Nicki Minaj’s Reclusive Nipple Briefly Emerges From Hiding

Nicki Minaj let a little peek of her nipple out while doing fuck knows what outside of a Marc Jacobs fashion show recently and it almost snuck by us. I recognize that we don’t have a full-on topless Olympia Valance here, but it just gets my click-o-meter humming like a drone camera floating outside of a celebrity’s bedroom window when stuff like this comes across my desk. (Can you tell that I think this is creepy?)

Anyway, there you have it… The cresting areola of Nicki Minaj as it peeks out of her top like a baby marsupial riding along with its mother. It’s quite beautiful, really. Kind of like the green flash they say you see when you look at a sunset over the ocean. It happens so fast, you barely even notice… kind of like her nipple, but whatever.