Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Are Getting Along Nicely

October 3rd, 2012 // 64 Comments
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Here’s Nicki Minaj flipping out on Mariah Carey, and apparently Randy Jackson, too, during an audition taping for American Idol while Keith Urban just sits there in the middle thinking, “Well, at least no one’s touching me with their plastic face. Their dead plastic face…” TMZ reports:

Nicki Get this shit in self control. Get in control. Get in control.
Randy Settle down, settle down.
Nicki Don’t lose your head. Don’t lose your head (inaudible). Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.
Nicki (inaudible) every 5 minutes. So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it.
Nicki I told them I’m not fuckin’ putting up with her fucking highness over there. Figure it the fuck out. Figure it out.
Nicki I’m not gonna sit here every fucking minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.

Eventually order was restored:

Keith Bitches, I’mma snatch up both yo’ weaves, I’m from Australia. (hops in kangaroo pouch, bounces off camera)

Okay, that last part didn’t happen, but only because I thought it’d be racist if Keith Urban beat both of them with a boomerang while yelling, “Y’all brought the Steve Irwin outta me!” Which he did, I saw the whole thing.

Video: Courtesy of TMZ


  1. cc

    Laughable. Not a fan of her music, but Mariah Carey has had more hits and sold more records than Nicki Minaj would in 5 lifetimes. She should just shut her ghetto mouth.

    • Darling

      Nicki Minaj is a dumb ass cunt. Sure, Mariah is a diva but she has the pipes and talent. Nicki doesn’t have any talent with an even worse attitude, unless having fake tits, fake hair, fake ass, fake makeup, and an autotune voice is considered “talent”.

      • kayla

        nicki is a hater and ant got what mariah got she is so dumb and stupid get a life nicki stop being geto!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. This could easily be solved by them going down on each other while the cameras keep rolling of course.

  3. CC has it right. How can Nicki Minaj critique people’s singing? Mariah is batshit crazy, but talented and has had a long, lucrative career.

    This is what AI gets. They knew this was a terrible idea, but they probably thought the controversy would cause ratings. A little fighting, yes, but nobody wants to see loud ghetto-ass fights all the time. Keith Urban is probably so scared.

    • terry

      You’re right. AI is in steep decline so they chose MC because she is available. She is a legend now and has plenty of fucking time on her hands. Niki is garbage. Some weird ass, black barbie concoction that can’t headline on her own. Needs the money ; so AI was like a Rush card.
      She is a hot mess.
      Keith? Jesus christ! What the fuck is he doing there?

      • I’m not going to lie- I watch X-Factor this year. The judges have a decent chemistry, with Demi & Simon having a cute little father-daughter-like banter and Britney just staring off into space. They did a good job of covering a lot of different demographics- the tweens love Demi, the 20-somethings love Britney, the mom’s love Simon and his chest hair, and the older people love L.A.’s respect to old blues. Here, we have a mess of mostly one-dimensional people. Doesn’t make sense, and was a terrible plan.

  4. Craptard

    I’m shocked these two would be fighting – they seem like such classy, level headed women.

  5. The Royal Penis

    Fight! Fight! A nig*er and a…..white?

    (It’s just a joke people, as Tosh says “It’s funny because it’s racist.”)

    • Katiebones

      Mariah Carey is HALF BLACK you dumb F**K – she said it herself, so your lame joke f***king fails.

  6. Dude of Dudes

    Im genuinely disappointed the words “Ima cut a hoe” were not used.

  7. bubbles

    ^^What’s *funny* about that ‘joke,’ exactly?^^

    A couple of mind-controlled tools of the illuminati have a cat-fight on camera, and it’s big news!? Alrighty then.

  8. USDA Prime McBeef

    Carey is no treat, but come on, that bitch sang like a dolphin in ’93.

    Minaj is just a fucking abomination to all the senses.

    • memmememe

      Seriously. She’s beyond gross. And while I’m not a Mimi fan, that Minaj chick isn’t ever going to be as famous as Mimi.

  9. MissAnnThropy

    Granted, Carey has had tons of hits and has been around for quite sometime, however, everyone KNOWS what a stuck up, pretentious bitch she is and how she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. I’m sure she finds a way to insult Minaj every chance she gets (Honestly, I think her “singing” is horrible). Minaj probably got to her breaking point and snapped.

    • mrsmass

      and why shouldn’t she insult Minaj at every opportunity?

      • MissAnnThropy

        mrsmass, what gives Carey the right to insult someone on a daily basis?? Because they are different? Regardless of Minaj not being classy, a train wreck and just disgusting. In my opinion it’s uncalled for.

    • Lissa

      Guess you haven’t heard Nicki Minaj sing, have you? Cuz if you had, or seen her in any live performance, you would know it ain’t pretty.

