Nicolas Cage explains his madness

ncage_shazam.jpgNicolas Cage says he decided to call his baby son Kal-El because it’s “exotic and American” and has a “magical ring” to it.

“Alice and I wanted to have a name that was exotic and American and which stood for something good, because our son is exotic and he’s American and we both think he’s good. But having said that, I always liked the sound of the name. It has kind of a magical ring to it: Abracadabra Kal-El Shazam!”

There’s crazy and then there’s crazy and then there’s Nicolas Cage thinking “Abracadabra Kal-El Shazam” is a good excuse to name his son after Superman. I don’t know what’s going on in Nicolas’ brain, but having your son’s name sound good in a crazy magical phrase you threw together is a pretty bad excuse to ruin his life.