Nicolas Cage’s Son Went Crazy

June 8th, 2011 // 90 Comments

Nicolas Cage‘s son Weston (Actual photo.) apparently lost his shit at a Hollywood restaurant yesterday after being told he couldn’t order chocolate milk with his dinner which is how I chose to read this. TMZ reports:

Weston was at The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood at around 4:00 today, when his trainer told him he couldn’t eat something on the menu. For some reason, we’re told Weston went off and started pushing the trainer in a violent way, at one point trying to roundhouse the trainer.
The trainer took Weston down, and someone else tried calming Nic’s son down, to no avail. Weston got up and continued freaking out.
Cops showed up and told Weston if he didn’t get on the ground they would tase him. Weston then complied. Cops put Weston in handcuffs but they were so worried he was unstable they strapped him to a gurney.

Weston is currently on 5150 psychiatric hold and Nicolas Cage has cleared his schedule to be with his son because there’s nothing like a drunken crazy person in debt up to his eyeballs to the IRS to calm a situation down.

NICOLAS: How you doin’, champ? Hangin’ in there?
WESTON: I don’t know what happened, Dad. I… I just lost it. Oh, God… *sobs*
NICOLAS: Hey, there there now. It’s gonna be okay, son. Now what I’m going to need you to do is get the fuck out of this bed because I owe $80 million to the government! Also, your crying makes me want to drink five belts of scotch and name a baby Hawkman.
WESTON: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
NICOLAS: It’s supposed to get your ass in the car. Now move it, Danzig, I’m double-parked.

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  1. Emmy

    First Dr. Girlfriend and now Nathan Explosion? This website gets better and better. The Superficial is freakin’ rad.

  2. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
    Commented on this photo:

    all the man wanted was some fucking chocolate milk!!

  3. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
    Commented on this photo:

    These Superficial jokes are getting boring… Is it that from now on almost every post will end with a fictional dialogue? (So delusional and not funny even for celebs, I may add). Really, it’s been so long since these posts were actually funny.

  4. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
    Commented on this photo:

    Hot! Metal guys rule, FTW!!!

  5. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
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    man, she’s really slummin it!

  6. Aasdasd

    What does he need a trainer for?

  7. Ed

    It’s good to see Nick Cage took enough time away from partying and filming to raise his son with a healthy sense of entitlement and superiority.

  8. Dr. Twinkletits

    Cage’s son is actually in a black metal band called EYES OF NOCTUM. Obviously, roundhousing your trainer is totally metal. Being on a 5150 hold even more so.

  9. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
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    Losing a fight to your personal trainer ain’t metal. Neither is fighting over chocolate milk or having a personal trainer in the first place.

  10. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
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    Ew dude, HE’s really slummin it!

  11. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
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    Nicolas Cage fucked Joaquin Phoenix??

  12. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
    304-Bradley Ripple
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    I didn’t he was a son named Weston Cage, wow, I can’t believe a family gone stupid.

  13. Weston Cage Nathan Explosion
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    This made my entire day. hahaha

  14. eewyoomustbeeugly

    pee pee

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