Nicolas Cage Sounds Like a Great Dad

“Did someone just open up a Detective Comics #27? Because I’d drop a baby to read that.”

RadarOnline has obtained the 911 call leading up to Nicolas Cage’s drunken arrest that the New Orleans District Attorney’s office has decided to ignore because all the cool kids are letting celebrities off. Anyway, here are the parental stylings of Nic Cage:

The witness told the 911 operator: “There’s a terrible emergency going on across the street involving a child, a man that’s out of control screaming, ‘let me in, let me in,’ and he’s holding a baby. I think he’s trying to take it from it’s mother.
“I think it’s escalated to something very bad …”
The witness went on to say: “They’re screaming and screaming, and this man I think he’s going to hurt this child and woman…
“The child is screaming … it’s very bad scene! Someone has to come.”

While this sounds genuinely horrible for everyone not sporting a liver full of bourbon, the important thing is nobody punched a baby to save its life. I think we can all agree that’s the bar we’re using to judge these situations now and label everything else as, “Haha! Kids and their crying. God love ‘em.”

Photos: Splash News