VIDEO: Nicolas Cage’s Son Getting Destroyed By His Trainer

June 9th, 2011 // 117 Comments

Yesterday morning, it was reported that Nicolas Cage‘s son Weston flipped out on his personal trainer at a Hollywood restaurant only to end up arrested and placed on 5150 psychiatric hold when he failed to land a roundhouse kick. What was not known at the time was just how epically Weston had his ass handed to him which fortunately someone managed to record because we live in a marvelous, technological time. TMZ reports:

The footage begins moments after 20-year-old Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer after the trainer refused to allow Weston to order a certain item off the menu.
After a brief scuffle, the trainer takes Weston down to the ground … climbs on top of him … and rains down with a flurry of barely-contested punches to Weston’s face. At one point, Weston tries to punch back — but the trainer blasts him in the face — once again taking control of the situation.
The trainer kept Weston pinned down on the concrete until cops arrived.

After watching the footage, which I highly recommend if you’ve ever wanted to see an unholy Viking of the night get beat down in bright, sunny Los Angeles, I’m almost positive this 5150 business is a cover story for Weston Cage dying from taking 800 punches to the face. Because somehow, “My life coach kicked my ass for ordering the non-organic egg white flatbread,” doesn’t sound very metal. Call it a hunch.


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  1. pixie

    why wasn’t the trainer arrested? oh and FIRth

    • mupp

      Defending himself maybe?

      He tries to subdue him afterwards even when the douche is trying to bite him (the trainer), he seems to be more intent on stopping him (the douche) then hurting him

      • Assault is not self-defence

        Self-defense is … or should I say, ought to be … only available as a legal defence when your response is proportional to the threat you’re facing.

        i.e. if you’re a pretty tough guy and the only threat you’ve faced is a tool lamely trying to roundhouse you (but missing by a mile) then your response should be a) proportional, and b) only what is necessary to actually defend yourself from harm.

        Self-defence shouldn’t cover people taking advantage of a non-threatening situation to beat the utter holy crap out of a person. But this is the good ol’ you ess of ay, where you’re allowed to shoot people dead because you saw them rob someone else’s house, so there’s fat chance of sensible self-defence laws being enacted.

      • Maloof

        This is the dumbest reply I’ve ever heard. Someone tries to smack you… you smack ‘em back. Period.

  2. Rancid

    Getting your ass kicked by your trainer is so FUCKING METAL!!! RRRRRAAAAAWK!!

    • Joe Mahma

      Assault is not self-defence is absolutely correct.

      And, in some states, a kick is considered – assault with a deadly weapon.

    • James Blunt

      Weston Coppola Cage is a fucking pussy.

      Spoiled brat who never got out of the the rebellious “goth” stage of his teenage years.
      I suppose next the media will be using those nipple grating soundbites like “wild child” and “troubled” to describe this lump of over pampered lard.
      Metal? Ronnie James Dio was metal. This idiot, Weston, is fucking pink, candyfloss flavoured ice-cream.

  3. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Rob Zombie’s music stinks and he’s is a talentless bozo who rips off other peoples works. (see his horrible movies).

  4. Anonymous

    He deserved the beatdown for being a poser. What a tool.

  5. Deacon Jones


    This is great, nothing like a fucking wannabe metal head with skull rings getting his ass handed to him by a guy who eats soy protein and jogs.

    Weston, you’ve officially lost any “badass” credibility you may have had.

    I guarantee his POA wife leaves him within 1-2 weeks. Mark my words.

    • Mumbles

      God yeah, I mean who the hell gets their ass kicked by a guy who blatantly trains in MMA, what a pussy…

      • ..The same guy that begs his dad to fork over $500/hr for a personal trainer, and throws a hissyfit when he couldn’t have pudding for dessert, then in a drug fueled rage, foolishly decides he can take down said guy who BLATANTLY trains in MMA and throws punches like his arms are made of spaghetti. That’s who.

      • Deacon Jones


        I didnt know punching someone while on top of them made them an MMA fighter, that’s news to me.

    • Mumbles

      Never said MMA fighter, I said he trains blatantly trains in MMA, two different things. You’ve got a fitness trainer, i.e. a guy who’s in ridiculous shape, who has a bigger guy on the ground and is postured up in mount hitting him with elbows and punches and controlling him easily. He’d probably pound the shit out of most of you as well.

      • Deacon Jones

        I think you’re giving this guy a little too much credit.

        Or haven’t seen many actual fights, one or the other.

      • Brian

        This phrase “blatantly trains in MMA” is not proper use of English. “Blatant” is not a synonym of “obvious.” An act must be negative or offensive before we would speak about it being done in a blatant way. Someone might blatantly abuse the English language, but they could not be said to blatantly use proper English. (Maybe only as a language joke!) Training in MMA is neutral, not bad, and thus it cannot be said to be blatant. Let me just quote here:

        “Blatant is sometimes used to mean simply “obvious,” as in the blatant danger of such an approach, but this use has not been established and is widely considered an error.”

