Nicki Minaj’s Nipple Slip Has Destroyed The Very Fabric Of Our Society

August 5th, 2011 // 224 Comments

While performing on Good Morning America, Nicki Minaj‘s nipple popped out, and ABC didn’t catch it in time for the east coast feed prompting the Parents Television Council to commence its Puritanical pants-shitting because anyone under 80 actually watches GMA and isn’t trained to skip the musical performances by now. – “Rock n’ roll, you say? Not with this angina.” *click* – Of course, what everyone should be getting up in arms about is that Nicki felt the need to ferociously eat fried chicken onstage which proves she really has been Lady GaGa in blackface all along, except now she’s just doing horrible caricatures of stuff you people love. And what do I mean by “you people?” I mean black people. You love fried chicken, and it’s cool. Own it, don’t hide it, you’re not doing anything wrong. Want to know what white people love? Ranch dressing. Mercy me, how exciting.

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  1. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Frank The Duck
    Commented on this photo:

    Big Deal a topless black woman. Haven’t these people ever read National Geographic? Especially the older back issues……

  2. Kimball

    90% of my visits to this website are via my cell phone. Are cell phones not allowed to access NSFW versions of the pictures? Do I have to click on the source and track it down that way? Used to be we were supposed to select “full size picture” for uncensored, but that doesn’t work any more. Nearly the only reason to visit this website is the possibility of nude celebs, is that no longer the purpose of the superficial? If so I’d like to quit wasting my time.

  3. cc

    I am just like Strom Thurmond isn’t alive to see this.

  4. Motorboat Captain

    Looks like Lisa Frank threw up.

  5. WhiskeyDust

    Let’s see…….. this shitstorm is all about the exposing of a body part which could offend kids…… didn’t that nipple keeps kids alive for the first period of time in their lives? (OK… maybe not the one in question…. I digress….)

  6. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
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    Im so confused, why cant I ever see NSFW pics on my iphone or android smartphone at this website? On my desktop there is a “NSFW Version” link, but on my phone there is just a stupid “View Slideshow” link and then a stupid “View Full Size” link. If I cant see naked celebrities why am I even looking at this website?

  7. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Courtney Love
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    …..!whrs s it Thts talkin bout mee?

  8. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    Did the Grammys add an irony category this year that I’m not aware of?

  9. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    When Nicki Minaj isn’t the weirdest thing in the photo, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due: the weirdly winking underage R-asian-bow Brite in the corner.

  10. An exposed female breast on The Superficial? It’s like I woke up in the year 2009! Of course, back then I wouldn’t dream of leaving a comment on the messageboard of my jerk-off site. My, how the times have changed. Bring back the nudity, Fish?

  11. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one ugly scag.

  12. Nicotine

    I am a black man and I admit… I love chicken. But here’s the plot twist, I like dipping my chicken in… RANCH DRESSING!!!!

  13. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    Puuurrrple Nuuuurrrrple!

    That is definitely a pic.

  14. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, geez, everybody chill out. It’s just a nipple. Nothing to see here, move along, nothing…nippllllle…:: ooh, dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the ni-hiite ::

  15. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    she tries so hard to look white that i expected for her nipples to be a lighter color

  16. kulit

    she tries to hard to look white that i half-expected for her nipplies to be of a lighter color

  17. shawnie

    I am black and this whole thing about nikki I don’t care and why was she on good day American?

  18. shawnie

    She’s nothing like Lil’ Kim ; she’s royal and loyal to the game. Nikki needs to pay homage now!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Something's missing..

    If she’d have paired the chicken with some watermelon and purple drank then the picture would have been complete.

    This makes me doubt her “blackness”.

    She might be able to recover by having a few kids out of wedlock.

  20. Person

    You make fun of puritanical nutjobs, yet you censor the nipple.

  21. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Cock Dr
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    The “OMG, my big implanted boob somehow popped out of this skimpy top on live national network TV! However did THAT happen? I’m so shocked & embarrassed!” routine.
    Yeah right. Totally orchestrated.

  22. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Really, who could guess that boobs might decide to jump out of a low cut top while crawling around on all fours? How can you plan for such a random & unexplained freak phenomenon?

  23. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    The chick on her right has a nipple about to tear through her top.

  24. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    Augustus Gloop just shot up the drainpipe and you’re celebrating? That’s mean.

