Nick Lachey is Coping Well

simpson_lachey_split.jpgNick Lachey, aka The former Mr. Jessica Simpson, is apparently seeking solace from his split with Jessica in the arms of beautiful, big-breasted women. Exactly how this differs from his behavior while he was still married is unknown.

The other night he was spotted with a friend drinking champagne and vodka with a bevy of babes at Mynt nightclub in Miami. According to a source, Lachey got close to a voluptuous young woman who looked “dazed and drunk as she hung all over him. She had big boobs but was clearly not as pretty as Jessica.”

Nick seems to be doing the right thing and cashing in on his fame while he can. There’s only so long that the line “Yeah that’s right baby – 98 Degrees” can work for you. I just hope his next wife is a bit smarter than his last one. And unless he marries a retarded cat, that’s not going to be a problem.

Nick Cozies With Club Babes [NY Post]