Nicki Minaj Pulls a Daddy Warbucks on Twitter

In a rather touching story from one of the founding members of the ass-pack, Nicki Minaj is taking her philanthropy down to the DM and tying off the loose ends of anyone who tweets at her with financial aid problems. It all started on Saturday night when Nicki started drunk-tweeting her Twitter followers, offering to pay their “tuition”. We’ve all sent messages similar to this when we were single and alone; it’s pretty much the same result… Nicki clearly wasn’t planning on anyone from Pepperdine or Sarah Lawrence to come out of the woodworks with their $400,000 mistake- but she was able to help out twenty or so people with a couple hundred bucks here and there.

Including this woman from a Cleveland “doctor school” place…

Sorry, lady, but taking one introductory RN class at a Cleveland community college doesn’t count as Medical school.

Still, it’s kind of nice to see her not being a complete waste of space. Be on the lookout for Nicki’s primetime network gameshow: Pull It Out My A***! (title subject to hundreds of copyright infringements)