And Bringing Out the Dead. That makes three.

  43. caveman

    i believe i would have let nekid guy keep the coat.

  44. eeks

    No shit. I fucking hate that douche. Always looks like he’s going to cry because he just wet the bed or some shit. Ick.

  45. Cap'n Crunch

    Ok, I love Nick Cage but he needs to just surrender to the lost hair, be a man and stop dyeing and pasting it on. Nothing makes a guy look older and uglier than the hair obsession.

    GUYS, real girls don’t fucking care about the hair. I don’t mean ugly girls, I mean real, purty girls who aren’t shallow. They DO exist you know.

  46. Shallow Val

    I could eat a peach for days…..

    best line ever

  47. Jones

    He almost looks like a slightly better looking Clay Aiken.

  48. Padre Ramerez

    Clay Aiken!! Ha Ha… Priceless

  49. Big Dumb Oaf

    Does anyone have a closeup of Johhny Fairplays face hitting the stage after attacking Danny?

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