    • Mumbles

      Yeah sorry, what was I thinking arguing the point with you, I forgot all the experienced street fighters hang out on the superficial comments section. I’m sure you’d have kicked his ass…

      • andrew

        you are aware that the argument is not about whether he could destroy any of us. (he could. we’re all pussies. and yes, it does take one to know one, pussy.) but if he does or does not train in MMA, REGARDLESS IF HE FIGHTS IN IT. if you have some link you can post talking about how this trainer trains in mixed martial arts, link it. otherwise, you are infactual, you are a moron, and a pussy (as previously proven.)
        being a physical fitness trainer =/= MMA trained.
        physical fitness trainer = knowledgeable on what to eat and how to work out.

  6. Employee

    not very kvlt to have a personal trainer, let-alone one that kicks you ass.

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    he is an ugly jew. Glad he was kicked

    • TaT

      What goes around comes around, post the pics when someone kicks the shit out of you for being so stupid and ignorant.

  8. Hairdo like my 12 year old niece – Check

    Getting bitch slapped by a guy wearing lycra – Check

    Wearing expensive and stereotypical leather getup’s that daddy bought – Check

    Whining about it – Check

    Yep, he’s a hardcore metal head alright.

    Yeah, right.

  9. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    A belt holder?? That is sooo hard-core!! “Yeah! Dead to all liv.. hold on, my phone is vibrating on my hip”

  10. ugh

    bystanders standing by and taking videos. depressing

    • Dirty old whore

      So they should have in your opinion done what? Pulled the trainer off so that psycho boy could continue going bezerk and trying to attack him or beat the pyscho while the trainer held him down? The cops had already been called.

      • ugh

        voyeuristic. I hate myself for even watching the video. Let alone standing mere feet away recording it.

    • Jackie Chiles

      So you are trying to create a whole new animal… the GUILTY bystander. This is a travesty of justice.

    • Jovy

      Next time you see a fight like this, video tape yourself trying to be a hero and then show us the results so we can laugh at your logic.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks more people should get the shit beat out of them? I’m not saying it would cure all the world’s ills, but I bet there’d be a fraction of the thoughtlessness and stupidity if people thought there was a chance they’d have their ass handed to them. Our society has become so self-centred and self-entitled – maybe it’s the result of there being no repercussions for any of your actions?

    So, in closing, I will support whatever party implements beatings for stupid people.

    • Kevin

      I agree. Anyone that claims fighting doesn’t solve anything has clearly never hit someone in the face or been hit in the face. It solves problems very effectively.

    • Jackie Chiles

      Well said. It does seem in “less civilized” countries where men don’t sue you or run to the cops if you hand them their ass for being a douche because they would be further humiliated by society if word got out that they got their ass beaten and were being a douche that there is a far lower a-hole population.

      • Bad American Parent

        I blame the parents for not giving an ass whupping in the early days when it mattered most. Spare the rod, create a selfish, entitled piece of shit.

      • wasdas

        Yeah the ghetto is real elite. Every douche who’s never lived outside of their own country says this bullshit.

      • jim x

        Meh. People want to live here rather than “less civilized” countries for a reason. I agree it is quite gratifying to see douchebags get punched. If only there was a way to make sure that if there no laws, ONLY douchebags would get punched.

        But in other countries that have less cops and more fighting, it generally turns out the douchebags become warlords and run things, because non-douchebags have families, easily-damaged businesses etc. and just want to get on with their lives.

    • I don’t normally condone violence, but sometimes there’s no other way to set fucktards straight. Perfect examples are when Perez Hilton got his ass kicked. Nothing you could say would embarrass this guy bc he has no shame. Or that kid in Australia that ruined the bully that was tormenting him.
      People are running around acting like morons and bullies bc they have been getting away w it for so long. Sometimes the only way to humiliate them & knock someone off their pedestal is to knock them on their ass.

      • Blumpkin

        I always condone violence, think it works wonders and DEFINITELY think that more women need their asses kicked…especially black women that think they are men.

        They wouldnt run their mouths, tailgate & do all the things that men fist fight about if they knew they could possibly be eating dirt too.

      • moon

        Somebody must have ate a cold dyck this morning vvvvvv

      • YeahOkay

        LMAO@ BLUMPKIN being scared of black women. Why are black women always the topic of discussion??? This has NOTHING to do with US!! It’s funny how we’re always on the minds of bloggers. smmfh

    • Rancid

      It’s all about lawsuits now. If two boys get into a fight, you can bet your ass that the loser’s parents are going to be suing the winner’s parents and the school “for allowing it”.

      When I was a lad, there was a priest who would break up a fight, and then have the boys put on boxing gloves and settle it in a controlled environment. Fucking brilliant. But that shit doesn’t happen any more. Boys are now conditioned to internalize all that hostility instead of working it out in the here and now. Guess what? They turn into fucking psychos.

    • Alex

      These days we live in a society that promotes passive aggressive behavior. I agree, I’m tried of having to deal with fake, superficial people who “fight” with legal manipulation, snarky comments and insults. And no, you can’t beat the shit out of them, cause YOU end up going to jail for them. Personally, I think psychological abuse repressed anger is far worse than just having a fist fight or something and getting over it.

    • Yeah, go pick a fight in, say, any ghetto in american.