  25. anonym

    it’s just a nipple………. on some fake tits.

    big fuckin deal.

    I got nipples too. What’s so special about women’s nipples?

    the best part is all the jiggly fat inside. not the nipple.

  26. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
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    I didnt know Rupaul was making a comeback.

  27. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG shit I wasnt prepared to see that! Scared me

  28. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not sure what sociopolitical moray she is lampooning here, or if this is a visual statement intended to hyperbolicly shift paradigms of preconceptions involving race, but it did make me laugh so hard a little pee came out.

  29. Blech

    Anything that goes against the Parents Television Council ,or any parent group or organization for that matter, is alright with me.

  30. tlmck

    Skanky, no talent ho + live TV = bad decision

  31. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    That nipple is the least offensive thing I am seeing in these pictures.

  32. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    The Brown Streak
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    Is that the same Star shaped nipple cover Janet Jackson used?

  33. Angus

    Why is this bitch dressed like a black Miss Piggy?

  34. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
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    Nice nipples.

  35. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
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    She’s plastic.

  36. the one

    this is a perfect example of somebody who los the connection with “Real Life”, folks!!

  37. Dee Snider is black now?

  38. Jasmine

    Actually not all black people love fried chicken..I’m black and I’m a vegetarian… :o

  39. Forget hers, the girl in the background has a nipple so big it has its own long shadow…

  40. Ryan N.

    Ok first of all, its more likely that no one under 80 was watching GMA. And destroying the very fabric of our society? Come on…. People who know what a nipple is were probably slightly excited, and those who dont (kids) probably mostly ignored it until their parents flipped. And while, as you say, black people may like fried chicken, wtf does that have to do with anything?! I’ve been trying to ignore it, but im so damn tired of how you conservatives talk about topical news as if you are the authorities. And its hilarious to see you try to cover up your racism with a poke at white people. WE LIKE MAYO, NOT RANCH. I will say though, its not what should have happened, but all the people who get some on the regular are ok. Hopefully your virgin eyes recover.

  41. Jewel

    Man she is a good song witter but thia pic is much better

  42. misha

    Hot Ghetto Mess

  43. Kristina

    Wow you guys remind me how racist America still is and forever will be. Throw someone black up there and here comes to, ‘she drinks kool aid, eats fried chicken, having kids out of wedlock’ jokes. Funny, I don’t like kool aid, fried chicken nor do I have the desire to have children until I’m married and I’m black. Exactly how did that work out? Hmm.

  44. Taila

    Yout black folk living chicken comment is racist and not funny. I’m black and dont eat chicken, pork or beef. Check your self please because I’m sure white folks don’t only eat bland food with no flavor …crackers for example…

    • I don’t think the writer intended it to come off that way. It’s really poorly written sarcasm for sure. I’ve been on this site for a while and he writes failed jokes that get misinterpreted once in a while.

      As for the nip slip, it’s as simple as explaining to kids “her private parts were accidentally shown on tv and we cover those up in public.” However, by making a big deal of it, kids are just going to find their own way to expose a taboo that is nonexistent. That shit leads to sense of a “rush” and quiet “rebellion” which leads to much darker shit. Good job on turning kids into perverts.

  45. Dave Bell

    Let’s be objective and mature about this, it is just a breast showing on national tv. It has nothing to do with Nikki being black, which I find comments directed in that racist direction stupid and immature and certainly counter productive. And I really don’t think for a minute it was planned. As a white male Canadian I find most of the comments on this page far more offensive than seeing a good looking lady’s breast on TV. Would rather see that than the constant bombardment of violence that is shown daily. That headline about “Destroying the very fabric of our Society” is a joke. What will destroy the fabric of American society is redneck racist thinking and your total lack of gun control.

  46. Disa

    Am a bit offended by this post “u black people” really?

  47. Ernesto dela Penis

    There are people who find this woman attractive? Bleh.

  48. Diablo666

    This is the most racist shit I’ve read….crawl back under the rock from which u came…idiots like u is what keeps racism alive…

  49. Tanvi devasser

    Stfu u are fake Dave Ur dick is probably a plastic bottle. I’m Indian but I dnt pick and choose sides even though ppl shouldn’t be called u ppl bitches. Just telling the fucking truth here

  50. Nicki Minaj Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ll lay odds the drumstick is just as fake as the rest of her.

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