Nicky Hilton enjoys standing next to penises


In case there was any doubt in your mind that Nicky Hilton’s new Miami hotel Nicky O isn’t going to be a complete joke, check out this photoshoot she had for it featuring a bunch of naked people. I know the Hilton family education consists of Saturday morning cartoons, but this is the sort of marketing campaign you’d use for beer, condoms, or homoerotic cruises where you question your own sexuality. The only hotels that should be marketed this way charge by the hour and have women on the first floor walking around with price tags on them.

Don’t click any of the NSFW pictures if you’re offended by male genitalia or the female buttocks, because there’s plenty of both all around. Thanks to Mark for the tip, and for reminding me why I don’t scour the internet looking for naked pictures of men.

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