    • cc

      ‘Am I the only one who thinks more people should get the shit beat out of them?’

      No, you are not. There have been a couple of occasions over the past couple of years where only the knowledge of the legal ramifications prevented me from getting belligerent. And I’m a pretty nice guy.

  12. Rough, in your left side of the brain near you

    Thats Nic’s fault, he didn’t give the kid a proper disguise superhero name.

    • KWDragon

      Yeah, Kal-El will have a much easier time of it, I’m sure. Points for style – 1 million. Points for parenting – 0.

  13. LJ

    Well at least he’s not doing porn (yet).

  14. Maggie

    When people record stuff they need to not give commentary.

    • vitobonespur

      Turn off the sound, whiney-cry!

      • pussybonesuckr

        Yea, I figure someone with the name vitobonespur would enjoy what is obviously 3 gay guys giving a commentary and getting turned on watching 2 men wrestle on the ground.

        Thanks for coming out of the closet on the superficial…hoeMoe.

        Now go clean yourself up before getting back to embalming & bathing the bodies weirdo.

  15. yawn

    agree.. it has gotten to the point that passive aggression is a real threatening tool these days.. some guy gets you worked up with his bullshit then steps back to watch you froth.. and if you touch him you end up with problems..
    i hate passive aggressive cunts.. either back yourself up or stfu..

  16. lalala

    his eyes are beyond freaky!

  17. Cock Dr

    This poor guy had a complete breakdown, and the trainer lost a customer. So sad.

  18. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Bad American Parent
    Commented on this photo:

    2 ugly posers.

  19. Whatever

    I’m sorry, but if you get punched in the face from a man THAT many times and you don’t get knocked out? Those are some WUSSY punches!

  20. Helena Handbasket

    I know nothing else about this story, but I bet my left tit that the kid had it coming.

    The douchebag doesn’t fall far from the rectum.

  21. devilsrain

    Nice job TMZ, you couldnt buy one of the videos from the people standing over them?

  22. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    I didn’t know Rob Zombie is directing “The Ring 3.”

  23. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Rob Zombie is now the Michael Lohan of Rock.

  24. RoboZombie

    Wow, Demi Moore looks like shit here.

  25. “If only I had sacrificed one more rooster to the Dark Lord, I could totally have taken that guy.”

  26. Phildo

    At the very end you can hear Weston say something along the lines of “I’ll fuck you up man, get off me!” Tough guy to the end.

  27. Russ Collins WSJ

    Last week Weston kicked my ass.

  28. I guess this dumb fuck has not had enough training…wax on wax off young grasshopper, LMFAO!

  29. stu

    spoiled brat got owned

  30. right

    Obviously Weston has issues if a fight starts based on the food menu. It appeared the beat-down was excessive under the circumstances. Maybe he can get the mental help he so desperately needs.

  31. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:


  32. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    Kiss took a dump.

    • schism

      He looks like Cradle of Filth’s lead singer…if the latter were a high schooler trying desperately to look hardcore.

  33. Rafe (pronounced "Ralph")

    Which Kardashian sister is this?

  34. MariC38

    Why does this guy have a trainer?

  35. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:


  36. Steelerchick

    I love how nobody goes to help him. All they do is stand around taking videos and pictures!! ha ha!! too funny

  37. Artie Fatbuckle

    Hmm, it appears young Weston has a black belt in Dumbass.

  38. Metacritic

    Dude is trying hard to be metal-goth,
    and failing miserably. He´s aiming for
    Type O Negative and barely makes it as
    Type OMFG!!

  39. Wotwot

    Why do you have a picture of Joaquin Phoenix in a Cher wig? Very strange.

  40. I think the lesson here is that you need to always land that roundhouse.

  41. Alex

    Oh nice smart people at the TMZ website. People are saying it’s an MKUltra conspiracy to “reprogram” him.

  42. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Ram Punchington
    Commented on this photo:

    Who looks worse in this picture? I can’t decide.

    Punchington Out.

  43. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Ram Punchington
    Commented on this photo:

    A big-Ass cell phone holster is so METAL!!!!

    Two reasons why you should always wear a condom right there.

    Punchington Out.

    • Jared

      You’re not funny enough to end every comment with “‘Your Name’ Out”. It’s really fucking lame. Like, “Seacrest Out” sort of lame.

  44. WTF Bruh

    I hate how people always say “roundhouse kick” when describing a spinning heel kick. It like saying slam dunk for a touchdown. You are ignorant. Thanks.

    • devilsrain

      You mean a spinning back kick? How would you know what kick he threw out, were you at the next table?

  45. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    Either Bam Magera has got male pattern baldness issues, or he fucked that girl from ‘The Ring’

  46. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    * Margera *

  47. MALE

    First thing I’d do is get the kid’s hair cut some. Then, I’d fuck him. He’s hot.

  48. Phil

    Nick Cages son looks like a Pekinese dog. Woof

  49. tlmck

    Dude! We gotta post this online. Dude! It’ll get a million hits. Dude!

  50. Weston Cage Nicolas Cage
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like he starting to rethink that whole “condom” thing…

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