Nicki Minaj’s Nipple Slip Has Destroyed The Very Fabric Of Our Society

While performing on Good Morning America, Nicki Minaj’s nipple popped out, and ABC didn’t catch it in time for the east coast feed prompting the Parents Television Council to commence its Puritanical pants-shitting because anyone under 80 actually watches GMA and isn’t trained to skip the musical performances by now. – “Rock n’ roll, you say? Not with this angina.” *click* – Of course, what everyone should be getting up in arms about is that Nicki felt the need to ferociously eat fried chicken onstage which proves she really has been Lady GaGa in blackface all along, except now she’s just doing horrible caricatures of stuff you people love. And what do I mean by “you people?” I mean black people. You love fried chicken, and it’s cool. Own it, don’t hide it, you’re not doing anything wrong. Want to know what white people love? Ranch dressing. Mercy me, how exciting.

Photo: Splash News

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