Nick Lachey’s brother is a dancing queen

tn_drew_lachey_topless_cr.jpgABC has announced its roster for the new season of the wildly offensive to the eyes “Dancing with the Stars.” The list is full of C-list celebrities and former athletes, but the one that caught my eye is Drew Lachey. I guess if your brother is considered the star of the family for having a reality show based on him and his mentally retarded wife, then this is clearly the logical step. If watching Drew trip the lights fantastic isn’t already spasm inducing, you’ll be treated to an extra half-hour per week.

This year, the show has been expanded to 90 minutes to accommodate the cast, which has expanded from six couples to 10.

The only redeeming nugget out of all of this is that I’ll get to ogle Stacy Kiebler. But now that I’ve said this, it’s a lock that she’ll be paired with the above mentioned turd.

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