Nick Nolte is dad of the year

December 7th, 2005 // 10 Comments

tn_nick_nolte_mugshot_cr.jpgNick Nolte is being sued by the parents of a girl who was allegedly raped at the actor’s Southern California home. The incident happened back in January, during a party thrown by Nolte’s son. The judge in the case says the prosecution will be allowed to establish a trend of horrible parenting on Nolte’s part.

A motion by attorneys for Nolte and his son argued that broader questioning was irrelevant to the case and would cause “unwarranted annoyance and embarrassment.”

Unwanted annoyance and embarrassment? Nolte already crossed that bridge, vomited on it, and then set its alcohol content on fire when he was busted for the DUI which led to that ridiculous mugshot.

Nolte’s defense team suffers a setback [Associated Press]


  1. rivercmb

    “Nolte already crossed that bridge, vomited on it, and set its alcohol content on fire” That’s beautiful! But I’m kind of surprised and sad that there was a rape party and Nolte wasn’t invited.

  2. derekd

    Whats there not to love about this guy? Outstanding!

  3. Cuore56

    He kinda looks like one of the Trolls I used to have on my bookshelf…the kind where you blew in their hair for good luck & they had a jewel in their belly. Only he’s the troll who uses Pert Plus with shampoo AND conditioner, producing this undesirable result.

  4. pixel killya

    The hair was/is surreal…

  5. bafongu

    I had a choice of watching the Incredible Hulk with Nolte in it, or taking my spleen out with a rusty shiv. I’m happy to say I’m doing fine now and the scar is healing nicely. I’m all over the doo though! He must go through a ton of gel.

  6. BadGoat

    I wonder what my DUI photo might look like one day?

  7. slinkhard

    I saw The Hulk one time. I literally thought I’d accidentally dropped acid before the show, it was that bad.

  8. Ashland

    Certifiably insane. This is a Hollywood “movie star”?? What an eccentric freakshow. I watched the Hulk (chewing on shards of glass for 2 hours would have been less painful). Send this deranged man to the nearest asylum where he belongs.

  9. Lynette Carrington

    The best mugshot…..EVER!

  10. I am happy to say I am very well and now the scar improves well. I though all the doo! He must go through a ton of ice.

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