Nickelodeon Screwed Dora the Explorer

October 7th, 2010 // 80 Comments

(Me next.)

For those of you of Latino heritage who enjoyed seeing Dora the Explorer become a learning phenomenon for children the world over, the show is apparently more authentic than you realized. According to NY Daily News, Nickelodeon shafted the voice of Dora, Caitlin Sanchez, out of millions of dollars and paid her next to nothing for promotional appearances. ¡Olé!

I’ve never seen as convoluted and inscrutable contract as I’ve seen here,” Caitlin’s lawyer, John Balestriere, told the Daily News on Wednesday night.
Balestriere said Caitlin was cheated out of “millions, perhaps tens of millions.”
In addition to not being compensated for hundreds of hours of recording sessions, Caitlin was forced to fly around the country promoting the show for a “meager travel stipend of $40 a day,” the suit charges.

Caitlin’s own agent Jason Bercy apparently didn’t do her any favors during the negotiations either:

Bercy, who is not named as a defendant in the suit, gave the Sanchez family 22 minutes to review the contract, threatening that if they didn’t sign Nickelodeon would “pass on Caitlin for the part of Dora,” the suit claims.
When Caitlin’s parents later complained about the pay, Bercy threatened them, saying, Nickelodeon “will fire her if she pushes too much,” the suit charges

Allow me to read between the lines on this one and assume Lou Dobbs not only employed illegal immigrants for years, he was also the producer of one the most prominent Latin America-based shows on children’s television. Of course. On that note, if you guys were looking for some grand political statement, I believe this right here should cover it. SUCK ON THAT, MADDOW.

Oh, right, the lesbian thing. Can I start over?

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. rooster


  2. Taz

    let’s play dress up!

  3. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    See Alice
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    Ever watch that cartoon . Filled with hidden agendas . Educational , only a very fringe part of society

  4. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    Dora the Thief is what my kids were taught.

    There’s Dora, walking along a path. Uh-oh… she’s stopped by a river! No problem, there’s a canoe right here! Can you say “canoe?” Very good. Now, Dora climbs into the canoe and rows across.

    Three minutes later she’s screaming “SWIPER, NO SWIPING!” after just stealing a canoe and leaving it on the wrong side of the river.

    Happened virtually every show. Half the stuff in her backpack was stuff she “found” along the way… in people’s yards and such.


  5. Dayum!

    She’s HOT!!

  6. That pretty young thang looks a lot like Natalie Portman.
    Go get your money honey.

  7. These people are just fucking retarded. She was screwed out of millions of dollars? Just how much do they think no-name voice actors get paid for childrens cartoons?

    • Anglo

      Typical cheap immigrant labor hahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahaha!

    • Yes, “no name”, she is not a celebrity. As to being voice of the franchise…she’s the NINTH girl to do the voice. Do you get that, EIGHT other girls before her were the “voice of the franchise”. She only did the voice for two seasons, that’s it.

      jesus tapdancing christ, people act like this little girl created, wrote, starred and produced the damn show herself instead of just being the latest kid to be paid VERY well to read lines in a sound booth.


    Lol She may get a chance to recoup that doe on Lou’s “celebrity” apprentice.
    Damn, mr Cash is probably the only dude I’m jealous of…

  9. gaag

    you guys are freaking morons, That is JESSICA ALBA!
    The real girl is like 12 or something, god, Looks like the latinos keep getting screwed over, what’s next?

  10. Jessesgirl

    I’d screw Dora the Explorer too (the Alba version that is). Hot.

  11. rican

    Olé!?!? That’s not Latino you fucking moron, that’s Spanish from Spain. Go take it up the ass from Boots!

  12. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    She looks like a latin Natalie Portman.

  13. Mohammed's Taint

    You’re wrong…it’s Mexican.

  14. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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  15. Sweet jesus never thouht id wana do dora but five really does say it all… Thanks fish ur all heart! Cant wait to see the real life kai lan!! But i digress..

    Any contract signed under duress or undue influence you can pretty much wipe ur ass with. I smell a major lawsuit. But def get a better fucking lawyer first~ what a numbskull

    • I don’t think you’d have much luck defining “I really wanted the job so I signed without reading the contract” as “under duress”. Nice try though.

      The kid did voice recordings for a 3rd rate network kids cartoon for a couple years. Even if they paid her ZERO, she could at most claim damages of less than $100K. She wasn’t the first girl to do the character voice, and she won’t be the last. She was paid for her performance, the job ended, get over it.

      They replaced her on the show because she GREW UP and doesn’t have a kids voice any more, now the family hired a lawyer to try to cash in one last time.

