Nick Lachey is furthering his career

*nick_lachey_free.jpgProving he’ll be able to sustain himself post-Jessica, Nick Lachey is going to make $500,000 for agreeing to be in an infomercial. According to Us Weekly, Lachey “pumps it up” with Brooke Burke in new ads for celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s Core Secret DVDs. And because he signed the deal after his separation from Simpson, he doesn’t have to give her a dime.

I was originally going to rip on Nick with something really witty, clever and subtle, something like “Nick is a big stinky poopyhead.” But then I realized that making $500K to hang out with Brooke Burke while she exercizes is a pretty goddamn good deal. The only way it could be better is if the DVDs are called Brooke Burke’s Super-Orgy. And I take Nick’s place. And the filiming is done in my basement. And Brooke thinks that men who cry when they’re naked are sexy.


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