Nicky Hilton wears a bikini

December 26th, 2007 // 80 Comments

The Hilton family spent Christmas in Hawaii and Nicky Hilton decided to spread some holiday cheer by wearing a bikini. I’m surprised at the shapeliness of Nicky’s ass compared to the frailness of her figure. I would’ve expected her butt to be entirely level or concave even. I also assumed the slightest of ocean currents would whisk her off deep into the Pacific dragging Paris with her but, sadly, it appears Santa didn’t get my letter this year.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Vlad the Impaler

    Whoopie do?

  2. Tappable

    very tappable

  3. stupid bitches make me sick

    when is she going to use some of that fortune to get that horrible beak fixed? that thing is huge and makes her uglier than she would be with a normal size nose.

  4. Racer X


  5. jackasses make me mad

    Bet Mr. Sempstupid will think this chick is ugly…. She’s no Kim K….. thankfully.

  6. She’s hot….. but not as hot as ME!

  7. jim-bob

    She’s like five six and four feet of it is torso. Is there such a thing as dwarf leg syndrome?

  8. MassGrrl

    The Hilton sisters are ugly chicks with nice bodies. See ‘em all the time, all over the world.

    They are not special.

  9. Sheva

    I’d hit it.

    There’s no problem with her here at all. In fact I saw her on David Letterman last year and she looked pretty chunky. She’s clearly been taking better care of herself.

    In fact she’s not even recognizable here. Doesn’t look like her.

  10. ukh

    slow news day fish?

  11. I won’t even stay at a Hilton, just in case it may be infected, too.

  12. Ript1&0

    Awwwww Fishy! Are you sad? I can push them in for you.

    But imagine – a world without Paris?? How would life be any fun without her to rip on? We needs this, daddy.

  13. Ript1&0

    PS – Hi, DR. I woke up at the crack of noon. Isn’t that hot?

  14. sammm

    what does her tattoo say?

  15. jenster

    seriously, both of them have the manliest hands ever.

  16. jenster

    seriously, both of them have the manliest hands ever.

  17. Choochio

    Hey, I love her. She’s hot as hot can be. But the best body on the beach this year belongs to Amy Weber (…). I’ve never seen a backslide arch upwards like that before. Nikki needs to start working out with Amy!

  18. #6,thankyou troll

    Santa didn’t get my letter either. All I got was a mop..

  19. wtf

    no matter what, she if too freaking skinny and her ass is ugly… a real woman’s ass is sexy and voluptous not just a half assed round buttock attached to a toothpick… ugly ugly ugly…. must you post such ugly pictures… i wanna see kim kardashian not ugly hiltons

  20. ph7

    She looks like a special ed kid in pic #3

  21. TheDeeDee

    I find her prettier than Paris. However, she is just too thin. Her legs, especially the knee part are Gollum-ish looking.

  22. brow

    tramp stamp

  23. D. Richards (Pansy.)

    Oh my.. Sister-of Paris has fantastic legs. Look at those things. It’s as if they were sculped out of marble by Michelangelo himself. The tone. The.. She’s beautiful. And the ass. The ass is. Let’s put it this way, you’d never know that she was a Hilton with an ass like that. Amazing.

    No I’m kidding. Obviously. The Hilton parents should be very ashamed. Not only are their daughters socialite nobodies. Seriously, what have they done in life besides show up with name recognition? But their bodies are absolutely hideous. No offense to those girls. It’s not even like that. The Hilton sisters are just fucking disgusting inside and out. Ha!

    And I always thought Nicky was the prettier of the two (?). Now I realize. Neither one are attractive in the least.

  24. lalaland

    okay i must say, her body isnt BAD…her legs are a bit skinny but you’ll have that with tall skinny people like that…but seriously we mine-as-well admit, we will never be satisfied

    i wanna see some hott men on here!! wtf is up with that???

  25. ali

    are you kidding me? her body is disgusting. look pretty flat to me.
    grandma ass.

  26. Tattoo Reader

    # 14 -

    It says – I wish I were a Biker Slut!

  27. Supermarket Shopper

    Her body is the shape of a rotten banana and I’m sure that she smells like one, too, just looks at all of those flies hanging all over her. I think I am going to Puke!

  28. Vince Lombardi

    Pancake butt…. yep, a Hilton.

  29. shanana

    THAT is hot? Good grief, people. You gotta get out more.

    She’s got the body of an aging 45 year old with a saggy ass and a bikini bottom that looks like a diaper.

  30. Sheva

    I’d rather hit this than that fat cow Kim Harlotisian any day.

  31. A Friend

    Any Hawaii photos of PARIS and her mother KATHY?

  32. mrs.t

    With all that fucking money, they can’t fix that fucking nose? And call Kardashian to Find out who did her ass implants? KIm did go a little apeshit on the size-Nicky couldn’t support an ass of those proportions…..but the sag makes me sad in my heart.

    And that nose is all burnt up because it sticks out farther than anything else on her body-she needs one of those Kid-N-Play hats from 1985. The baseball cap with the bill that’s like 20 inches long.

  33. Realist

    Bigger boobs and more curves generally would help, but she has a pretty nice body! MUCH better than her sister.

  34. A Friend


    For more photos of the HILTONs in Hawaii, go to


  35. From Argentina

    She needs a nose job.
    When she is 40 or 50 we are talking about a bad situation on that face.

  36. p. nym

    #14 I think it might say ‘HILTON’… ?

  37. Nikky Raney

    she’s still so much better than paris.

  38. S.I.N.

    DUDE!! …it’s a bug on a stick.

  39. michelle

    that is not Nicky Hilton.

  40. She is a really sexy and hot girl..It seems that she has a personal account at a military&admirer dating club with her pictures and blog. She is so popular there. Her photos on that site
    I hope I were her, thus I can date those hot guys there…LOL

  41. Beastman AIDS

    cUtIe&GiRl – for using alternating case i’m going to uppercut you in the ovaries and for spamming i’m going to shoryuken your colon.

  42. She is wearing a bikini all right. But what’s on those enormous feet?

  43. hellov

    N H is so beautiful and hot in bikini.She looks so hoooot! Just a question about her, is she single again? I saw her profile on millionaire dating site “”last week. Just curious!

  44. If she was any heavier, you’d be talking about her “ginormous” thighs…

  45. she looks like heather from antm cycle 9 here.

  46. dude

    wow she has a really flat chest. i always assumed she had big boobs.

  47. coldy

    hot ,

  48. Lowlands

    Aww! I haven’t seen Nicky for a while! I’ll bet she did enjoy her time at the beach.Doesn’t she wear her braces anymore?

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