      • Well be that as it may it*sounds* like a hussle on the netwotk’s part, and conversely if this is a hussle by her fam then i still see nick paying her just to avoid embarassment. Espec this month that theyre making a big deal out of dora’s ‘birthday’..

      • Kerri

        exactly! and she was paid over $5000 per episode! ever hear of a savings account? did they think her ‘kid’ voice would last forever. idiots.

  16. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    I'm on cough syrup
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    Yo why the fuck is Jessica Alba dressed like Dora the explorer, also FIRST.

  17. NameGoesHere

    I am confused, did they screw her out of millions or did they pay her what she agreed to in the contract? If they negotiated a pay and then changed it then yeah, pursue it. If you stupidly entered into a contract and undervalued yourself, then it is your own fault. Honor your CONTRACT and when up for renewal do a little better next time.

  18. StEvec

    ……and she is only 14 years old.

  19. anonymous

    WTF is the bitch with the lawyer complaining about? Go back to waitressing and working for tips if you are unhappy with your gig.

  20. Krystal

    These are HER LAWYER’S STATEMENTS, you dozey fucking twat. This is not evidence; this are not unassailable truths. Her lawyer can say anything he fucking wants out of court.

  21. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    Vas Deferens
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    Dora is hot. I would like to explore her.

  22. Sardonic

    There is something so wrongly right with her dressed up like this.

  23. I hope she knocks on my door Oct 31st in that outfit.

  24. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    Rick's Daddy
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    No thanks. Flat ass in orange shorts isn’t appeasing to me.

  25. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    is it just me or her face kind of looks like jessica alba?

  26. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    is it just me or does her body look like jessica alba? you are hilarious or an idiot. i vote hilarious.

  27. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    jessica alba is not appealing to you? ummmm gay.

  28. Mike Walker

    To quote the fish:
    “I’m willing to pay two Mexican midgets a dollar – That’s like a million bucks to them”

    So that’s like 40 million dollars a day!

  29. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    Sell you light

  30. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    What she said
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    @ Rick’s Daddy

    So gay. Just come out of that closet now dude, it’s the 21st century. We can see it, why can’t you?

  31. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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  32. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    she doesnt do anything for me either…idk, shes boring and has an ugly butt now…i like ellen page..cute girls…women.

  33. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    She hasn’t had body since Idle Hand, cute face flat ass.. pass.

  34. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    That ass is far from flat. It’s just small. Round, plump, and small. Those just aren’t good shorts for her.

  35. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    Who’s ASS would you rather see, mine, KK’s or her’s?

  36. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    Is it me, or does this girl not look like Jessica Alba? Did I miss something here? I thought her name was Caitlin or something?

  37. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    Ray Sist.
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    Why do we need some fence hopper cartoon bitch teaching Spanish to our kids? What about German or Chinese or Russian? Why the fucking most irritating sounding language?

  38. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    Soviet Snow
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    I’d explore THAT Dora! Back DOORa that is.

  39. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    she DOES look like Jessica Alba, stunner

  40. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    yeah, comon this has got to be jessica alba. the story made me think twice that it’s the chic he is talking about doing her promotional dress-ups, because there was no reference to alba. but after seeing the rest of the pics its totally alba, it’s not even a she looks like her, but more she is a complete replica of her.

    and checking the photos again, it looks like alba has dressed as dora for Halloween or something, as u see all the others with her are playing dress-ups too.

  41. LolleyGagger

    “Six dollars….that’s like a dollar an hour!”
    $40/day may be a correct per diem for food but you are to be paid for time there as well it’s not a salary or wage.

    Millions sounds high like the other posters are saying voice work on a limited animated show as a newcomer replacement. However, since a lawsuit has been filed she could very well make close to that in a settlement, mistake was made by letting it go that far, they [Nickelodeon] should’ve settled out of court for a cow and some chickens, sounds like they would go for that. Taking advantage of a minor was their biggest mistake, good lawyer could play that up real well but then he’ll see a big payoff in the end as well.

  42. George Double-ya

    Wow, it’s Jessica Alba dressed as Dora the Explorer! Uhhhhhh, does this mean I have to jerk off to Dora????

  43. Why does she have a woman’s head and a little kids body? Very weird looking girl if you ask me.

  44. Willy Wonka

    I’d like to explore inside her Vag…

  45. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
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    Jessica Alba. I don’t where those pictures came from but i can
    safely say that she could make a trash bag look sexy.

    I dare anyone to say outerwise.

  46. Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer
    Willy Wonka
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    I’d like to ‘explora’ her Vag…

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