Nicki Minaj Has A Butt, Not Sure If You Knew

July 24th, 2014 // 42 Comments
Nicki Minaj Butt Anaconda

Here’s the cover for Nicki Minaj‘s new single “Anaconda” which apparently is a song written by and for her butt. Or it’s about the metaphysical struggle between the dueling natures of humanity. You know what? I bet it’s that. You can tell by the shoes.

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  1. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. It’s absolutely perfect. I just want bury my face in there. Can you motorboat a butt? That’s what I want to do.

  2. D.

    Zaloog, you must have never heard of photoshop . . .

  3. Brian

    The parental advisory seems redundant. The utterly consumed thong should be advisory enough.

  4. fuck the haters her body is a masterpiece

  5. Beltliner

    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun..

    • J-Dizzle

      I like big butts as much as the next guy, but I see and hear Nicki and my anaconda don’t want none of it!

  6. Cock Dr

    The woman knows how to garner internet attention.

  7. loose_deuce


  8. Mr. Fahrenheit

    I didn’t think it was logically possible, but the touch-up artist actually used up all of his Photoshop.

  9. Ronaldo

    Thats a bootty for manly men. Thats not easy to handle. I am up to the task. It would be a total workout.

  10. Anaconda? More like Photoshopped Butthole, AMIRITE?!?

    **I would enjoy my time vacationing on her ass for the remainder of the summer.

  11. brick

    There is one of us that thinks that shit is gross, not sure if you knew.

  12. anoymous

    Not really a fan but she does look a lot better without all that Barbie shit she was doing in years past.

  13. Stephanie

    It doesn’t count if a doctor gave it to you. Every body knows that this girl has had fat injections in her ass.

  14. I have been waiting for this picture for a long time. I would love to get all up in there. Fake or not. That’s my kind of ass.

  15. YadaYada

    All of the people disparaging her ass for being fake are missing the point: looking at this ass makes your penis stiffen. Or it should.

  16. Sweet Air Jordans.

  17. J-Dizzle

    I love a big ass, but when I see Nicki’s, it’s like looking at Paris HIlton’s vag but brown and filled with implants. The road looks nice but dangerous diseases ahead!

  18. penix

    Would LOVEEEE to see the untouched photos, I’m sure it’s a mess.

  19. Sterling Wilson

    We used to call this a fat ass, not a phat ass.

  20. TobiasMerriweather

    According to the internets 10K+ plus implant procedures (minus the illegal this is prolly gonna kill you look ma we’re paying less butt prolly gonna get more right? Type dealios) took place in the US in 2013. My point? I got nothing but that arse and all it’s ‘condashop looks oh sooo right.

  21. Truth

    Classic, talentless stinkpig with no redeeming value to society…

  22. Having already seen ‘dat ass’ up close and in person, all I can say is these pics don’t do it justice. They should have their own area code.

  23. Tautology

    Despite being almost a complete fabrication of Photoshop, Nicki Minaj remains a fucking disgusting animal.

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