      • MissAnnThropy

        Lissa, guess you didn’t read my entire post BECAUSE (being “Cuz” is usually a form of reference for a friend or cousin..) I believe I CLEARLY stated that I could not stand Minaj’s singing. Frankly, I think she is a disgusting, wannabe Little Kim.

  10. JC

    I’m glad Fish provided a transcript, because I can’t make out a single word. I didn’t realize Nicki’s native language was Croatian.

  11. Can we arrange it where these two are armed to the teeth on the next episode? I’d definitely watch “American Idol” then! Finally something worth seeing.

  12. AI should make it interesting. Put the guys in the outside chairs and put the women next to each other. That’s how Nielson wants it, and I ain’t talkin’ Leslie.

  13. Cock Dr

    And after this Keith Urban went home and hugged his plastic botoxed wife so hard…

  14. km

    What the hell is she talking about? She sounds like my Chihuahua. She’s not even looking at Mariah. Punk ass bitch.

  15. Mariah Camel

    Unfortunately Nicki does not understand that I am Diva. Make your own sandwich bitch.

  16. El Jefe

    Someone of Mariah’s caliber and talent should never have to share a stage with someone like Nicki Minaj. I would be offended. How the fuck can someone like Nicki Minaj judge someone’s singing ability? The bitch does not sing and can’t sing.

  17. vandinz

    Now I like Nicki Minaj and I like Mariah Carey so there’s only one way to settle this … FIIIIIIGHT!

  18. vandinz

    Sounded like one of those tiny fuckin barking dogs. Someone put it down ffs.

  19. skunk

    all these shows are fuckin stupid

  20. memmememe

    Why would Mariah choose to be on a show with this ghetto trash? Why is Keith Urban on it? do they need money? are they that desperate for attention? jeesh, celebrities these days are sad.

    • What an idiot

      I don’t know about the others, but Keith Urban has said he is doing it for 2 reasons: 1) so he can stay in 1 place & be with his family (ie – no touring), and 2) so he can give the judging money to charity. Dude’s a country superstar & doesn’t need the money; he could go on tour & make $20 million without breaking a sweat. Also, he’s not much of an attention demander; I suspect he’s rethinking his decision to be on this show right about now…

  21. What an idiot

    The person I feel for is Keith Urban. Yes, he’s being paid $2 million dollars to be a judge here, but he’s basically a good dude, and he’s giving his judging money to charity. And, he has to sit between queen diva bitch & a foul mouthed no talent ugly fake hood rat, all while making less than 20% of what Mariah is making. Dude’s in a no-win situation…

  22. Deacon Jones

    It’s like the old saying goes –

    “You can take the….” oh forget it, what’s the point

  23. Keith, “Thanks for putting me between Cray and Cray Cray”.

  24. tlmck

    I vote we buy them both one way tickets to Pluto.

  25. baloo

    so that female actually thinks she’s all that-like she sings about in junk music she creates. Seriously, you think sitting there with your pink hair and talentless self you have something to GO OFF about? That too to Mariah Carey who can actually sing?

  26. Rose

    I don’t understand who made up this panel, those 3 people are so disjointed and I feel like no one cares about any of them – maybe Nicki ’cause she’s the most relevant right now but she doesn’t have any business judging people’s singing. Mariah Carey has always been a diva, they knew this crap was going to happen with the two of them, so why put someone like Keith Urban in between them when he can’t help diffuse any of it – he must be really embarrassed. Don’t think I’ll be watching AI anymore.

  27. luv_lee247

    she definetly siad “Say one more disrespectful thing…don’t lose your head…Don’t tell me im inadequate…you’re insecure and inadequate”-Nicki

  28. luv_lee247

    she definetly said “Say one more disrespectful thing…don’t lose your head…Don’t tell me im inadequate…you’re insecure and inadequate”-Nicki

  29. Carolyn

    What kind of moron even watches these reality shows?

  30. Lissa

    Nicki actually kinda sounds like turrets crazy over there. Fun stuff.

  31. dwagyak

    Keith judged on the Australian version of “The Voice” last year. That probably was a fairly sane, interesting, and fun experience. Now he’s gotten into this – possibly not realizing that AI will do anything to get ratings. Including making him an assault victim by sitting where he sits now. Please write a song about this, Keith!

  32. Burt

    Publicity stunt.

  33. Ummmmmm So, I still don’t understand why minaj is a jugde…….THE BITCH IS HORRID. Mariah is 5x times the singer and performer she will ever be.

  34. al

    what do you expect from a crazy ass biatch that dyes her hair pink………oh my god shoot me now……….

  35. oz

    keith urban is from nz.

  36. DumbHoes

    Nicki Minaj is nothin’ but ghetto trash.
    Time to reboot, because this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  37. I Kidman.

    Keith did what any Aussie bloke would do when two uppity bitches start fighting… Order a beer and enjoy the show.

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