Farrah Abraham Has Her Daughter Tweeting Nicki Minaj Now

In case you missed it in the whirlwind of David Bowie dying and the Golden Globes, on Sunday, Nicki Minaj decided to relax and watch some trash TV, as we all do, where she naturally found Farrah Abraham. And like most people seeing Farrah speak and interact with other people, Nicki couldn’t believe how this spoiled bitch was treating her own mother that was practically raising her abandoned daughter, and the shit was on:

Sensing an opportunity to pucker her anus at something, Farrah jumped right in and proceeded to get said anus owned:

Oh, snap, a call for holiness. There’s only one response to that: Platypus pussy. Which Nicki Minaj retweeted, and frankly, so should every man, child, and beast on the Internet.

And now to talk about why Farrah Abraham is an idiot. See, this is the part where Nicki Minaj walked away because she’s got shit to do and clearly won this thing 20 platypus pussy times over. Because instead of coming up with a clever retort like, “Hey, Nicki, how’d your brother who raped a kid post bail?” Farrah went with, “What you do for a living looks like what I actually do for a living! You should go to church!” On top of that, Farrah kept going and going to the point where she made her five-year-old daughter do this:

So is there a video where little Sophia says, “Mommy, stop swearing at boys when they put their pee-pees in your butt?” because I must’ve missed that one. And maybe there is! If it’ll move rubber assholes off the shelf, anything’s possible.

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