Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo break up

June 24th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have called it quits, Us Magazine reports:

A source close to the couple tells Us: “It was an amicable break-up. They walk away from it still friends.”
Adds another source, “They still care about each other very much. This is what’s best for both of them.”
The couple hooked up in 2006 — the year after Lachey split from wife Jessica Simpson.

I love how these “sources” always say the same thing during celebrity break ups: “They’re still the best of friends.” “Unicorns met them at the door as they embraced for the last time.” Just once, I’d like to hear a source say something like: “He’s been nothing doing but looking up his exes on Facebook and masturbating, while she just got engaged to that weird guy from Starbucks after one date.” Who hasn’t been there, am I right? High five! Actually, no wait, don’t. I can see the Facebook screen on your monitor and, have you been crying?

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  1. Ananana

    there was a blind item on ONTD about a celeb who was cheating on her boyfriend continuously and vanessa was the obvious choice.

  2. Nick is a relationship kinda guy just like me! shes a break dancing floozy…

  3. Bmurphy72

    Marry is a mule for posting that crap.

    Vanessa will have to have that thing cleaned and recertified before putting it back in rotation on the general population……

  4. Oh, those two are still alive?

  5. Waaaaaaaaah! The poor fucker gets to nail a different hottie now… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  6. sperminator

    dunno who they are but i volunteer for the recovery process of minnillo!

  7. Dave

    Uhh… who are these people? Oh wait, I don’t care. Post about some real celebs would you? You know, the kind people have heard of. Kthx.

  8. fagballs

    Who and who break up?

  9. she’ll be better off. he looks like such a fag.

  10. not that there’s anything wrong with fags.

  11. vinom

    This girl is such an asshole. She is incredibly unintelligent and talks ghetto/black whenever she is on the screen. Pretty as hell but a total waste of time. 2-3 nights TOPS.

  12. Tad Bit Tipsy

    NIck… a poster child for just plain stupid…
    Vanessa… a poster child for celibacy…
    Stupid people should be fixed or neutered like pets.

  13. elijah

    and we don’t care…..

  14. elijah

    and we don’t care…..

  15. Moto Rola

    I think they decided it was time to make themselves relevant in the news so they broke up.

  16. logicspeaking

    She will probably hook up with another white guy like most sell out asian girls do these days.

  17. missywissy

    He’s such a great talent. How does Jessica Simpson get record deals and he’s in the shadows????

  18. Sway

    It probably didn’t work out so well on the account that he’s gay

  19. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY THEY BROKE UP? Read and learn girls. This is the kind of shit that gets you kicked to the curb.

    On June 2nd Vanessa Minnillo said this at Vegas event she attended ALONE.

    ‘Pointing to a 5-carat ring on her middle finger, Minnillo, 28, tells Las Vegas columnist Robin Leach, “It will be 10 carats when it moves to the fourth finger!”

    Leach says she was laughing when she said it. But in the course of a brief interview posted on his Vegas DeLuxe blog, Minnillo mentions marriage three times.
    Noting that Lachey, 35, couldn’t make it to Vegas with her because he was at a friend’s birthday party, she pouted, “So once again it looks as if I’m always the bridesmaid but never the bride.”

    Gee wonder why he let this prize piece go. She’s not at all materialitic , gold digging, whiny, clingy, demanding, pushy or past her her prime (which wasn’t pretty low to begin with anyway).,,20282789,00.html

  20. Sport

    I’m your rebound Vanessa….

  21. fukyouidiot

    Has everyone forgotten the nude pic of her and her hairy bush. He probably got tired of pulling the pubes out of his teeth.

  22. Swagger

    Bitch looks like Tiger Woods anyway. Yeah – a sex tape with them would look like a monkey f’ing Tiger Woods in the ass.

  23. Walter

    She’s mine!

  24. frank

    what’s wrong with his hand. what is this a wax sculpture?

  25. Randa1

    Hey there Nick, hope you’re doing well during this rough time in your life. I’ve been following your lucrative career since you were the lead singer for 98° and I’m a big fan!

    Keep smiling buddy and stay true to yourself. Love will find you again.


  26. loved`

    yo i swear i be looking like 12 PACK from I LOVE NY.

  27. loved`

    yo i swear i be looking like 12 PACK from I LOVE NY.

  28. Tom K

    Wow I have never seen a Filipino so desperate for white dick and money. Wait, wait, yes I have. It’s quite common actually. Gold digging whore lol

  29. el ces

    Those nude pics’ll probably surface now.

  30. Boo freaking hoo, as Cuba Gooding Jr said in Jerry Maguire. I would hit VM though, without issues or concerns.
    The Rake

  31. Rhialto

    They probably broke up because they got tired of Mexican holidays.

  32. LoverT

    I knew these two wouldn’t last as soon as they found each other!!!! She was a fucking rebound, no shit!
    Plus she’s fucking fugly, she’s uglier than Jessica’s worst days!!
    She looks like a goddamn Monkey….gross. How boring….brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin…..BLAH BLAH BLAH, looks like 20 million other women, he would’ve been so bored after 2 weeks. She’s a fucking nobody anyway. Fucking good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. robynnn

    i thought i was dyslexic for a second until i realized you actually did write “He’s been NOTHING DOING”

    but i still adore you and gaze longingly at my sketch of what you might look like before i fall asleep every night.

  34. Dr Cocharoach

    Chicks like her and Megan Fox make the same mistake, they fuck the wrong guys, they should only suck the dicks of the guys that can help their careers. Like directors and producers, not fellow actors especially ones that can’t work themselves. Next thing their old and no one wants to fuck them.

  35. captain america

    he gave it a second thought.

  36. Noooooo, they look like such a nice couple. :(

  37. Shut Up and Die

    Saw that a long time coming. Not surprised in the least. I’m not exactly a fan of Lachey, but I cannot stand her at all. She’s so obviously full of herself. Pathetic.

  38. Doc

    This is good news…

  39. She’s probably already screwed at leat 4 other guys since her break up with Nick. This is typical post modern behavior so I’m not going to fault her for it. That’s just how it is nowadays. Marriage has become so antiquated and meaningless. Men are waking up and don’t fall prey to the whole notion of getting legally bound to some free agent woman. I can’t say I blame them either. The game of Russian Roulette has become too risky. It’s simply not worth it. As long as Nick remains financially stable, keeps his looks up,and does’nt loose too much fame and recognition then there’s hope for him to find him a new girlfriend he can screw and have fun with until she starts gold digging too much and the relationship goes kaput!

  40. boo hoo

    LOL. She does look like Tiger Woods-funky looking oversized teeth and fat lips, Slanted eyes and dark orange skin. Total monkey face. I will never get why Nick finds her even remotely attractive. She is so desperate she made herself into an Asian Jessica just to keep Nick and the little bit of money he has left.

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